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I don't understand the whole idea of platform awards. I mean everything comes out on everything I don't see the point.

Yeah, having Fallout 4 win for best PC game is really pointless.

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I thought we were passed the age of shitty AAA pc ports.

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I loved Rampage when I was 5. I honestly had no clue anyone cared about that brand this long after.

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I'm really into Austin's writing style already. Also I love that this is a fully fleshed-out article with lore theory and speculations, not just a two paragraph announcement. Which I guess is precisely why the guys hired you. Love it.

Also, I'm very excited about this particular slice of News Pie.

Hell yes. I have almost zero interest in this game, and yet I love this article.

Yeah, I replayed the hell out of F3, but totally forgot about The Commonwealth angle from that Rivet City quest. Thanks for doing some homework Austin.

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Jeez. I seriously do not understand why everyone is losing their shit over the graphics. I thought what was shown in the trailer was beautiful. It's not about the polygon count. It's about the worlds they build and populate.

Also, when did it become cool to hate on Bethesda games? Seems like this happened overnight.

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Well, shit. I wanted to play this whenever I finally ponied up money for a PS4. I created a PSN account and added it to my download queue just so I could download it later.

Guess that won't be happening. Konami seems fucking vindictive as hell. Couldn't they have just deleted the Silent Hills trailer at the end of PT and left it alone for the future to enjoy? I really hope pirates are at work trying to emulate it on PC or preserve it in some way.

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Fuck it. Burn it all down. Burn it all to the ground.

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I hope Konami burns and sells the Silent Hill name to a publisher with a clue on how to make video games that aren't MGS.

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Skyrim was an extremely bad choice to start this experiment. The Skyrim mod community has turned into a well oiled machine between Nexus and Workshop with dozens of high quality mods showing up week after week three and a half years after release. This is going to shake that community to a possible breaking point. Once existing mods that are being depended on by other mods start charging and some don't, everything's going to be out of whack. None of this is to mention the oncoming sea of exploitative people that are only there to make a buck.

I don't think this idea is bad. Dota 2 has allowed skilled texture artists and modelers to be rewarded for their work. The only reason that doesn't dilute the community into an appstore hellhole is because it's a first party game where all of the for-money mods are curated by Valve. Skyrim is not that.

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I couldn't care less about the future of MGS. Kojima's been wanting out of that series forever. Why no mention of Silent Hills? This is the only shot we've had at a good Silent Hill game in over a decade and Konami is pretending like it doesn't exist. Stop playing games with my heart Konami, just stop.