PAX Prime 2010 Video Highlights - Queue Room & Freeplay

So I'm a week late on posting these here, but I've been pretty busy.  We flew back from Seattle to Georgia on virtually no sleep last Monday, then I had to work two 9.5 hour days Tue/Wed.  Then I got up early to drive 5 hours to Panama City Beach for my sister's wedding.  Spending some time with family I don't get to see very often can be pretty fun.  Spending time with someone else's family I don't know, eh...not so much.  So, Saturday morning it was another five hour drive back to the hell hole known as Macon, GA.  And here, a week late, I present to you a series of videos I poorly shot using my iPhone 4 at PAX 2010.  
So not to overload one page with a ton of video, I'm going to split these up.  So here's some general PAX experience videos to start out.


Posted by Hailinel

Whoa.  I was apparently standing not too far from you in the queue room on Friday.

Posted by Marino

Small world.  I was apparently standing next to Joseppie at Gameworks for several minutes and didn't know it either.