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Hey everyone! Mageknight here, leader of the Giant Bomb Space Duders (under the name Lepton). The multiplayer dogfighting module (Arena Commander) has been in testing for some time now, but RSI has finally decided to make it available to everyone who has Alpha access or an Arena Commander pass.

I'll look into setting up a multiplayer game night, if there's interest. I know there's squad vs. squad, at least, so maybe setting up a way to get matchmaking squads together would be a good idea.

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Yeah, the naval isn't great right now. We expect that aspect of the game to get cleaned up a bit in the coming months, fingers crossed. It's definitely the side show to the strong ground combat game.

The scale is pretty much fleets of frigates/destroyers facing off. The biggest ships in the game are the Udaloy (Redfor) and Kongo (Blufor), for reference.

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I've scheduled one for this Sunday. Hopefully we'll get a couple of people to show up!

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Perhaps we should look into setting up a few community game nights via the PC Gaming Hub. If enough people (4-20) showed interest I'd be happy to schedule an event and get all that set up. I've got enough chops to teach people how to play, and I think there are a couple others here who do too.

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Yeah, I'd like to see a quick look of this. I *love* this series and I've put hundreds of hours into all three combined, and tried to sell all my friends on it - it could definitely use some more publicity, though. Seriously underrated strategy games.

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Gonna lowball it at $58 million.

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Hopefully there'll be more things to do with Platoons than in BF3!

I dunno if Platoons are cross-platform or what, but I play on PC, Origin ID: Mageknight12.

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@fatalflame Approved! I'm not checking the guild page as often anymore - about once every few days - but if anyone sends an invite but doesn't immediately get in just post here.

Hrm - need to work on this a bit more in the near future. Though we're going to be mostly dormant until actual things start happening - we'll probably do something around the release of the dogfighting module - I'm going to start assembling some of the important bits of text and thinking about rules and guidelines for the community. Most importantly, I'll be strengthening our ties to the Giant Bomb PC Gaming Hub, where we'll be able to hang out in Mumble together! Hooray.

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Apparently the ability to join multiple organizations is coming 'soon'.