i just thought id let everyone know to avoid the following games

let me say unless their cheap do not buy them,

marios early years fun with numbers

marios early years preschool fun, they both are the same except a few minor changes , when the title screen came up it was playing super mario world them,e i thought i was getting somthing fun but turned out just boring , i know their educational but at least mario is m,issing was fun , it had some gameplay into it ,

these how ever are just you giving luigi what the hell he wants until its done rince and repeat ,they are on the pc and super nintendo entertainment system, im, not sure if nes had versions of these 2 but it did have mario is m,issing so im, guessing nes has these to


new price for the vita so much for 250 $

at the very minimum you will pay 280 $ for a working psvita , , required memory card-4 gigs 30 bucks

for 249,99 nets you a vita that is useless

for 330$ you ll get a 3g compatible vita w 4 gigs

so right now 3ds looks like the hottest and best option

prices for vita


3g plus wifi-leg

the whole works-game vita memory card well game prices have yet to be announced if they are 60 -add 60 plus 30 plus 300 =390 400 bucks for wifi /3g and -or 340 for a wifi only w 4 gig and game ,

heres the price for works= your bank account


prices for vita memory cards revealed

4 gigabyte- 29.99

8 gigabyte 54.99

16 gig- 69.99

32 gig 119.99

jesus age christ

thats nearly the cost of a game !!!!!!!!

id rather pay 99$ for a 250 gig xbox360 hard drive then pay 40 bucks more for 32 gigs holy shit wait 4 prices to drop


hmm vg chartz nice numbers for nintendo overall

for the week of nov 12 2011

xbox 360 502, 469 plus world wide numbers ,

ps3 -388,046

3ds 377,011

wii 268,033

ds 145,182

psp -129,387

adding nintendos numbers overall gives them a easy lead over 502 xbox360 units, but thats how they run individually,

nice numbers for all of them except the psp psp is getting its average mean while wii etc sees a good holiday boost 3ds was no suprise, and we aint done with november yet, thats just 1 week plus last week i didnt get so --- i cant really see what they may be i say nintendo and ms hit a million easily sony will as well on the ps3 , nintendo 3ds will hit 1 million by the end of november -to add to the current userbase , it already had ,

the wii will be at half a million or even close to a million , not bad estimates judging by this weeks sales , nintendo is doing very well with the wii and those thought it was dead , b etter get that calculator out and add 3ds ds wii numbers together because that just paints the perfect picture for nintendos income,

just because it lags behind 1 system or 2 , dont mean its a dead c onsole, its already sold 90 million+ -there is not a single nintendo console that has done that,

good feat, and also ds would be the first portable to reach the 100 m milestone ,if the wii some how gets 10 more million , -i dont think it will but i dont know., itll be close 95 million im guessing by the time it gets cut off, - that would easily make this gen nintendos best since well nes, not counting gameboy which was always dominant


i got news for the haters of nintendo

nintendo wii u will succeed you want to know why

because its the direct succesor to wii

and the last time nintendo released a direct successor was 1991s super nintendo -which went on to out sell the genesis which released well enough ahead of it

the fact that history seams to repeat it self further solidifies that

- theres a reason why snes is still the best console besides wii

its because of these games

  1. top gear 3000
  2. super mario world
  3. super mario kart
  4. zelda alttp
  5. super mario rpg
  6. top gear
  7. stunt race fx
  8. starfox
  9. donkey kong country series
  10. kirby series
  11. super metroid
  12. the lion king
  13. the mortal kombat series
  14. doom
  15. zombies ate my neighbors

theres plenty more , but my point is , the minute third party jump aboard wii u - people will realise that it is indeed the system to get ,

just like the super nintendo this thing is a direct succesor and third party has no reason to not support it, they saw what wii did , by suprise they do not want to under estimate nintendo again , they do their stupid , because they will avoid a 100 m userbase of the wii -90 m right now plus the 150 m users of the ds

and so far 6. somthing 3ds users,

nintendo is back and will be in charge next gen


ugh i hate nascar and wwe and nfl

they are good dont get me wrong but i find they are fixed, -- half the time especally in wwe , - i find the matches are fixed and ---

un suprisingly i find it funny how cena had the match at survior series. or tlc which one it was last , won until them miz r truth guys came in ,

and then nascar dont even get me started as on how the heck did

jimmie johnson get 5 strieght cup championships with as bad as car he has almost every race mean while jeff gordon

who is 3rd all time in number of wins ,

and that over rated dale earnhardt jr

he is such a disgrace has not won a single race

and still is infront of gordon in the points how the heck is that even possible ,

