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Serious story that brings perspective 0

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the MoonWii Action RPG - ~16 hours to completeStory Summary:Life on earth has all but ceased to exist. A disease has spread through the world leaving only patches of humankind left here and there. A boy, who's got nothing left, but his flashlight and his human spirit takes off on an adventure to see what else is out there in the world. He meets a few other people along the way and learns tough lessons about humankind, death, and companionship.Pros:Seriousness of...

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Just off the mark 0

Wii RPG - ~25 hours to complete with minimal side questingStory SummaryA band of mercenaries seeks to rise through the ranks to become knights serving under the King. As they delve deeper into the lifestyle of a knight they realize the dream wasn't as lavish and stimulating as they hoped it would be. They find the knights are actually brutish and barbaric in terms of war and crime. A love story emerges on the side with the main character (Zael) falling in love with the Princess at the time (Cali...

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Excellent shooter with great supporting features 0

Dead Space took what RE4 did with the over-the-shoulder view and ran with it.  Dead Space controls much like RE5 did with the over-the-shoulder camera angle and point of view.  That is really where the similarities end however.  The story is pretty good and the gameplay is pretty great as well.  The focus on taking out enemies limbs instead of just pumping ammo into their body as a whole is very refreshing.  It encourages specific aiming rather than spraying.  The use of Power Cells to level up ...

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Great restart to the series 0

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a great shooter and a true restart to the Call of Duty franchise.  It has set the process in motion to have a better line-up of games from this franchise.  It all started with some great pseudo-realistic online play.  The online play for this game is fantastic and it is what really sets this game apart from other shooters.  The Perks system and the laddering system are great.  The maps and precise controls/guns are excellent.  The game is pretty balanced compare...

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Arguably the best in the series 0

Metal Gear Solid 4 starts slow, but rapidly picks up and finishes with a glass-shattering slam dunk.  The game has all of the components of the previous titles, with better cinematics, visuals, and gameplay.  The graphics are jaw dropping, the story is emotional and wrenching, and the gameplay is to die for.  I feel privileged to have been an active gamer during the generation this masterpiece decided to bless our consoles.  The best part about this game is the way it puts every one of these gre...

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Great shooter, lots of gameplay extras 0

Bioshock goes above and beyond the call of most first person shooters.  The game is not only a great shooter, it is also has a great story, has great gameplay mechanics (upgrades, etc), and has a great interface.  The game's story is very unique and really pulls the player in.  The game has MANY ways to upgrade your character, from new weapons to weapon upgrades to tonics to extra plasmids and beyond.  The enemies in the game are unique and well-designed and the Big Daddies with the little girls...

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Good for a couple hours... 0

Assassin's Creed starts out great and ends pretty great.  However, the middle is really bland and repetitive.  The controls are pretty good.  Fluid movements allow for a greater experience.  The storyline of the game has it's ups and downs.  The last few hours of the game really ramp up the story and connect the dots.  The ending obviously points towards a sequel and even though I didn't really enjoy playing Assassin's Creed as a whole, the ending really had me psyched to play the second one.  I...

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As good as the original 0

New Super Mario Bros. runs the same sort of gameplay as the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES with an obvious graphical upgrade and some new abilities for Mario as well.  The game adds a few of the abilities that Mario has learned over the years in his various games (double/triple jump, butt stomp, etc).  There is also some new items to grab.  Tiny and large mushrooms that have an equal effect on Mario.  The gameplay and controls are just as good as they were 20+ years ago.  If you like plat...

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DK returns to its roots 0

I haven't played Nintendo brand sidescroller this good since Donkey Kong Country 3 on the SNES.  The game is basically that game with a graphical facelift and the ability for two players to play together simultaneously.  The game is pretty easy at the start but towards the end of the game it gets to the point where you are at a disadvantage if you try to play with a second player at the same time.  This is one of the only gripes I have about the game.  The last 25% of the game is definitely not ...

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Classic, old-school RPG 0

Dragon Quest VIII is a great game with a neat, cute story and great combat.  The battle system is straight out of 1992, but the extras that come along with the game are amazing.  From the monster arena to the casinos to the alchemy system, there are a lot of things to do besides continue through the main storyline.  The story in and of itself is great too and very addictive.  The game's difficulty is pretty light.  The battle system is easy to learn and if you do come upon any hard parts it just...

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Unique puzzles, with quirky and fun story 0

Portal deals out a great adventure of puzzles to go along with a fun story that is told by a quirky computer.  The game looks and feels like Half-Life naturally, but that is about the only similarity between the two.  The idea of using portals to navigate through puzzle rooms is genius.  It is refreshing and amazingly fun to play.  The game isn't very long, but like most puzzle games, it can't be too long without being overly repetitive.  The length is just right.    It's a great game that will ...

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Quick, thoughtful, well-constructed puzzle adventure 0

I had first heard about Puzzle Agent on a Giant Bomb's BombCast and was intrigued by it.  I went and downloaded it the next day and couldn't stop playing until I was finished!  The game is just able the perfect length for a puzzle adventure game.  It's not too short where it feels like you didn't get your money's worth, but it's also not too long and drawn out which is pretty easy to do with puzzle adventures.    The game plays well.  The puzzles are thought-provoking and a handful of them are a...

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Most fun I've had with Mario since Super Mario 64 0

Super Mario Galaxy is an absolute gem of a platformer.  Sure it might seen a little out of the box with a Mario game that is set in space, however the gameplay you experience is almost unprecedented.  I haven't had this much fun with a video game in a LONG time and that's saying quite a bit.    There is a great deal of variety in gameplay mechanics as well as just the right amount of challenge and collection pieces to not be too easy or too hard.  The graphics are great with amazing colors that ...

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Just finished, but want to play again! 0

The true test of a great game is the desire of the player to want to revisit the game after it has been completed.  Chrono Cross had that exact effect on myself, and I'm sure it had the same effect on many of the players who have beat it over the years.  The story of the game was a little confusing and weak at the start of the game but you could tell that it was going to develop into a doozy.  And that is exactly what it did.  The last 1/4 of the game's story was remarkable and a true delight to...

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