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@chiablo: Hahaha, that's what I'm talking about. A series! Thanks though, I have these bookmarked now. Hopefully I'll get around to it next time I have some time to myself.

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Stop making me want to play this. I know I wont be patient enough to figure it out. :(

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Conventionally, I couldn't say that it has a lot of games, but between PS+ and PlayStation legacy games, the Vita is probably my most played console (behind PC).

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Once I'm forced to swim somewhere, I'm fucked. Especially if it's dark.

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I'm not sure I can articulate the kinds of questions this video raises.

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I thought Saint's Row 2 was shite.

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Have they confirmed that it wont be shite?

Nah, I honestly really hope it's not and this does seem like a step (back) in the right direction. Either way, I will be compelled to play it since it's somewhat, vaguely, almost associated with Baldur's Gate.

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The cockney one.

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