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You think you wouldn't ruin Christmas by saving this news? Well guess what, Christmas is still ruined!

Thanks for all the years of hard work and content Patrick, getting a chance to meet you at PAX this year was one of my highlights of the convention. Good luck on the rest of your journey.

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@golguin: if you're not directly facing your target you will not auto attack, and the angles can be fidgety at times, which is why I keep auto face target on because it will always correct your positioning

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While it's a shame neither Dangan games made the list and Patrick being the catalyst to me finally picking them up, atleast you touched up on them in the beginning. I know 2 is probably my personal favorite out of this year. Great list Patrick, Bettin' it all on Bayonetta 2.

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I've been playing FF XIV since it's launch back in August last year. The formula is the same while some key changes spice it up a bit, it's not without its faults but watching the game grow the way it did I haven't had a feeling like that since Vanilla WoW.

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@ajamafalous: Nah, Aurum Vale and the sever that dungeon is based out of deserve that spot more than anything. Feels like that place has been on fire since 2.1

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While I'm upset for other people that they're actively reducing the quality of life for new players and the whole Ascendant materials, I can't say I'll be too affected... Only because last night when I hit rank 3 with the Future War Cult I got my free legendary from the post man, only to find out I got an Ascendant Shard and Energy instead. Yeah the thing that specifically says "Legendary (Random)" gave me rare materials. So you know, kinda pissed off even the "guaranteed" way of getting legendaries isn't even working anymore.

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So much running around trying to unlock all of the new stuff. CT and getting attuned for that takes like two hours tops, kinda ridiculous

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The "joke guy" has posted in this thread, It's absolutely hilarious some people are still ignoring this.

Point being you are debating something you clearly do not understand, I don't see the point in continuing it anyway given that Horror is now not in the same place of power he was in and a volunteer mod also got bopped apparently.

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I'm ashamed that I forgot Age of Decadence existed. Great to see it being picked up out of Greenlight

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