I just realized that it's summer. Heres some reasons why I like summer
5. Sports-I consider myself very active I spend most of my free time outside playing tennis our biking which is hard to do with snow on the ground. 
4. AC- I love the air conditioning I mean that nice breeze after working a couple hours is awesome 
3. No School- I am currently in college and summer is great getting to hang out with friends go to parties and other stuff (wink wink) 
2. Sleep in late- Self explanatory 
1. The beach- I love the beach whether i'm just camping or i'm going for a day with friends the beach is just fun expect the chafing part  


Top Guns Of All Time

5. Shot Gun (Doom,Gears,Resident Evil) 
3.Cerebral Bore  
2.Scatter Gun 
1.Mega Buster. While some might argue that its cannon we all have to agree that it is the most trusty gun in mega man. And can you name a gun in over 20 games.



I just saw it and man it is Kick-Ass (see what I did there) it has action comedy and lots and lots of headshots you need to  see it



lately I have become obsessed with stalker call of pripyat and to all those who may be reading this please respond telling me some of your favorite occasions mine so far is going in a small hallway with 3 bloodsuckers and only a pistol (thanks to quicksave I made it out)


ViDock 2

I have my hopes for the ViDock 2 I am currently running a 128mb intel integrated graphics card so graphic intense games I have to play at a friends house. The ViDock 2 
is a external graphics card it only supports ATI cards but I don't mind. There are three bundles a 209$ bundle with only the ViDock. A 309$ bundle with the ViDock and a radeon hd 4670. And a 360 dollar bundle with the ViDock and a radeon hd 5670. I'm probaly going to get the 209$ dollar bundle than buy a 5670 separately for around 300$. Here's the website if anyone's interested. http://villagetronic.com/vidock2/index.html


Top Mods Made into Full Games

TF2 Box Art
5.League of Legends (I know what your thinking but RIOT is basically made up of the DOTA team so deal with it) 
4. Garry's Mod 
3.Killing Floor
2.Counter Strike   
1.Team Fortress this is one of the most fun games with freaking amazing balance, classes, and a smart sense of humor (at least in TF2) it's hard not to put up there. Also I count TF2 in this because it's a sequel to a Mod made into a full game.

Top 5 fighting games to play with friends

5.Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 
4.Tekken 4 
3.Soul Calibur 2 
2.Street Fighter 3: Third Strike  
1.Super Smash Bros Melee while not my favorite fighting game (SF3:TS) it is one of the most fun to sit down and play with 4 of your buds while drinking sprite and eating pizza

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