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games , isnt this an easy question . people will no doubt run for wii u once there is games ,overall though the launch in japan and usa and eu combined out sold the hd twins launches . just fail to out sell wii , and thats understand able ,

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Black friday caugh . sales , vs no sales and a sold out supply? vs readily available and a big library vs just starting , ya it may have got out sold by 360 but ps2 out sold 360 at launch to ,

---guess what else what is wii u competing with , ,

---ps4 and xbox 720 - not the ps3 360 , that war has came and gone ,, so wii u is winning lol

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very excited having my unit already preordered helps ease the pressure , of standing in a line like i did for wii and 360 ,

i dont know whats up with these so called people who claim their hard core but - i got my self a # deluxe edition w zombie u nsmb u and nintendo land-w console,

and will pick up bo2 at launch

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nope , i think its a waste of 400 dollars , i would take that 400 and buy a wiiu and a game especailly if you already have a working slim 360

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excelent time to buy a ps3 or 360-i think not, best time to buy a wii u i think so

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i got a even better question

who the fuck waited this long to run a browser on a console i thought wii came out in 2006

and since its locked behind a gold subscription who the heck wants to pay to use a browser! wii u is going to have one free as well as youtube right out of the box didnt need to wait for ms to lock it behind xbox live gold for that to happen lol

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i will be getting this game on wii u lol

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oh screw that then , i have my wii u preorder and i can browse the web on that same with you tube,

wait i can use youtube on my wii already ya microsoft just now catching up but the thing is nintendo didnt lock me out of my browser cause i wasnt paying for gold lol

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how can something not promised for a actual date be delayed lol , i called it 2014 , ,you know that would be smart,

sit around wait til 2014-2015 let the wii u run up the score and watch as fanboys continue the war

rumor wii 3 coming 2017

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I got a better name ,