Ummm, not really

I wouldn't  prefer it over my DS Lite. First of all, I have a few GBA games which I like. Second, I already have a digital camera which takes a lot better pictures. Third, the battery life has lessened which is a bad thing for the DS, with it being a portable hand held. Therefore, you would want it to last as much as possible.
Those are my 3 most important reasons for not picking up the new DSi. The slightly bigger screens just aren't enough for me either. Why couldn't Nintendo keep the DS Lite the way it was in terms of functionality and specs, and just improve on it instead of making sacrifices for non-nessecary benefits? Bad move because they might atrtact other market segments but they alienating the already established DS Lite customer base. I guess they are trying to be like the PSP in adding more multimedia features? If that's the case, they are forgetting where they came from. the DS Lite is a video game hand held and nothing more! That's what they should focus on because that's what made them so much money with their previous hand held devices.
Stick with what you know!!!