PAX East 2013 in 100 Words (or thereabouts)

Presented in (mostly) chronological order without explanation or context:

  • Downstairs Mexican
  • Backpackin' Beer in the Snow
  • More Technical Issues
  • Track Jackets
  • The Music Died
  • Expensive Pins
  • Dive Kickin'
  • No Fuckin’ Pooyan
  • Mod Shenanigans
  • Gonna Need More Stools
  • Vinny: "What's your real name?" Me: "Brad." Vinny: "Oh, I'll never remember that."
  • Giant Chicken Parm
  • Rasslin' Talk with Alex
  • Holding Cell
  • Bagpipe Mariachi Tubas
  • Section One Alepha
  • Eavesdropping on the History of Saluting
  • Transistor on the Big Screen
  • Early Luigi
  • 404 AYDS
  • Anne Hathaway Panel
  • Partial Genocide
  • Farts That Go Into Your Vagina
  • Milk & Cookies
  • Grope Photo
  • Feeling Blue
  • 4-Player Dive Kickin'
  • Steak Bombs
  • Indie Wandering
  • Fruit Fucker Cliffy
  • Messed Up Spaceteam
  • Creamsicle Coke
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Posted by Brewmaster_Andy

Backpack beers are the sketchiest beers, even more so than a GIANT COOLER THAT I JUST DRAGGED INTO PAX.

Posted by Mesoian

Still don't understand how I missed you guys at Border Cafe. Apparently you were eating on the otherside of the basement.

Posted by Brewmaster_Andy

@mesoian: We had the giant table right to the left as you walk down the basement stairs.

Edited by Mesoian
Posted by Marino

Backpack beers are the sketchiest beers, even more so than a GIANT COOLER THAT I JUST DRAGGED INTO PAX.

I still find it funny (and maybe concerning?) that no Enforcers stopped us and asked us what that cooler was about.

Posted by Brewmaster_Andy

@marino: Yeah, I would have told them. I think it was the whole "walk around in conversation like you own the place" thing. One of the enforcers that let us into the panel asked, and I just smiled and said "refreshments for the panel" which she laughed at. They know, but no one really cares. There were people just hanging around drinking at the Kickstarter Arcade on Saturday evening.

Edited by boysef

coughing and falling into jeff whilst grabbing his chest at rock band night

Posted by Matt

Where was the mo' fukin Pooyan?!

Posted by Marino

@matt: Somewhere in New Hampshire I assume.

Edited by Matt
Posted by Marino

@matt: No one likes NH anyway.