First Post

For my first blog post I thought that I would just talk about what I have been playing this week. After seeing the quick look of the cave I decided to purchase it for the wiiu. I brought it for wiiu as I want to support that system with its attempts to get more indie download games on Nintendo consoles. I have played it for a few hours and have enjoyed it so far. The puzzles are fun and interesting, the writing is also fantastic cheesy adventure game magic. There are a few flaws that I really wish they could solve. My main gripe is that the way that you have to move the three characters feels clunky in-between the puzzles and is not great during the puzzles. Another has been that some powers seem less useful than others mainly so far other than the knight quest haven't found a use for his power and the same for the adventurer. Hopefully this games in later.

Other things I have been playing is my usually playing of fifa whilst listening to football. I like to play the career trying to build my Reading team to win the champions league.

I also started Super Mario 3D Land, I am on the 3rd world and this game is fantastic this really confirms to me that Mario is just better in 3D instead of 2d dam you new super Mario brothers.