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Some people just can't be happy.

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Looking to play for a few hours in the evening after work, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Have played 30 - 40 hours or so, fairly new. I like support.

Hit me up!

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Hey everyone. So I bought a PS3 Super Slim in the Amazon sale on Friday and as I work weekends I haven't had much time to play it. Just got in this evening to sit down with The Last Of Us and the console makes the most horrible sound when the disc is spinning. It's a really high pitch whirring that is noticeable over my 5.1 and after half an hour of playing it's giving me a headache. I'm normally a PC gamer and used to fan noise but this is literally unbearable. Now that I can hear it I literally can't un-hear it and I'm pretty disappointed. It's the same with AC4 aswell. I've checked online and it seems like it is a known issue.

Anyone have any ideas of what my next step is? I'm not sure if I can return it to Amazon because it's opened and I really don't want an exchange. It's really annoying because I really want a PS3! I could buy a Slim as I hear they are better noise wise as they aren't top loaded but I'd have to sell this one and that's just a pain. Anyone got this is issue or has had any issues with Slims / Super Slims?

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My problem is with the games that already support 360.

Well, it's not a problem, because you already have a 360 controller! The Steam controller is specifically for those games where you'd want to use a mouse/keyboard instead of the 360 one.

It's not meant to replace the 360 controller. As @ll_exile_ll said, It's to fill in that gap, and make m/k controls hopefully more viable on a couch.

Yeah I suppose your right. I did end up thinking after I posted that you could use the touch pad instead of the trackpad, I'd have to wait and see. I don't mind swapping between them, I just thought it would be cool to have one controller for whatever.

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So as a big PC gamer I have been thinking a lot about the Steam controller and it's viability. I love PC gaming on my couch with my 360 controller and so far have only heard good or interesting things about the Steam controller and it's use to replace games that couldn't work with the 360. My problem is with the games that already support 360.

I'm currently towards the end of DMC, and thinking about the Steam controllers mapping I can't see how this could work on the controller. Having buttons underneath each track pad to replace A B X and Y is fine, but by sliding your thumb over to each one, the pad would act as the right analog stick and move the camera. This would be the same for Darksiders etc. Am I missing something? I just don't get how it could work?

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Without going and buying the game guide I was hoping someone could clear some things up for.

Firstly to do with weapon pick ups, in previous GTA games you could find weapon pick ups scattered around the world but so far I've found nothing. It seems the only way to get guns is to buy them / kill?

Also is there anyway to get back a custom car? Right now it seems expensive and I don't want to spend loads only to lose the car half way through a mission. I've read something about an impound but Id like some more clarification from anyone who's played more.

Really appreciate any responses!!

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Cool, thanks guys!

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So this game is on sale at the moment on Steam and I'm likely going to buy it. Is it worth getting the DLC too since that is also on sale, or should I save the £9 or whatever it is for the bundle.


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Clearing the cache fixed this for me, to anyone still having this issue.