3 yrs. winless still makes the chase

ya i m calling phony on that one ,

nascar better fix that up in a jiffy cause last i checked you earned your points they aint givin to you well unless your names jimmie johnson or dale earnhardt jr ,

pretty pathetic indeed,

and how does stewart win 4 streight races in the chase while doing crap all yr long until then , ya somthing is up ,

hes not even that good of a driver , every week almost hes wreckin some one -i didnt watch todays race but 2 weeks back he wrecked gregbiffle 3 weeks back he wrecked gordon , so ya , nascar=fixed ,

had 3 wins this yr is 11th in the chase how the heck do they get that equation unless its fixed! and nfl some times has their crappy refs calling bad calls like today patriots a player was intentionally pushed yet they didnt call a flag- it was before the ball got near the guy -aka pass interference,

nfl --- i think is one of the most staged sport events besides wwe which is at the top , we all know what happens before it even does

and there are some players/drivers /wrestlers that need to retire

mark martin-driver of the 5 car is like the oldest on the track , doesnt go any where never in the chase , sits back in the back , race in race out

kevin nash who just returned -he needs to definatelly hit the sack he old as heck no one cares about that washed up hasbeen

ruining tripple hs career like he done , maybe vince should fire his behind

speaking of vince he needs to retire himself,

and when are the jets going to get rid of sanchoke/sanchez -

- today patriots -good walked all over the jets in the 3rd and 4th and 2nd quarter ,

in fact jets only had the lead for the few minutes before pats scored before hafl time

sanchez- 3 int/s 1 specail team fumble return for 6 , 4 sacks on the night , -

horrible , he lobbed so many balls that in my eyes could have been even more picks ,

so many dumb calls in sports today , its not even worth mentioning the fact jeff gordon went 6 laps down today , -with as good of a car that had to been a pay job , some one in that garage probably messed with somthing inside the car ,

the way it had no brakes what so ever and how it over heated ,

get the heck out of here , remember days of thunder , how the guy killed that one guy cause he set his car up a certain way ya that could very well happen these days ,

cause people dont even pay attention to whats going on any more , just look how dale earnhardt died in 2001 there was evidence of a tampered with safty gear -the part of the seat belt was said to be cut , that sure cant happen during the accident ,

had to been pre race events ,

so ya either they let the teams work for their victories ./,matches stop screwin people over eg look at how many belts cena had the oppertunity to win but didnt because either

a. refferre makes bad call-tripple h any one

b -- fired employees enter the ring-r truth miz!

c guy slaps refferee in the face- randy orton ,

it goes on and on and on ,

wwe needs to change their rules on disqualification cause the way they have it now makes it more easier for the title holder to walk off with it for yrs to come ,

take a look at example c ,

orton intentionally gets disqualified cena wins but dont win the belt ,

and nascar drivers

who have never won a race -magically appear in the chase? just give me one good reason why gordon should be in 11th place right now ,

with 3 wins alot of top 5 s and top 10s , i

think gordon would have more and more wins if nascar did not pay him to stay in the back ,

and didnt give johnson easy victories ,

all of this makes me miss good tv shows so i can watch those instead of these 3 fixed sports , ticks me off to see a good driver like gordon get screwed either by his pit crew or some one who makes the cars ,

but mean while a bad driver like ----stewart -who wrecks people to get where hes at , --- they deserve a fine or penalty or out of the chase to begin with ,

and whats with the fact you cant spike a ball in front of an oposing team in the nfl -

are they little kids or somthing -- just cause some one throws the ball on the floor sure doesnt warrant a penalty !


well 3ds has already started to fly off the shelves,

according to japan media create 3ds out sold psp and any thing else by 1 to 6 ,

thats just japan on sunday , the us will see the effect of super mario 3d land,

thats just the start , next month is mariokart 7 i already say sony waited far to long they should have announced vita at tgs 09 , like 3ds and had it ready feb or march of the same yr of 3ds but looks like theyll lose again because i dont see any title on the list i want , and i dont see anything positive about having ports either,

id rather have seperate titles for main line games on vita , just like 3ds does with its big name games,

but hey its sony, theyll botch anything now adays they already are put on credit watch not lookin so good for them people thought 900m lost income from nintendo is bad - being put on credit watch is alot worst then 900m in loses cause the losses come from the building and construction of either the new r and d facility or the new nintendo wii u , /3ds combination , your bound to lose income when your making a product,

