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I'm sure the Oculus will still come out and still be great regardless of Facebook. That being said, just because you have the capital to buy something doesn't always mean you should.

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Been refreshing all day

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@somejerk: Youtube's owned by Google. If any company had enough influence to change copyright law for the better, it's Google. But no, they'd rather duck being sued.

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God damn do I want to see Youtube fall. Will it happen? Probably not. But oh how I want it to.

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Dice right now.

EA right now.

Fixed it for you.

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@colourful_hippie: I completely, completely, agree. Asking players to spend more money on an expansion while the base game is still aflame is one of the more offensive things about this whole clusterfuck of a situation.

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@enemaems: PC version is doing worse than any other version. A percentage of players, including myself, have a 1 in 2 shot of crashing.

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It's about fucking time EA is willing to admit this game is broken. It's been maddening to know that EA's been rushing DICE to work on more DLC when the base game is still a disaster 1 month later.