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Well getting WK9 on Flipps has turned into a real shit show. This rebroadcast seems unwatchable on my setup at home. It's bad enough that I'm forced to watch on my damn phone but I can't even do that because there's just constant buffering and stuttering of the video, audio dropping in and out of sync, and what little commentary I heard did not sound great. I never want to use Flipps ever again. All of my other video streaming apps are working just fine. They should've partnered with one of them instead.

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A lot of good moments here. I forget which bombcast it was but one time I think there was a user question about why someone would skip cut scenes in single player games. The example being used was specifically his friend playing Lara Croft: Tomb Raider I believe. Anyway what made it hilarious was how Patrick tried to spin it by saying something along the lines of "Maybe the guy just wanted to be surprised like, 'Holy shit I GOT A GRENADE LAUNCHERRRRRRRR!!!'" I remember busting a gut at that but I think overall Patrick has made his most memorable moments on video. I'm still pulling for District A...

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I work tonight so looks like I'll have to catch the rebroadcast at 4pm PT tomorrow.

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I've been dicking around with Flipps trying to get it to work through my 360. It seems busted at least it terms of streaming latency. None of the promo videos I've been watching can go 3 seconds without stopping to buffer or whatever the fuck. And these are VODs, I can't even imagine what a nightmare it will be live. Damn it and I was looking forward to forking over the money to this event but it's proving to be too unreliable on my current setup.

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I voted Charlotte for female wrestler of the year. Her work in the ring gives me hope for female wrestling in the future though it may be too soon to say if WWE will ever get it's shit together with Divas wrestling on TV. I almost voted Candice Lerae but ultimately the enjoyment I get from watching her matches is the novelty of seeing the guys she wrestles sell the fuck out of her moves. And it just so happens she works with some of the best sellers in the world at PWG. She's primarily there to be an underdog and she fulfills that role with gusto. I think I like her better in a tag team since it's somewhat more believable for her to get in some offense in that kind of setting.

I think I voted for Sami Zayn as male wrestler of the year. Speaking of selling I don't think there's anyone in the world better at selling both physical and emotional anguish in a wrestling match than Sami Zayn. Watching Steen Wolf for the first time this year makes it clear that he's been one of the best at that skill set years before signing with WWE. I will continue to plant the seeds that people should chant "Oh Zayn!" during his matches instead of "Ole!".

As incredible as the Nakamura/Okada match was I went with AJ Styles vs Minoru Suzuki as match of the year. The main reason being that all the American TV promotions have done just a shit job utilizing their veterans to help elevate their younger guys. With the exception of Goldust, all the guys in WWE (and TNA for that matter) in their 40's end up completely flubbing their big matches. Suzuki however puts on a clinic on looking like a total badass even at that age and he should be commended for it. And the way Styles was selling the work being done on his arms was borderline traumatic to watch.

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I forget what I voted for on this round. I'm completely fine with NXT winning but I'm feeling like that product in particular suffers from an identity crisis as of late. Like it's not truly developmental and it's not an indie show and yet it's not exactly a main stream product other than being tied to WWE. It's basically an internet pro wrestling program with a bigger budget than anything Indies can offer. As a developmental system it seems sort of broken especially if it's meant to push these guys up to the sub par televised product. I think I'd push New Japan and PWG a bit more than NXT but I still love NXT.

I think for best feud I voted Seth and Dean. Even though it was super silly at times and ultimately fizzled in favor of feuds that are way less entertaining it was one of the very few high points of this year in that product. And yet now I'm back out of WWE, funny how that works when they can't write their way out of a paper bag. I do know that Seth Rollins was among my favorite performers this year and I'm happy to hear that he's continuing to do a great job heeling it up on TV. He's like the closest WWE will ever get to having a main eventer with an AJ Styles level of talent in the ring while being a perfect sleaze ball on the microphone.

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I've decided that I love this. In a way it makes good on the story line from the game of the year 2012 video where Jeff is trying to make GOTY a musical and Ryan turns it into the glorious fake TV show homages. Still makes me laugh even after he has passed. Great job to everyone on the Giant Bomb crew. This is a year I won't soon forget even if the video games themselves seemed largely forgettable. Props for making this website da bomb yo. These were some dope ass rhymes ya'll. D-Leazy and JV continue to be two of my all time favorite Giant Bomb guests. Certainly two front runners for the prestigious Golden Duder. Thanks again for everything.

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Great list Vinny. I quite enjoyed Dark Souls 2 myself this year though I can completely see why the hard core fans have issues with it. I still have yet to play Shadow of Mordor but I can tell it's totally within my wheel house. That and The Fall are two things I wish I could've played before this year was done. Thank you for everything. Here's hoping 2015 has better things in store for GB East.

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Well it's a shame the site has to lose you Patrick. You added so much even during the Chicago years when you were on your lonesome. I'll miss ya but to be honest I know the other Giant Bomb staffers will be just fine without you because they're THAT damn good. Here's hoping your future is bright. Thank you for everything you've done for this website and good luck.

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How about a more positive and krazy prediction? Daniel Bryan joins Bullet Club live on Raw and the era of New Japan begins. Some would say it never ended...