Front Mission Evolved

This is a "reply" to Brad's post about the significant change in this Front Mission for PS3 / 360 / PC. However I extent this outwards to all Front Mission and Mech fans.

I would consider myself a long time fan of the series and I would like to first add that the second Front Mission game took a different approach making the game a side scrolling shooter of sorts, so Front Mission was not always a top down turn based strat. I cant say this type of gameplay kept my interest and I was more than happy to return to the grid based strat rpg of the masterpiece that was Front Mission 3 and to a lesser extent 4. I can understand why some people are shocked by the change in gameplay style.

Although I was very much addicted to the strategy / turn-based stuff of Front Mission of old, I also felt it lacked a level of fluidness in the story telling and action in the gameplay that I feel Front Mission Evolved can possibly bring about. This is why it is my most followed game at the moment dispite this e3 madness.

They mention that the same level of customizability will be kept in this game, I just hope they can deliver on it, in that the customizability also serves the same level of purpose in the previous games. If they can match that and add some action which isnt just dumb this should be awesome for Front Mission fans and people alien to the series.

Plus my dream game has always involved online and mechs and some level of persistent XP system. Comon, you know that sounds awesome, right?. I some what doubt this can match the expectations as I am unsure of what kind of quality to expect from Double Helix but the game is keeping worth an eye out and shouldnt be shunned by hardcore FM fans. Give it a chance it could be very cool and a worthy addition to the Front Mission Franchise.