Games most deserving for an Uwe Boll movie.

These games either have little to no story or a story that Uwe Boll could work with. Once I come up with new ideas, I'll post them!

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Posted by snide

Great idea for a list. I can totally see Red Faction being a horrible Total Recall ripoff.

Posted by RHCPfan24

I like it!! :D

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so screw the first kingdom hearts were jumping right into the sequel

Posted by RTSlord

i can see all of these being horrible, horrible movies. and did you expect a story in a rythym game? (rhetorical)

Posted by dbz1995

Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and Mirror's Edge.

Posted by leky1

All Hail

Posted by jayjac11

you are a horrible horrible person. lol

Posted by DjCmeP

Nice list.

Posted by ParanoidFreak

Funny list, wish I thought of it, haha.

Posted by scarace360

RApelay the movie ill buy 3 tickets please

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Oh no, not Brutal Legend. Uwe Boll must not touch any of Tim Schafer's games. But interesting list though. I have a suggestion. What about Big Rigs? Having truck drivers race around the city mindlessly with no sense of direction and cheap special effects. That'll be a true Uwe Boll movie indeed.

Posted by Psykhophear

Hey my suggestion made it to your list. Your welcome. :D

Posted by UweBoll

Thanks for making fun of my life's work!

Posted by EliminatoR

Let's hope it never comes true.Great list btw.