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Doritos Crash Course on Xbox Live. Its free, 4 player local coop and competitive. Nuff said.

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@slyspider: Hmm I dunno, it removed the first part, and the 'However' from the second bit... Follow the money.

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@slyspider: It makes djou's reply make no sense after that part is removed. It wasn't even that bad, I just said I wasn't a fan of his twitter but like him on the site. Other people are being much more critical.

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@djou: The "if it's not American it's bad" is the biggest American stereotype here in Europe. That's why I love Drew, hes so curious and accepting of new stuff! He watches F1!

EDIT: WTF My 1st post was f-ing edited, removing that I didn't like Dan on twitter!? Is this communist Russia!? You can delete my posts yes, but don't f-ing edit them, it completely changes the tone of my message. I just lost a lot of respect for this site. BOO!

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On the podcast his enthusiasm for video games is very refreshing, compared to the somewhat jaded vibe that is usually present. Him and Drew are the positive, and Jeff and Brad are the sarcastic negative.

Perfect ying and yang! :D

(The fact he had never heard of the term 'drag race' annoyed me for some reason, but I realize that's all on me. It seems like he came from an alternative dimension?)

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@slowhanded: @mikaelboogart: Surely for the 'official' video/time he should do the splits post video? Like go through and do it on the hundredth of a second that the event happens? At least for the final time when Ganon gets shanked.

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How does the split timer thing on the side work? Is he hitting a button with his foot? It seemed to go to the next stage perfectly almost like it was built into the game.

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@starvinggamer: Yeah you're right for blocking an overhead octo gate is faster. However the 3 sections that make up quarter circle zones being evenly distributed and having more space makes execution of specials faster as it leaves more space for human error of hitting the sides. The diagonals on the octo gate are super small. Having equal space just makes more logical sense and has a smaller dead zone leaving more for inputs. If your inputs are 'perfect' it doesn't matter what gate you have, as even when blocking you'd only move the stick enough to trigger the microswitch.

I guess what I don't understand is 'overshooting' it. I can sorta sense the clicks of the microswitches, I would never go from down back to jumping back... Maybe you need a more delicate touch. :P

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@starvinggamer: Well first you have less space in which to execute, you're more likely to hit the edge, which will only slow you down. Secondly, holding pure 'down' is an almost unused motion in fighting games, so you only need the corner of a square gate 'down-back'. I think octo gate is initially good for new players as you don't have the awareness of the stick, but in the end you should stick with square as it allows the fastest execution.

My friend used octo gate because he couldn't do multiple qcf like with yang's slashes without riding the gate but in the end it only hurt him as it was super slow, and left him restricted in which characters he could use. Especially in Guilty Gear and KOF with large motions it becomes tough. Even in SFIV the tough motions of Viper and Ibuki should never touch the side, and 360s shouldn't either.

I guess in the end its preference, but octo is kinda a training aid, while square gate just gives you the freedom to execute as fast as your hand can go.

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@starvinggamer: If you are riding the gate you are playing the game wrong. The only time the stick should touch the side is for blocking. Any sort of motion can be done much quicker and more efficiently by not touching the side. So for that purpose you want each sector to have the same percentage. The games were developed for square gate and so unsurprisingly work best with them.

BTW if you guys want to get super anal about what stick to get you should look at this (These are very small differences btw) Seems like all sticks come with good quality Sanwa parts, so its the PCB that is the deciding factor.

But when it comes to sticks I'm kind of an emotionless robot, I don't care what it looks like, its all about raw performance. How it feels to play.