For the love of Fightsticks + Fighting games

I love fight sticks... I don't need as many as I have but I just ... can't help myself of late.

About to throw down on Killer Instinct with my Razer Atrox for Xbox one.

There are currently only around 3 fighting games available on the Xbox One (DOA5, KI, and Divekick), yet I already own 2 sticks for the system. Note: While DOA5LR shipped with many issues on the Xbone including sticks not working, sticks work now. It may however be one of the very few fighting games that I actually prefer playing on a pad though. Early impressions.

There is no constructive reason for me to own more than 1 stick for the Xbox one but I just love fight sticks and when I see a new one I kind of want it. For 2 seconds I even considered getting the HRAP V5 for the Xbox one before talking myself away from the precipice ahaha. I guess its an extremely expensive habit. It is what it is.

I've probably only used this Tournament Edition 2 a few times. It mostly sits on a shelf near my video games as an ornament or player 2 device should someone come over for a throwdown.

It does mean though that I will probably play MKX and Chrono Phantasma Extend on the Bone. Prior to the Hori Real Arcade Pro V4 Kai being sold in the U.S. as of a few days ago there aren't a whole lot of PS4 sticks out there. Mad Catz did put out that TE2 for Ultra Street FIghter IV but its been sold out for a long time apart from small batches they have sold at events. I'll probably have to wait for the PS4 tournament edition 2's that are being sold again from late April (supposedly) for a PS4 fight stick to join my collection. That will bring me up to 5 fight sticks. Though, I may have to wait longer for them to be available domestically here in Australia.

The Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Fightstick V.S. for PS3 (Also works on PC). Probably my favourite stick behind the Razer Atrox.

I know that this isn't really a particularly large collection, I've seen people on the Shoryuken Forums who have many more than me. But 3 of these sticks I bought over the last few months. So it's a tad excessive ahaha. If any other Giantbombers here love fight sticks and fighting games, post pics of your collections!

At the moment i'm trying to find local people to play against as playing online is kinda sterile after a while and would appreciate a community aspect.

Pre vanilla SFIV photo from 2008 my first fight stick the hori real arcade pro 3.


An 8th Generation Ordeal.

Today I went to a Jb Hifi with the intention of getting an Xbox One. I walked out with a better deal than I expected. The salesman threw in an extra game on top of what the bundle had in it already, and gave me a 3 month gold card for free too. I was pretty happy about all of this. I'd ended up spending less money than I'd anticipated.

I booted up the console, downloaded the update, set up my xbox profile and live account, and put in a game disc. Instead of it taking me into the install process it greeted me with a message requesting that I put in an Xbox one game disc, blu ray movie, dvd or music cd (0x80820002). So I tried ejecting and reinserting a few times with both game discs (the forza 5 was a download voucher), with no success. I tried a hard restart, and factory reset. Nothing worked. Though, the weird thing is that both blu ray movies and dvd discs worked. Just not any of the games I'd bought with the system. None of them had any marks or scratches on them (one of them was shrink wrapped due to a lot of stock so it was new and untampered with), but no. Nothing.

I took the machine back to the store and got a replacement and went through the exact same process with the same result. Really stressed out by this time I went back and ended up paying a little bit more for this:

I'm sure that there are probably plenty of working Xbox ones out there and I just got twice unlucky. But honestly, by that 2nd time I'd become quite poisoned against the idea of trying a third time. Still a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to sunset overdrive, and I really like the dead rising series... but it seems it wasn't to be. Hopefully this was an isolated incident and other people out there are having a great time with their xbox ones.


Whoa it's been a looonnng time..

Wow... like 5 years or something. I have very very rarely checked out the Bombcast and front page stuff but I'd never interacted with anything beyond that. And during those years my interest in video games was a bit all over the place. I still owned a 360 but I never used it. And, apart from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands 2, The South Park RPG, I hadn't played any big titles during that period. When I did play something it was mostly indie games.

Over the last few months I've been getting into gaming again a bit more. I was in a situation where I didn't have regular access to a decent TV so most of my gaming over the last few months has been done on the Wii U. I get a lot of enjoyable use out of the off TV play function of that system. But, I still have a lot of first party titles to get through. In a couple of weeks I'm going to get either a PS4 or an Xbox One. My brother uses my 360 these days and i'm happy to let him hold onto it these days. Most of my friends that have taken the 8th generation plunge have an xbo so I'll probably get that. Also I'm a huge Dead Rising, and Remedy fan so I'm looking forward to playing those 2 games even though only one of them is already out.

These days I'm playing a lot of the Wasteland 2 early access. Seems to be shaping up to be a great game!

Despite my absence for so long I continued to keep in contact with a number of people I met on the site and even wrote music reviews for a blog started by a member who I knew from here. But there are others that I haven't had any contact with for quite a long time and it will be interested to see if they are still on here and if they remember me or not.

It'll be interesting!



My Arcade stick arrived!

So as some people may remember, last week i was in a prediciment. I wasnt sure whether i should take the plunge or not and fork out for a real arcade pro.

Well i did and it arrived today!
Here are some pics:

I havent had the chance to use it much yet, but i've played a bit of tekken dark ressurection with it, and its SWEEEET.

Am i being over indulgent?

Recently i won a TomTom XL Traffic In-car sat nav, and since i have no use for it, sold it for a good amount of money on ebay.

