GameCube Collection

I didn't really play much of anything other than EverQuest for a three year period.  So, I didn't get a GameCube until a year after it came out.  During Christmas 2002, I picked up a silver Cube along with Sunshine and Metroid

Hardware & Accessories 

  • Nintendo GameCube - Platinum Limited Edition (complete w/box) 
  • Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Action Pad 
  • Nintendo Bongos 
  • Nintendo Controller (Platinum) 
  • Nintendo Game Boy Player w/Startup Disc 
  • Nintendo GameCube Component Video Cable 
  • Nintendo Memory Card 251 
  • Nintendo Wavebird (Platinum)

List items

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Posted by Kyreo

This list was awesome, up until the last three.

Posted by Marino

@Kyreo: The WWE DoR games were alright. WM19 was atrocious though. I'll give you that.