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This guy seems to be a crackpot.

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Cool! Hopefully when it comes out you can try it. One of the cooler things is you could not get every spirit without trading with people from other regions, since different regions had different unique spirits. Anyway when you actually get a chance to try it maybe you'll remember to come back and reply again.

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I'd say the MP lag. People invade and lagstab, if I leave my back to a wall, they actually just leave. It's really sad. The other thing is my lack of time to play.

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So every time I've watched the infinite crisis channel on twitch the game looks sort of bad and boring, and they mask that with constant yelling. I actually just got banned from chat for saying something stupid... which I found hilarious, started laughing out loud. BUT, seriously, are real people excited for this? What attracts you to it other than the characters? Do you find the gameplay interesting to the point that you'd play this and possibly put money into it? Let me know, I really am interested in what people think. If not what don't you like?

I look at the UI and it looks like something from years ago, the graphics aren't great, the entire map always seems so sparse. I feel like It's either way too early in development for them to be showing, or this game may really have some issues depending on what they're expecting.

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I've just been levelling when I beat a boss, not really helping people either. I feel like I'm a pretty high level too so I'd say level when you want and not to worry about it. I don't think levelling anywhere near an amount that is not straight trying to outlevel everything will allow you to breeze through things. That's what heavy armor and a big shield are for.

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I played this when they had an "open beta"/"trial" thing. It was actually pretty decent. It wasn't really on the same level of pokemon but still had a bit of variety. It also had multiplayer map control stuff similar to what Shattered Galaxy did. I had a lot of fun with it but found progression sort of wonky, I'd go from easy, to sort of hard, to impossible pretty quick. They didn't seem to tell you WHERE you should go, no color coding for the regions, no difficulty meter(that I remember). I still had a lot of fun though and I was bummed when whatever it was had ended and I could no longer kill vampires. So did anyone else play this, what did you think?

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I feel like the I got my adp to 20 now it's good is becoming a misinformed plague here on GB forums.

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I have 112 agility and I have to say... Don't notice it much. I feel like I can roll through hits better, but how do I know that's not just from playing it more and more? Who knows, all I'd say is do what you like, it's just a game, a game that you can respec in too. Also, watching speedrunners put 0 points into adp makes me think it may just be better to learn to play better.

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Wait, smelter is the hardest boss? Why?

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What I'll say is the high str builds in DS2 were sort of where it was at for MOST of the game. Not easy mode, but the easiest(from what I've seen and played).Having to time perfect rolls to not get 1 shot, and just stand there and wait for mobs to stop hitting, or being able to stagger them makes the game play completely different.