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I just had a vision hit me.

What if CBSi is combining Giant Bomb and Gamespot into the same thing and call it Giant Game or Bombspot or something!

Game Bomb.


Bombspot... we'd attract a whole other suspicious crowd with that haha

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As a long time GB and GS fan, this sucks balls. Good luck to everyone affected!

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Jackie Chan's Police Story (1985)


Watch it for the action scenes which are all directed by Jackie before his US takeover in the late 90's. He considers it his best action film and I can see that, especially in the pacing and dramatic moments as well as comedic moments which are superior to nearly all of his other films, which have poor acting and terrible pacing. It's stupid silly fun, especially if you're a Jackie Chan fan, otherwise it's another stupid action movie with standout action choreography and comic timing. Makes it interesting that he does all his own stunts, which would be impossible to do today with all the red tape.

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Yes please, surely someone's played all the games and has some spare time this holidays to help out a fellow giant-bomber?

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Vinny.... you should write more :)

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I remember them from IGN's Next game boss series, Enrique was a super cool dude to boot. Totally deserving of this attention. :)

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Some lists attempt to have some credibility, some kind of rationale. This list doesn't have any. It... boggles the mind.

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one of the great tragedies... I still can't get over it. Hold strong Giant Bomb... things are going to be different, but you can make it through.

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it's still so weird... it's so depressing. It's kind of making me angry at the world. Why would they take him from us so suddenly and so recently after his marriage? How? 34 years old... it's one of the great tragedies of games journalism, and it happened to someone so important...

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twitter and his summerjam playlist... the only way to get through this