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Still enjoying what I see out of NXT. I don't know why I'm always expecting more run-ins for such a small league in a short time. Their divas stuff feels way more watchable that main roster divas even though Summer Rae is working in both leagues for some reason. It's also great for there to be any excuse for Xavier Woods to speak since it appears he's being wasted on the main roster. I think Adrian Neville is super talented but I can't tell what kind of character would fit him the best. He seems to have a very broad range and super balanced repertoire of abilities in the ring. Sort of reminds me of the Christopher Daniels style of being an all-around worker. Speaking of which I heard that episode that he was on the Steve Austin podcast. Pretty great two-parter there with an awesome impromptu commentary spot from J.R.

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Oh gawd! Someone throw me a blunt weapon because there are threads rising from the dead! Anyway I immediately think of the 2002 movie May. It's probably not as aggressively gruesome as some of the stuff mentioned here. I still found it all uncomfortable, awkward, and kind of disturbing. It's not amazing or anything but let's just say I have no desire to ever see it again.

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Heck if I know. Probably 4 or 5 years. I don't see the need to spend my time sifting through anymore pictures of Yamazaki.

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I'm sorry I'm not seeing it. The gamers more likely to hate on anime are typically the kind that gravitate to the high action "violent murder fantasies" as you put it so I sincerely doubt the more touchy feely anime productions would appeal to them. I enjoy a few of these movies but I don't really understand the objective of the thread. You gotta include something like Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust or the Cowboy Bebop movie to counter balance otherwise the haters are going to hate. Then again they'll probably still find a reason to hate. :D

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I wasn't really into RAW this week. A lot of stuff I don't care about plus some strange directions for certain characters I DO care about. Some of the wrestling seemed more sluggish than usual. Maybe they're saving up energy for Smackdown or battlegrounds. Is the Roman Reigns battle cry suppose to imply that he's some kind of unfrozen caveman wrestler? That's how it always sounds to me.

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If I had the finances or space in my life for figures or statues, then I would totally have some. Having said that, I have no figures or statues.

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@zomgfruitbunnies: Yup that's the one. Who am I kidding, that show is pretty great in sort of a badumb kind of way.

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@sergio: The peacock is just the tip of the dumb iceberg. And the ending. Oh, God, the ending. After the Monaco Cup arc, everything just goes to a whole new level of dumb.

And don't think I mean dumb as is good dumb. I just mean pure, unadulterated dumb bullshit dumb. You can't even quantify it at all, because it so dumb.

Yup you're not wrong about that. How about the part where eating some bread literally retcons a character's backstory via time travel? Seriously, what the fuck? What the fucking fuck? It's a wonder the anime lasted as long as it did.

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In the original, Amy develops one, and Makoto does to a point. Rei seems to, but it's not completely implied that it's a serious relationship (in the manga, she isn't looking for one).

Awww that's nice. Those two really deserve it if you ask me. I may have seen those love interests and just forgotten about them. Rei always strikes me as extremely independent so I wouldn't presume she'd desire a relationship. Still even those religious girls could use some love. I seem to remember that burnout dude living at the shrine at some point in the original series.

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I have to assume that Saint Seiya + Advent Children would be right in my wheelhouse but then again I'm a crazy person.

Saw that new Sailor Moon thing. It was rather...unrequited? I don't know it was more or less the same first episode of the original with some nicer looking artistic flourishes. I don't see a reason to stick with it unless I hear about notable improvements in the art direction for the fights. Now I never made it to the end of the anime and I haven't watched it in a while. Can someone please tell me if any of the other Sailor Scouts find love? I always felt they were more deserving than Usagi in finding romance.

@sergio: Yeah I remember enjoying Yakitate!! Japan but I'd be hard pressed to call it "good" or "watchable". An excessive amount of puns and inconsistent animation quality keep me from recommending it outright. You have to be REALLY into the absurdity of "evil" bakers (whatever the fuck that means) as a concept to derive any enjoyment out of it I think. There is some disturbing imagery later on both intentional and unintentional and it's sometimes hard to stomach in such a wacky show. I'm more of a Cooking Master Boy dude as far as competitive food anime goes.