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To be honest you should probably spend your tomes, the new currency for the new dungeon point gear like system won't be out by the release of Heavesward, but more than likely the poetics and soldiery currency will be all but worthless in the expansion.

I'd recommend you hoard all of your Gil though, who knows what you might need it for and it would be unwise to assume Gil won't matter at all like the launch of 2.0.

Finish all your story quests to get ready for the 3.0 main scenario, and just have fun playing the stuff you missed out on in the past months. It's a real bummer to return to an MMO and be stuck behind old content when the new stuff just came out

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Using the summon feature is not surrendering to the boss by any means. Now if you paid Fromsoft money for a skip fight coin, THAT would be surrendering. For the most part I always just saw the summoning allies the same as I see Online Monster Hunter. I mean yeah the online versions of monsters are scaled up for four people in mind, but a huge chunk of people I know that I play the game with can solo G-Rank monsters. It's there for a reason, and if you do use it, the feature is working as intended.

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Jeff was the hero we deserved, if he hadn't gotten the mini game star then Dan would have won due to the coin lead.

Thank you Jeff.

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Bowser's Gnarly Party, because it's actually his party.

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You can't be serious, the content in this season pass was a two for the price of one deal. How does a horde mode stack up to a raid. Like honestly this is like if Square came out and said XIV would not be introducing a raid tier because "stuff happened". Even on a bad patch the MMOs on the market give better content than Destiny does for the price you pay for it.

SERIOUSLY, how long was it everyone spent in Crota just to have the gear they got out of it amount to nothing until September. How does the player base survive after this.

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I super appreciate being featured this week, I'm having a lot of fun revisiting XIV, and this makes me super psyched to get part 3 up later tonight. Thanks again!

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Gil was an issue in 2.0, only because the fact was there was no way to generate more of it besides burning your leves which you used for crafting after you hit 50 on your first class. When the dailies and Treasure maps were introduced it was a bit easier to generate gil.

Also if you'd like to continue reading the recaps I put the next one out on my blog, and decided to... not spam up the XIV sub forum with like... five blog posts over the course of the week.

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It made me laugh that they eventually went back into CM and changed some of the mob positions, yet Praetorium still stayed the same. Here was this futuristic super imposing evil force, and there's just like 8 dudes running through the whole base like it's nobody's business. A weird thing to see your first time through the game.

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I still have my PS3 hooked up (for backlog reasons) and my 360 because it's just become the thing I watch streams on while playing XIV now.

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You think you wouldn't ruin Christmas by saving this news? Well guess what, Christmas is still ruined!

Thanks for all the years of hard work and content Patrick, getting a chance to meet you at PAX this year was one of my highlights of the convention. Good luck on the rest of your journey.