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San Miguel, Lima, Lima, Perú

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Listening to giantbomb rewind brought me back here. I don't do much and i don't let that many people into my life and this is going to sound weird as fuck but even though i don't know anyone in giantbomb personally every now and then i feel a hole in my life. I've been following these guys all the way from the hotspot when bob colaico was still in it. The impact they've had in my life is so big i can't even describe it. I miss you Ryan, so fucking much.

The line that still gets me the most was on a /v/ thread when the news broke that read "I was a fan, you were a friend" and it broke me and it still does.

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I'm not a huge of fan of how games are adopting all the things that i don't like about art but eh. To each his own i guess.

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The animation and the art are pretty great and the premise has promoise but its major flaw for me it's that it takes itself too seriously to the point of just being annoying. The only reason i stick through most of it is just because of the action scenes, but if it wasn't for that i couldn't take everyone yelling and being disturbed 24/7.

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@TomCostello: I hate forced PC like everyone else, and this article does have quite a bit more of it that i would like. But it's calling out more how stupid and dumb the idea is more than how "wrong" it is.

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I really wish GB would do a Quick Look of this so i can decide if i should make my wishes come true.

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I'm really dissapoint at the fact that there's no PS3 support from valve.

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I fucking cryed with a spongebob (20 years old now, was probably 17 at the time i watched the movie) movie but to this momment i have not shed a tear for a videogame. Still i've yet to play GTA4, MGS4 or FF VII Crisis Core.