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I've been playing FF XIV since it's launch back in August last year. The formula is the same while some key changes spice it up a bit, it's not without its faults but watching the game grow the way it did I haven't had a feeling like that since Vanilla WoW.

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@ajamafalous: Nah, Aurum Vale and the sever that dungeon is based out of deserve that spot more than anything. Feels like that place has been on fire since 2.1

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While I'm upset for other people that they're actively reducing the quality of life for new players and the whole Ascendant materials, I can't say I'll be too affected... Only because last night when I hit rank 3 with the Future War Cult I got my free legendary from the post man, only to find out I got an Ascendant Shard and Energy instead. Yeah the thing that specifically says "Legendary (Random)" gave me rare materials. So you know, kinda pissed off even the "guaranteed" way of getting legendaries isn't even working anymore.

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So much running around trying to unlock all of the new stuff. CT and getting attuned for that takes like two hours tops, kinda ridiculous

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The "joke guy" has posted in this thread, It's absolutely hilarious some people are still ignoring this.

Point being you are debating something you clearly do not understand, I don't see the point in continuing it anyway given that Horror is now not in the same place of power he was in and a volunteer mod also got bopped apparently.

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I'm ashamed that I forgot Age of Decadence existed. Great to see it being picked up out of Greenlight

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  • Well that is the last time I try to recognize a voice by hearing it alone without fact checking, how embearassing.
  • No, I mean the straight up End, not the To Be Continued stuff.
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Correct! It's that time again, as I have not been able to keep a steady flow of blogs going at all. Again my main intent is to actually do that, AND on time instead of it being an extra day late to boot. If I keep having to bring that up though I'll start sounding like a broken record, so lets not dwell on my procrastination and incompetence, cause I fucking played video games and I want to write about them. This week I 117% Dust: An Elysian Tail and recap the return of the Midnight Channel. So without further writing anything else for this part:

Dust: An Elysian Tail

To be completely honest before Dust came out I completely wrote off the rest of the Summer of Arcade. I had no interest in paying $15 for a very disappointing re-imagining of something I can just play on my Dreamcast, and with all the F2P stuff I already play and is coming out Hybrid has no shot of sticking. Deadlight being lackluster didn't help, nor does not owning a Kinect, yet when Dust rolled out on the XBLA I decided to give the trial a shot and see where it would go from there. I downloaded it while watching Netflix and it eventually finished up in the middle of a show so I decided to wait until the show finished up. Upon that thought Dust had a different idea all together and it went a little something like this:

>Dust has finished downloading

>Awesome I'll just-

>Dust has finished downloading

>Okay I got it the first ti-

>Dust has finished downloading

>Okay what's going on I'm checking the active downloads why is it only at seven perce-

>Dust has finished downloading


>Cannot remove from your active downloads


>Dust has finished downloading

Okay so we weren't off to a good start but Dust wasn't to blame for this, as watching Netflix at the same time caused a rip in the Xbox Space Continuum that caused Dust to completely go bananas to the point I couldn't even access my account on, an error message would just pop up saying "You're not supposed to be seeing this page!". Well after all that was said and done I was eventually able to take it off my active downloads and re-download it without any issue, and without watching shit on Netflix. Never watch shit on Netflix if you're downloading stuff apparently, or if you want to get dangerous go ahead and do it.

Anyway I got around to booting up the demo and played through it and while I wasn't fully convinced I was intrigued by what had transpired before me. I do love the concept of a Metroidvania type game, even though the only Metroidvania game I ever played at that point was Harmony of Despair, something my friends while playing HoD will not let me forget as they keep asking:

"Hey man you've played Such and Such right?"


So after the demo had passed I waited a day to ponder on the purchase, then eventually made the plunge and put down my $15. Now initially I was a little bit bothered by the art style simply because back in my WoW days I rolled with a few people in which the style does appeal to because well... you know, and if they ever found out after all the ragging I gave them about it then well... you know. Not that I don't find the art not appealing because it chooses to be that, but because well... that community from most of my experience has been sexually deviant, including said people I hung out with playing MMOs, which made the Champions Online phase really fucking weird (Don't ask, I was a giant robot and wasn't one of the many Animals or Demons). Yet I don't find this game unappealing in any way since hey, I got past it with Star Fox and the like, why should I have a problem with this? In the end I don't, and besides some of the character designs looking a little generic, I think Fidget is one of the most adorable fucking things I've ever seen (partly due to the voicework as well). As soon as you can get past that barrier, atleast from the outside looking in perspective, the game itself is actually quite the celebration of the Metroidvania.

