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@xymox: I understand that which is why I let you know that scaling for witcher 3 has been good. Its just that its not always the case so when performance/$ is an issue sli isnt always the answer.

I'm curious, what cpu do you have now?

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@xymox: I would avoid trying to SLI 960's unless you're totally averse to just buying a better card. The SLI scaling seems favorable though for 970's, 980's, and titans, so I'd assume it's just as good with a 960. The caveat being the 960 isn't a strong performer to begin with. If that's your one way to improve performance though it should be ok. Oh and you don't need an i7-4790 for a couple of 960's, also that a single 970 would be the better choice. Similar performance to SLI 960's, less power consumption and you don't have to worry about SLI incompatibilities and issues.

Finally you can check out this link about your potential upgrade:

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@jesushammer: Isn't this the reason that people have been talking about not preordering games for a while now though? Most of the games that do this have a heavy MP component anyway. When D3 launched I was the only one of my friends to get on at midnight and I was only able to play less than the beta before getting kicked off. That's better than I expected though. It seems if people don't know what they're getting into they shouldn't get into it. The need for speed games haven't been strong single player games for a while anyway. Rivals is the only one I haven't played so maybe that was the outlier. Discussion about the subject seems fine but I don't understand while people continue to rant about it. This isn't a new issue. All you have to do is go back and look at how many of those games don't even have servers anymore. Darkspore is my best example because I actually liked that game. There was no single player and last time I tried to play it I was SOL because it's done. Thing is the days of games being fully contained experiences are just about over. It's the reason gaming still seems to be doing ok. Once in a while you'll get something like witcher 3 but even then if you don't have decent internet you're not going to have a good time with it because you still need fairly large patches.

EDIT: I'll just finish this off with I may be missing the point with these complaints and they're totally valid. It's real hard to tell sometimes.

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Like every other game that's been like this it doesn't bother me. If your internet sucks or you don't have internet don't buy it. If it needs an online connection then it'll say so on the box or online storefront like they usually do. It's amazing to me that people still haven't figured out dial-up isn't the way to go. Even then I didn't have the connection issues people complain about on the INTERNET. Just buy an snes and stick to it, there are plenty of games that don't need the internet.

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Seems like a really simple game that if on any other platform would die off in the typical 30 or less days. Since it's on the wii u maybe it'll be 60 days. Could be significantly longer because the people I know with wii u's only have wii u's. Lack of options makes it easy to stick with it.

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Podcast lounge on windows phone, not sure what it pulls from.

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Maybe stop reading N4G. I don't think this is an issue, wouldn't be anyway but especially not since it's password matching only. Let people play however they want, who cares.

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Eh, I've got two 3g vitas so i don't care. I've already got more games than I'll ever play on it(about 20?). Just glad I have the OLED screen and 3g. I've had a 3G account since I bought the thing through my att account haha. Don't really use it much but it's still cool.

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The free account restrictions don't seem that bad. I don't want to play the game though, never did.

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PSO ver.2 of course. Even single player it's a ton of fun although when I can I get my brother to I play it MP on xbox. Grandia 2 was the best version of the game. Pro skater 2 was pretty much the best version but the controls were a little wonky so just get this one if you want to play pro skater 2 and don't have it already. Crazy taxi is a classic obviously. Skies of arcadia is considered one of the better JRPG's. Metropolitan street racer is a pretty cool racing game. There was also power stone that a ton of people liked but I think mainly for local? My brother really liked power stone 2 if I remember right. There are others but everyone seems to have their favorites. Just to clarify I didn't like power stone, and Shenmue wasn't a good enough game I think you should play it. Just watch a video or check out a couple screenshots. You're way better off playing yakuza games.