getting it back should be easy for nintendo as they always sell their games and such , no mystery why they stayed a float during the gc gen , i dont even have to explain this ,

even when they dont have a gen king console they make out well ,

so that said , i just hope there is a 007 title available for the vita cause at this stage thats the only thing that will save it ,


black friday walmart wii 99 $

a baby blue nintendo wii for 99 dollars plus select games 10-28 dollars

-- games include

quantum of solace 007 -10

forza 4-28 .99

gears 3-28 99

batman ac -28 99

gow 3-1500

just dance 2

kz3-28 99

infamous 2 28.99

theres more the most interisting ones are 28 99

black ops is also 28 99 -for those who freakin care i personally think they should p ut mw 3 there instead cause bo should already lowered its price long time ago

suprised not many holiday titles were included but oh well , guess we will see mw 3 next black friday goldeneye as well ,

movies not much i can go on just fast 5 -10 bucks bluray dvd combo ,

theres also lionking 12 99 cars 2 12 99 new pirates-12 99

quantum of solace 5 dollars on blue ray

not many titles im interisted in i already got lionking 3d set and qos on dvd ,

fast 5 will be the movie i get unless there more then just what this flyer says speeking of flyer i hope the land before time time of the great flyers is in there , but i doubt it , i got 1 -13 missing 12 which is great flyers

kmart deals suck they dont lower their price , every game is still 59 99

not much of a deal for me but they do have a 4 gig xbox360 slim for 200 w kenict and ps3 160 gig w 2 games and 3 mos of psn plus 199 and a psp for 99,99

not sure about ds deals or 3ds , and gamestop is running buy 2 used get 1 free deal will probably have a hand ful of games in a bin youll have to check out cause they dont list that on their site in fact i had to use the search bar to find these deals from kmart gamestop the only site that has their stuff is walmart .


i cant believe gamers today complain about the littlest things

regarding the 1 tablet for wii u thing,

they say they might have two to be able to connect,

ok , on gamespot theres 1 member in particular which says this is a huge step backwards would we allow ps or 360 to be compatible with only 2 no , well i got this to say,

lets all take a look at this current gen

-they all support 4 controllers right.

but how many times on the hd twins do you ever use 4 controllers,

- hmmm also 2 controllers wanst a problem for ps2 and ps1 owners they never seemed to complain when sony did that whislt xbox gc dc n64 had 4 controller ports ,

and all of a sudden when developers hardly ever support 4 360ps3 controllers per game,

now they complain cause they got to use 2 classic controller or 3 classic controller pros ya big f deal at least you dont have ot run out and buy 3 useless controllers that might sit there for a long time .

am i the only one that sees this as being hypocritical,

they sure do not complain about lack of split screen these days for 360 ps3,

but they will when Nintendo tells you you gotta use 3/2 classic controller pros for multiplayer -

big deal - at least it still supports 4 players overall , so what some one else gets a screen ,

dont need to use that now do they ,

you can sit there tell that person to use a classic controller pro

just like everyone else if you dont like the fact they get to watch your screen , not like thats gonna change the fact they can still watch your screen ,,

this gen i paid $ 180 dollars for 3 ps3 controllers, same for 360 , and theres only like a handfull of games that i have that support those extra controllers , so thats like 180 dollars wasted , on somthing that sits there almost all the time, you want split screen then stop whining about online cause these days its one or the other ,

and appearently people who play xbl psn dont care about the other so why should they now start caring ,! i actually like the i dea of me not having to pay but 20 dollars next gen for 1 more classic controller,

im tired of paying 60 dollars for a controller thats not really different from the last hopfully the 720 and ps4 uses ps3 360 controllers cause it would save me alot


well well looks like nintendo has the uper hand


microsoft playing wii cards next gen kenict is the standard according to the link ,

so that pretty much throws all the garbage about wii U being underpowered away doesnt it,

thats right nintendo large and in charge , i already knew this was coming all nintendo did was lure microsoft and sony in to the trap ,one has already bit the trap -- not sure if son y does so , if they do , wii u is going to be the most powerful next gen --- and probably be for the hardcore to , where as microsoft is playing for casuals with 720 ,hope yall enjoyed kenict cause its about to become your standard next gen , thats right , puts nintendo in good position cause nintendo can do it all with that wii u controller !