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sub'd just for this.

for some reason.

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5. Your suck

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@FuzzYLemoN said:
" @FunExplosions said:
" @Marbazoid said:
" Anyone else think those visuals are a little dated? "
Yes. Me. Hopefully the first person perspective and usual F.E.A.R. lighting will make up for that. F.E.A.R. has always had pretty bland graphics, though. "
Clearly ass talk. The first FEAR was a powerhouse like Doom 3/HL2 when it first came out on PC, and FEAR 2 was fucking gorgeous. "
Hmm, the only reason I brought it up was because of how great FEAR looked for its time. FEAR 2 was a minor improvment, looked good, but nothing ground breaking.  I hope what we have seen so far is just really early unfinished stuff.
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Anyone else think those visuals are a little dated?

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 A huge improvement over the dragon age review.  My suck points for you: 
1. You should avoid spoilers at all costs, and if you can't avoid them put in a big SPOILER WARNING.
2. Yes, don't tell me what my opinion should be.  

3. The review should be for BOTH people who are on the fence about buying the game, AND for people who have the game.
3. Group your thoughts better, start objective, then go into your experience (focusing on things you encountered, good or bad) then try to sumerise your thoughts to finish.
3. It is a review, its ultimately your opinion, you are reviewing the game as a fan of the genre, for other fans of the genre. You can't avoid being subjective, but you need to back up your points.  
4. Be objectively subjective ...hur hur just foolin.