As you make your way through the game with Dust and Fidget you start running into a lot of what you expect to see in this type of game. Plenty of areas you'll end up backtracking to, breakable walls, wall chickens, it's all pretty much there. Even the game knows it's pretty much there as it is a bit self aware of what is actually going on. Fidget occasionally making an observation on how ridiculous such a mundane task is causing you trouble, the part where Dust tries to wall grab before he even has the Wall Grab ability, the fact the wall chicken is straight up called Wall Chicken. Though eventually you'll see it disappear from the main quest, a lot of it still resides in the many side quests you'll be off doing. In fact if I recall correctly the main quest starts off as "Oh hey this is a video game and you press these buttons to do stuff" to start you off, but as soon as you're out of The Glade it completely drops that attitude. It meshes both tones into a nice combination that even though you'll find the gags breaking the fourth wall a bit still contains it into a compelling story with you still caring what happens to Dust and Fidget.

Even beyond the pokes at the Metroidvania stuff, there's even more expanding beyond SotN style Castlevania and of course the friends, which by now you should know are mostly comprised of fellow XBLA indie game characters like Meatboy. As you go about finding and freeing them from their cages, you'll be awarded with a permanent health boost, and if you can collect all 12, a nice surprise at The Sanctuary awaits you. All of these things make this game have a whole lot of charm and it most certainly helps you get through it a bit because even though playing on Tough, there really isn't that much of a challenge once you get the Aerial Dust Storm and the rest of Fidget's spells. The crafting system also seems to be a little bit less than desired as I actually ran through 70% of the game without having to switch out the augment on my sword, not because I chose to, but because I never really found a good upgrade outside of what I had. The Difficulty curve eventually does kick up a little bit as there will be enemies that eventually block your attacks, but they're way too late to the party as you should be able to have Fidget electrocute pretty much anything that gets in your way. If you didn't have the Aerial Dust Storm the game would require you to actually do more work, it even makes a few of the other movement abilities useless just because of the distance you can cover with it. Aside from some of the problems this game has, I can proudly say I enjoyed this game from start to full completion, and if you can give the game a look, it's been one of my favorites this year by far. Also the people who provided the voicework for this game should receive more work after Dust, a lot of these dudes have been on Newgrounds for the longest time, and it'd be nice to start expanding the talent pool on voiceovers. Not to bag on the professionals, but everyone is starting to sound the same in video games, and that honestly creeps me out than animal people at this point.

Bearsona 4 Arena

Me and my friends were waiting for this game pretty much the first day we found out about it. Cause goddamn, we liked BlazBlue, but fuck most of the cast, fuck the crazy unbalanced tiers, and pretty much for me fuck everything but Makoto at this point. The return of the Persona 4 crew along with Akihiko, Mitsuru and Aigis pretty much just trumps anything Arc can do with the next BlazBlue at this point, not even adding a trap will save them this time. So enough with the badmouthing of BB and onto the return... The Return of the Midnight Channel.

Almost everyday for me aside from trying to clear Dust has been spent in Persona 4 Arena. Pretty much just training up and learning all that I can with my main man Teddie. Yeah if you couldn't tell from the title I decided to main Teddie, but I did so kind of begrudgingly at first. I was extremely interested in him prior because in fighting games, I LOVE gimmicks. Gimmicks may not win matches reliably but goddamn it its fun to catch someone with one, and Teddie is just chalk full of that stuff. Yet... What the fuck was Dave Wittenberg so busy with that he couldn't come back and breathe life into the character again? My main issue with Teddie is unfortunately the fact that he's voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, the same gent who already does Yosuke. I normally do like Yuri's voice, but his attempt at Teddie, after going back to regular ass Persona 4, honestly feels a little half-assed, and if it wasn't for the fact that I can't just turn Teddie's VO Japanese by itself means I'm just gonna have to deal with it. I mean, he's still that totally awesome bear, but when did Yosuke learn to throw his voice in a matter of two months?

