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@masterrain: Taken as a whole "world" (to use a Demon's Souls term) as it were the DLC in Dark Souls I is definitely the best part of the game, 4 of the best bosses in the series. Is Anor Londo still better individually? Debatable but for most people sure, however it's not really comparable as Anor Londo is a much shorter area on a linear route. It's certainly much better than the Catacombs and the Painted World.

Yeah as a world, Artorias was very solid. From a pure gameplay point it was quintessential Dark Souls. However I quite like the discovery aspect, maybe even more than playing! Although it was cool descending down to Manus, stuff like the Catacombs and Painted World were just more intriguing. Anor Londo was just a massive wtf moment, so mysterious! I'm enjoying Ivory Crown a lot as it has that unknown aspect, Iron King had it a little too. That's why DS2 was a bit disappointing for me personally, just seemed like lots of cool levels with very defined start and end points, rather than exploring a world.

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The Dark Souls 2 DLC is some of the best Souls content to date. It rivals and in some aspects surpasses the Artorias of the Abyss DLC (the best content in DS1). You should absolutely play it.

Really? You thought Artorias was the best part of DS1? Just seemed like areas from the rest of the game tbh. No where near as mysterious or exciting as Anor Londo, Sen's Fortress, Painted world or The Catacombs.

I've competed Sunken Crown and Iron King so far, very good! But just as good as the rest of DS2, doesn't particularly stand out... I thought areas like the Dragon Shrine, No-Man's Wharf and Iron Keep were more interesting from the original game... Although Iron King was very pretty, loved the castle! I'll see about Ivory Crown next :)

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Yeah the consensus seems pretty positive, they are a bit pricey but I think i'll going back to Drangleic :)

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I stopped playing after I finished DS2, but now want to come back to play the DLC. I tried to research them but I keep running into spoilers :O

Are all three good? Worth just playing one? Anything I should know going in? Shut this thread as I've been incredibly lazy?


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On the one hand its awesome, and its free, and god the PC version needs that netcode patch.

But seriously give me a new gaaaammeeee.

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Yeah I don't know how hard it is, but if you change the tongue to an open mouth it would be awesome!

It's obviously not his tongue in the official logo. The open mouth is like radical in a semi-ironic skateboarding kinda way, the tongue out would be lame in a childish way.

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Doritos Crash Course on Xbox Live. Its free, 4 player local coop and competitive. Nuff said.

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@slyspider: Hmm I dunno, it removed the first part, and the 'However' from the second bit... Follow the money.

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@slyspider: It makes djou's reply make no sense after that part is removed. It wasn't even that bad, I just said I wasn't a fan of his twitter but like him on the site. Other people are being much more critical.