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I downloaded the game after seeing your post and it is killing me. I like the game well enough, but it is a constant reminder of time spent 15 years ago playing these games with my older brother, whose funeral I just attended. I've got nobody to show it to and reminisce with.

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I'm kinda curious about clan stuff if there are any openings. PSN: Mr_Kain

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It seems like in the context of the game there is no sexual violence happening, it's just a the filming of a movie in game that serves as the games tutorial. Whatever.

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@ezekiel: I'm with you on the reloading. I was hoping it would be more like the last of us where you reload every single shell one by one. That and the fact that unarmed enemies drop ammo (and armed ones almost never do) are my biggest complaints about this game and RE4 and RE5.

Helps that I don't care about story much.

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I played through it like 4 times in a week or two and I don't hate it yet. I think I'm gonna keep the game for the add-on content too.

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@mb said:

At least games we actually like are less likely to be used as an example of a "murder simulator" by the media from now on.

Or people that don't play games will hear about Hatred (that one we saw on the news!) and assume all games are like that. Ya never know.

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I was super confused for awhile because is a website that sells games for cheap. All this talk about a gamergate controversy really had me wondering what the hell.

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People should not be surprised by Dan's Daness. Here's a story of maximum Dan somewhere in the video. If you don't have time to watch it (it's hilarious) I've written what the dumb thing is. That being said Dan seems cool unless talking about anything animated.

This is Dan we're talking about. The dude had glasses as a child because he flunked his eye exam because he thought glasses looked cool. He then proceeded to wear them for a year, resulting in him needed glasses and being nearly legally blind by 25.

Here's a timed link to the story:

I actually ended up watching most of that video. Thanks for the link.

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I love Bad Boys 2. I CAN'T HELP IT!

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If you have a smartphone that can run Bounden you both might enjoy that.

It is an outright Ballet simulator, and it's strangely satisfying.