Personal problems with Teddie aside he's an incredibly fun character to play. Fast, throws items, his bat, Kintoki Douji messing up people in the air, makes a lot of my friends very unhappy if I actually win. Unfortunately for me whenever we do get into a fighting game I'm about almost below on the totem pole in terms of actual play. My friend is a bit higher than me in terms of play level (to make matters worse is that he also plays Kanji, so basically just doing the same Tager shit he did in BB but with better tools), and all of his friends are pretty much above him, with one of them having fucking natural talent with whatever character he plays. I guess it could be worse though, I could still be mashing the autocombo. As I play with them more I do end up learning a lot more everytime, so with that I have been able to step up my game a bit with execution in online matches.

The other interesting thing about P4A has been it's story mode, as many who have played it should know is canonical with the events of P4. It's also clear to me that Arc System Works must have had no part in writing this story mode because given their past track record of story modes a lot of it is nonsensical bullshit. If they did though, good job, they didn't resort to time travel to fuck everything up. I haven't actually completed everyone's story, with Yukiko, Yu, Akihiko, and Aigis still untouched. I have no idea if there's some sort of post game after you do complete everyone's story, but if there isn't, everyone's own story just kind of feels weird as they cap themselves off. Mostly because of the fact the character you're playing has to get to the end in a different way, it makes some of the the characters feel off in the end, especially with Yu as he has to play backseat with everyone despite being the leader. In the end though its still a kick to see what the gang is up to before the inevitable clean slate with Persona 5. I'll probably be playing this game for a long time, probably even longer than BB:CS, cause hey, the cast doesn't suck this time.

The End!(?)

As this week comes to a close a whole new plethora of games are heading our way, it is that time again people, video game season. Next week I got some Fall of Cybertron to look forward to along with the regular sparring of P4A, maybe get back to Orcs Must Die 2 in the process. For now though, lets just take a moment and welcome back video games. Also I should probably work out my schedule for PAX, cause that's in two weeks, fucking insane just thinking about it!


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Hello and welcome back to something I've been procrastinating for about what the title says. I apologize, mostly because everything I was playing or getting myself into hasn't been too interesting to write about or share, but this week is different! In this edition of writing about Video Games, I take a quick visit into Grimrock, and say my final farewells to The Binding of Isaac, while somewhere in the middle of that talk about how I just got on the "I played Shadow of the Colossus" bandwagon. So without further explaining the gameplan in the intro let's get to it!

Legend of Grimrock, OR The Adventures of Manish Man the Minotaur

So during the Steam Summer Sales I was actually very uninterested in many of the deals. You see I don't tend to go off the handle like some people I know if I just happen to see Crysis 2 for 75% off, or some horse breeding game that happens to be a dollar. I tend to usually only buy up games I actually plan on playing at some point in time. I missed the first 60% off of Grimrock, and made my mind up too late on agreeing I'd buy it at $6. Lucky for me the Community agreed and voted it during the community choice, so without skipping a beat I went ahead and purchased it. So as you know from the Quick Look, Grimrock is one of those first person dungeon crawling RPGs that don't show up very often nowadays. You and three other prisoners that you also customize try to escape the labyrinth that is Grimrock, or I assume that is what you're trying to do. Along the way you're ambushed by monsters and forced to outsmart the deadly traps and puzzles to reach your goals. So in a very Adventure Time-y fashion like I did in Dragon's Dogma, I made my leading character a Minotaur and dubbed him "Manish Man". I have no idea why this children's show has effected my character creations as of late, but I won't question it. Unfortunately in my stupor I forgot to name the other three amigos in my band of merry men and are now stuck with "The Adventures of Manish Man and the Three New Prisoners". I'll just pretend they aren't as important.

It's the part from the Quick Look!

So I am actually currently up to the part seen in the Quick Look and are having a complete blast with what has been thrown at me so far. Even though I had early issues like "Oh man why do I have this Lizardman Rogue he can't even hit anything back there" and "How do I cast my goddamn spells with this archaic calculator". Once eventually got around to figuring out both problems everything has been going alot smoother, but I have to say I haven't been stuck on a game for a whole day like this one in a long time. Due to the game never telling me I could actually fit items through gates made me feel like a complete fool, but every time I tried doing it prior I wasn't able to do it. What, was Toorum too busy with escaping he couldn't leave a note behind to help out? Whatevs man, I'll figure out the rest for myself. So yeah, only four hours into it, and looking forward to getting deeper into it. Legends of Grimrock has been worth every dollar, all six of them.

