You Won't Kill Me That Easily: Giant Bomb Internship Round 2.

Not even an army of haters could keep me away from a second Whiskey internship.

That's right, folks. As of today, I start my second summer internship at Giant Bomb and Whiskey Media, returning to the best job experience of my life while also putting me on track to win the Whiskey Internship Triple Crown (TM) (not a real TM).

Even though this is my second outing to the Whiskey Offices, I'm still reeling from all of this. During my first summer with Whiskey Media, I fully expected that I would spend my time performing the grunt labor for the sites--getting sandwiches, organizing comics and, if I was lucky, working on improving the wiki databases. And I would have been totally thrilled just to do that. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be contributing to the writing on my favorite website, even if it was just writing news stories based on press releases. And participating in, even hosting Quick Looks? What kind of looney would let a dumb intern come within two feet from an internet camera? An idiot looney, is who that would be..

I didn't even have to Google this. It was already in our database.
I didn't even have to Google this. It was already in our database.

But, against all odds-- and, some would argue, against common sense-- I graduated from the menial labor of a mere interns to proper editorial menial labor, which is a way better labor. I now had responsibilities and contributions to Giant Bomb. I could not have been more stoked.

Those three months of writing articles for GB last summer lead me back to the Whiskey Media offices once again, now no longer a mere intern but a supraintern. For all practical purposes, that means I'm the intern who doesn't have to get the sandwiches, making me THE OFFICE'S MOST POWERFUL INTERN which is exactly like being the world's strongest mollusk.

But awkward shellfish metaphors aren't the reason I'm writing this blog. No, sir, I'm writing this blog to let you know what kinds of content you can expect from me over the course of the summer. I've got three months to alternately dazzle and disappoint you. Let's hop to it!

This is the content you can expect from me during my Internship.

  • Kessler Kam. The behind-the-scenes-of-Whiskey video series returns! Thrill as I whip out a Flip Camera and record the impromptu, random conversations between the editors of the Whiskey Websites. Witness me use ALL OF MY MIGHT to hold the camera steady, preventing the video from looking like it was shot on the back of a moving jeep.
  • Undisclosed Original Video Series. As Ethan mentioned back in his intern announcement blog, Former Intern and "Golden-Voiced Video Childe" Internet Steve will also be returning this summer for an internship. In addition to his own increased responsibilities (he's helping Vinny and Drew with video!), the pair of us will be crafting several weekly video series for your entertainment and ridicule. And don't worry your pretty heads about a couple of New Jack interns ruining the main thrust of GB video content with some dumbass videos; all of the new stuff will be appearing in the Giant Bomb Youtube channel, as well as our personal blogs. Consider our videos an experimentation ground for video content, a place where we can experiment with a whole bunch of video styles to see what works.. And, heck, maybe you'll like the videos. Steve and I have been brainstorming video features for the past month, and we've come up with some appropriately dumb ideas. None of those video ideas, I am unhappy to say, offer any kind of pun using the word "Intern." What can you do.
  • News. I'll once again be putting my writing energies to the news desk. Expect more news articles to contain sneaky, downright inappropriate references to Tattoo Assassins which should help to balance the Majora's Mask references in Patrick's articles.
  • E3 Coverage. This won't matter much past this next week, but this second internship begins just a week before the E3 embers set the gaming industry ablaze.. With the main GB staff down at the show seeing games, recording live shows and writing previews, the Whiskey interns will be maning the SF office and assisting the main staff from home. Expect to see us liveblogging the major press conferences, writing up the major news announcements of the show and posting up dozens and dozens of trailers. Oh, and we'll probably do another late night dinner/E3 video round up from the office as well, allowing the folks at the office to react to the show and providing me ample opportunities to eat and with my mouth open.

I'll try and have less of that open mouth business.

And that's just the beginning.

That's the content I can guarantee you'll be seeing from week to week over the course of this internship. But it's just a small part of what I hope to accomplish during this internship. Without giving anything away, I'll say that I'm making the effort to try and expand the types of editorial content you see on Giant Bomb, putting the focus on aspects of the site that aren't always the main focus of the site. I can't make any promises that my editorial dreamin' and schemin' will ever come to pass! It might all be for naught, and you'll never hear mention of this mysterious content again! But I'll be trying to make it all happen, to enhance the site with additional quality content, to make my favorite website even better. Alternatively, if I can't make the site better, I'll settle for not making things worse, That will be acceptable.

In closing, I'd like to reiterate, as I did at the start of my internship last year, that I never dreamed that doing a dumbass community podcast over Skype would lead me to this dream job. It doesn't get any better than that.