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Damn @patrickklepek, you've been shelling out these articles at a crazy pace. Thankyou, I love your written stuff.

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I believe he (Mike) worked with another developer on this game? If that's true, then that's who I feel bad for in this situation. Valve were in the right to remove this guys game after he did what he did. Looking at the timeline of tweets as well he went from the game releasing to meltdown in less than one hour.

Anyway. This shows once again that Twitter is horrible for everyone. They should include some sort of plug in that forces you to solve complex equations if it picks up that you're about to say anything stupid.

What if Twitter recognized tweets written in caps-lock, Tweets with "I'm going... kill", and tweets with excessive profanity and required the user to wait 30 minutes before posting as well as a final confirmation.

When has caps-lock ever signaled positivity and understanding?

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You know, I actually think it's harsh and petty to remove his game from Steam. It's so obviously just something he wrote in anger. And he wrote it on the most public place in the world. Had he written a personal e-mail like that lunatic in the Sarkeesian-case, I would understand removing the game. This however... I don't like it.

Quite the contrary. Social media has allowed immature people with emotional outbursts to affect thousands, if not millions of people with a few clicks. "He was angry" is no justification in any case.

50 years ago, if somebody went off on a hate filled rant in an interview for a newspaper article, they would be in the same position. Acting a fool in public is bad no matter the medium.

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Everyday I question why Twitter still exists. What has it brought us besides knee jerk, death threat, temper tantrums.

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I couldn't agree more with Jeff. This is out of control.

Great work Jeff, as always.

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The real problem with the site is the wrestling bias and lack of proper energy drink video reviews.

This guy gets it! Now we are talking about real issues.

If anyone should be receiving death threats, it should be the wrestling fans. (that was a joke)

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I couldn't agree more with Jeff. This is out of control.

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Can't stand the woman personally, she's always rubbed me the wrong way with her methods for making videos, then promptly disabling any kind of discussion all together.

However, nobody should ever threaten to shoot up a school. The internet needs Jesus or Talos or something.

Talos guide us.

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I do not believe letting the victims deal with these problems alone will lead to a solution. If change is to occur, the actions of these people must be denounced to show that we as a community do not agree with what they are doing.

Do you honestly think 99% of us saying in unison that this thing is wrong will stop the 1% from doing what they're doing?

F*** no. They do it because they know they can control people with it and know they'll never go to jail. Beyond that, they truly do not care what we think. You're naive to think otherwise.

If this person just wanted to scare and control people then why would s/he go out of their way to target such a specific group. If they didn't care what other people thought, why would they be taking a political stance. If their only goal was to get people riled up without getting caught, then why provide so many self identifying details.

This person is putting themselves at risk because they believe that society would be better off without a feminist view. They think that their extreme actions will silence a outspoken opposition, and s/he probably believes they are being heroic for doing so.

and yes, I do believe by showing support for the victims you are dissuading people from further extreme action.

You do not have to agree with me, and I certainly will not resort to name calling to try and shame you into agreeing. However I do not believe that people do bad things just because they can get away with it, I do believe there is always a motivation.

While there is value in giving the targets of this stuff solidarity, I don't think it will fix the issue by itself. In a world where proxy IP addresses and infinite ways to harrass somebody online with anonymity exist, few to none of these assholes will face consequences. They're getting all the attention and notoriety they want. This story is on BBC news alongside ISIS and Ebola. They are winning their war and everyone else is losing.

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The state of games over the last 3 months makes me want to drop the medium all together. Maybe I'll just go read some comics instead.

Actual games aren't being affected by any of this, though. Evil Within and Shadow of Mordor came out, they're pretty good.

Yeah, you're right. I just don't want to know about the disgusting shit happening in the community around it all. I've been following games journalism/critics since 2008 and have never seen anything of this degree pop off. Now it seems never ending.