In this world gone mad, we won't do the Mushrooms, the Mushrooms will do us.

Shadow of the Colossus

Yeah, it's Summer, so I found it necessary to get onto that back catalog of games I needed to play from last year. It just so happened the ICO collection happened to be VERY available, and due to me actually watching some Shadow of the Colossus online via stream or random Youtube Let's Play, it was time. I booted it up, watched the intro, got on my horse, and then began to learn how to ride this horse. This game is one gigantic learning experience, one might even say a COLOSSAL one. Even having gotten 15 Colossi deep I still can't control this motherfucker correctly. Regardless, once I got a "grip" on how to control this beast I made my way to the first Colossus in order to stab him in his weak spot. I have no idea if this is what is intended for most people when they play it the first time, or if it was just me being rarely inept at a video game, I couldn't for the life of me control this game correctly. Holding R1 to stay gripped to things, jumping with Triangle, X not really doing anything with the sword out except for that one Colossi so far, the d-pad I didn't even realized cycled to your bow. Every Colossi up until maybe the fourth one caught me with my pants down. Video Games have not done this to me in forever, and I felt ashamed, but somehow in a good way. For once, a game was mixing stuff up, it wasn't straight forward from the get-go. Like I've said, this game is quite the learning experience, and so far even though the whole point has been "Stab their weak spot" each one has had a different way of going about it. Every time I start up this game I just have a hard time believing this game existed on the PS2, even though it's graphically not there it's somehow not feasible to me that this game was not on a current generation console to begin with.

So far out of the 15 Colossi I have encountered my favorites have been The Underwater and Sand Dune Colossi. I was just amazed at the sheer scale of both of the fights, hanging on to dear life while he whizzes through the water like a Torpedo, or running away on horseback while trying to shoot it's eye out. The Colossi and their respected environments make for great battles and set pieces. I do not regret holding out this long to try out one of the great games of that 05' lineup, because the way this has been set up for me, it was a game I just needed to play as of this week. Hopefully soon The Last Guardian will see the light of day, but until then I still have Shadow of the Colossus, and even after that ICO. (If ICO is anything like SotC though, I'm not looking forward to rewiring my brain to learn how to control that game... ugh)

The End of The Binding of Isaac

To anyone who has been paying attention to my achievements, you might have noticed I have ascended into the Pantheon. I am a Platinum God, and it feels good. Throughout the month of July I was absolutely hooked into 100% this game, from playing everyday to watching dudes stream it it pick up more pro strats, the deed had been finally done, as I made my final descent into Hell with Maggy to end it all. This was one of my favorite games of 2011 and I wanted to prove it by doing every little thing. Collecting all of the items, doing all of the challenges (even the insane Purist one), and clearing the Chest with the whole cast. I can finally move on, and retire Isaac for good. As I made my last run with Maggy into Sheol, the last thing I supposedly needed to do, I stumbled across Epic Fetus in the basement. The game showing one act of humility to me, as if it were a message to me saying "You've paid your dues". It wasn't some reluctant handshake and swift boot out the door, it wasn't some cruel joke to get me killed and force me into run after run with Maggy. It was a graceful finish that Isaac wanted, and I delivered it.

I'll miss this game, and its antics. I'll miss doing all the pro strategies like abusing Eve's invincibility frames, using The Chariot card to get a free item out of the sacrifice rooms. It was a hell of a ride. Thank You Isaac, and thank you Edmund, my friends and I have cursed your name in disgust to the bullshit many times, but without all of that, we wouldn't have had half the fun we had in the basements.

The End!(?)

Well that about sums up what happened for this week, and even then two out of the three games I have started are not done yet. Again I apologize to myself and anyone, I totally wanted to make this a weekly thing, but sometimes interesting things do not happen or inspire me to recap an adventure in a blog on the internet. So hopefully starting this week I can get back into the swing of things and write up more stuff, but for now:


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