So with this extra money to burn and SFIV's release looming in the not so distant future, i started looking at arcade sticks.
I've been looking through play-asia and a crazy part of me wants to buy this one:

I've been nerding out about it for months, wanting to get one, but haven't had the money to do so until now.
However, given the fact that this stick costs $129 USD for me to import to australia + postage, am i being too rash?
Keep in mind that EB games in australia are not offering the SFIV sticks or pads at all. So i feel i need (ok want... yeah yeah), something.
Does anyone have any opinion's on good alternative sticks along the lines of this one, or perhaps you have had experiences with this particular stick and can provide some insight.
I just didn't want to get something cheap like a EX2/3 or a FS3, i wanted to make a good investment on this.

Anyway i'll stop rambling.

Fear 2 Demo Hands on and Performance Report..

So the fear 2 demo came out today in australia on both xbox live and the playstation store. The demo weighs in at about 689mb for the PS3 version and approximately 750 for the 360 version.

I played through both versions twice to see the difference in both performance and graphics.
The 360 version had better antialiasing and sharper textures, but it wasnt a huge huge difference to me unless i was standing still looking around, going out of my way to spot a difference.
The framerate however is where the 360 pulls out ahead however... 
Both versions of the game have the occasional momentary stutter (presumably whenever it creates an auto save for checkpoints), and both versions occasionally have slow downs, but the 360's were noticably less pronounced than the PS3 ones.
This was mostly apparent in the mech piloting section at the end of the demo, where the ps3 version was a tad choppy in parts. That all said tho, it is not at all game breaking for the ps3 version. Having played through Condemned 2 (monoliths previous game) on the ps3, and hearing about how bad the first fear game was on ps3, i can confidently say that Fear 2 is the best optimisation job monolith has done on ps3 so far.
Based on the demo If you have both systems i'd recommend getting the 360 version for the better frame rate and slightly better graphics. But if you only own a ps3, there is nothing gravely wrong with the performance at all. It was perfectly playable and the drop in framerate was no where near breaking to my enjoyment of the demo.


You know your sharing in the madness when....

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    Foil1212: i posted that chat excerpt that you posted about "she doesnt like meat, excuse for not having to suck" to a friend on msn

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    and hes like

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    depending on how much she weights the use of ranch dressing can convince them

    <Wallace>    XD

    <Foil1212>    rofl...

    <Wallace>    i want to see a weight/ranch dressing table

    <Wallace>    for great knowledge

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    hahah

    <Foil1212>    YESSSS

    <Foil1212>    I would love to see a ranch dressing fetish porn site...

    <Foil1212>    wait, do I really?

    <Wallace>    im sure they exist

    <Wallace>    maybe not JUST ranch dressing

    <Foil1212>    google time!

    <Wallace>    :/

    <Wallace>    you go ahead

    <Foil1212>    >insert foodfetish site here that i've edited so that i dont get my ass kicked by mods< - Manachild

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    Ryan:

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    10:58

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    it proably would just be women covered in ranch dressing, pouring it over themselves and whatnot... so it has potential to be decently hot

    <Foil1212>    they put it over her back

    <Foil1212>    yeah, not that hot

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    "unlike creamed corn or gravy"

    <Foil1212>    you see someone pouring it on her back

    <Foil1212>    OW! Hot gravy?

    <Wallace>    D:

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    lol

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    thats pretty greasy

    <Foil1212>    there's only one gif at the bottom with tits

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    however if she turns down ranch i'm sure you could convince her if you used gravy

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    but that would mean her ass would be so big you have to walk around it

    <Foil1212>    everything else is just the back

    <Wallace>    lord i hope thats chocolate O.o

    <Foil1212>    it is

    <Wallace>    phew

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    FROM THE ASS

    <Wallace>    i was worried

    <Foil1212>    chocolate, ranch, and peanut butter

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    eww

    <Foil1212>    what did you think it was? feces on a food fetish blog?

    <Wallace>    no

    <Wallace>    i was just kidding :P

    <Wallace>    that peanut butter gif is uhhh

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    wallace wanted it to be scat

    <Wallace>    :/

    <Wallace>    oh no no no

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    this is all your fault foil

    <Wallace>    i'm not into teh scatpronz

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    at least thats what i'm saying

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    lol

    <Foil1212>    lol, I know

    <Foil1212>    my bad...

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    its stil lfunny tho

    <Foil1212>    :P

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    luckily were talkng about it here tho

    <Foil1212>    yeah, I rofl'd

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    people would freak out there

    |<--    Courage_Wolf has left (Ping timeout)

    <Foil1212>    not really, it's just TC and Matt really

    <Foil1212>    :/

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    lol

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    and maybe brukaoru

    <Foil1212>    they probably do this shit with each other! amirite TC?

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    its what happens in bshaf aftershow chats

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    every week

    <Foil1212>    yeah

    <Foil1212>    over skype webcam

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    i was on the bshaf last week, tc asked me to join in but i said no

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    since i'm such a prudant person

    <Foil1212>    FUCK GOING TO SLEEP

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    lol

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    all this weird porn talk has you wide awake

    <Foil1212>    my friend just knocked saying he was building an epic snow fort!

    <TC>    <%Foil1212> not really, it's just TC and Matt really

    <TC>    whats up?

    <TC>    lol

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    lol

    <Foil1212>    :P nothing

    <TC>    oh right the orgy

    <Manachild|Xfiles>    were talking about ranch dressing


You know a mod is doing thier job right when...

Manachild>    HAMZ!
    <Foil1212>    !
    <Kamasama>    !!
    <Manachild>    hamz hates me
    * Manachild    cries
    <Hamz>    hola
    <Manachild>    heya :P
    <Hamz>    I hate you all equally
    <Manachild>    haha
    <Manachild>    that means your doing your job well
    <Hamz>    indeed
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