Game of the Year 2013

Here's my go at a top ten games of the year list. I haven't been able to come up with a good justification for why I'm doing this yet; it's currently oscillating between "because I can" and "I like to shout my opinions into the cold, uncaring void". Anyways, that obviously hasn't stopped me, so here it is!

Games that I played, but didn't quite make it:

Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World - For its revitalization - no, that's not quite right, it didn't restore the game so much as finally make it whole and complete, something that can stand its ground against past series greats - of Civ V; ultimately, it got pushed off the bottom of the list by newer, shinier things.

The Swapper - I tried, I really did! I loved the atmosphere, the aesthetics, the story - but I fear the puzzle mechanics were too much for my easily confused, short-fuse vacation-mind. A lovely game either way.

The Last of Us - There's something about this game that makes it slide off of me like oil on water. I love Naughty Dog's incredible attention to detail and their interesting, well-developed characters, but something about the game just made it... Physically repulsive to me, in a way. Maybe it's the dour, zombie-infested post-apocalyptic setting, but I had to force myself to sit down and play through the first few hours of it before realizing that forcing myself to play a video game was a really dumb thing and I put in Assassin's Creed instead. Maybe when I'm in a better place, with more free time (ha!), I'll come back to it and work out my differences.

XCOM: Enemy Within - For much the same reasons as Brave New World, actually. Solid expansion pack that adds incredible depths and width to the original game - but just not enough to push it into my top 10. Mech suits are baller.

Battlefield 4 - The best modern Battlefield game, but the combination of more of the same and technical issues prevent it from breaching my top 10 for the year. Still worth buying and playing, though!

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Posted by Akrid

Wow, trying to go e-sports is so 2012. This year was all about the indies, not your big wig tourneys all sponsored up with Mountain Dew and Doritos - A.K.A., The Man.

Maybe it was because of my heightened expectations, but the first 4-5 hours of The Last of Us didn't really please me. At a certain point though, the combat clicked, I made peace with what the game isn't, and I started to really enjoy myself.