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The onus of proof is on the copyright holders, the current system puts the burden on the content creators to dispute and prove they have permission. A better system would be one where a ContentID system can flag a video to the copyright holder. At this point the owner must review the video to establish if they believe a breach has occurred, and only then should YouTube block a video or remove its revenue. This must also be backed up with an appeal process that is independently run.

It requires a lot more effort on the part of the copyright holder, but that's how the law works! These ContentID companies will have to actually earn their money instead of leaving it all to a computer algorithm.

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If you want to make a donation to Child's Play in memory of Ryan Davis, there's a fund raising page here:

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@WatanabeKazuma: I would say less pessemistic and more realisting!@WatanabeKazuma said:

@msavo said:

I'll be curious how long it takes for everything to go south. Who will be forced to leave or added to the team? What compromises in terms of content will be made? Hopefully we get a couple of good years out of Giant Bomb until that happens.

Wow, that is a fabulous piece of pessimism.

I would say it's less pessimistic and more realistic.

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"we want to continue having an audience that trusts us as stewards of our respective expertise." Bit too late for that after this, we trusted you and you betrayed that trust with this sell out. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice..... That isn't going to happen!

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Nice work, but Will Smith should have been Cubert and Norm should be Aimee!

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Nothing will happen if you play a legitimate copy of the game early, it's ridiculous to speculate otherwise. Only a relatively small number of people even read sites like these of visit forums where this stuff gets discussed. If you buy it in good faith and have no idea about any "pre-release" ban, which you would have to assume is the case. It would be utter madness to penalise the player!

Here's an idea, if they don't want people playing it on-line early, don't enable the multi-player servers!

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I really love the style, but the big problem with it is interrogations. You are supposed to call out truth / lies, when somebody has said something. But you can't possibly know how to accuse them, yet the game expects you to somehow know. For example..."X told me Y".... errr, how do I know what X told you? Maybe they did say that, it might not be true, but I can't be sure they told them the truth can I!

It's this stuff that really frustrates me, also, I can have evidence I'm convinced will prove a lie, but when I accuse them, I get it wrong.. WTF?

I don't like some of the acting either, they can look really guilty and shift. Body language, avoiding eye contact.. so I think.. AHA, you're lying. But then no, they were telling the truth. It's driving me mad!

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Why is that Jedi wearing Master Chiefs armour?

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I don't like the way the media are reporting the offer for Sony to buy back the database and refusing to do so. The implication seems to be the Sony should buy it back, but what would be the point? How could they be certain other copies didn't exist? What's to stop them from selling several copies? Let's face it, we are dealing with criminals here who hacked into the PSN. They can hardly be trusted on their word!

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I've had the BSOD on my 3DS after installing the latest update. It happened playing Super Monkey Ball 3D and I had to power cycle the device. Lost progress in the game, which would have been annoying if I hadn't already competed it!

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