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I was looking forward to reading reactions in this thread more than I was the actual results of Wrestleplay-me-ugh. Seems like the majority sentiment is like "Less than half the booking wasn't terrible so that makes it an overall good show." Meanwhile I'm reading recaps and shaking my head saying "I don't want to see any of this." I think I just don't get WWE fans anymore which is probably why I quit. You know how we have the term for smart marks. Is there a word for dumb smarks? I doubt the phrase "scarecrows" would ever catch on with anyone.

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@thatguy060: Watching both JoJo and One Piece eh? Welcome to the awesome Manime club for cool dudes. Be careful not to blow your Manime wad too soon. If you're a guy who can appreciate the bombast of shows like that you might enjoy: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Gintama, and Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagan. Be warned these shows are rarely if ever subtle. If you want something super deep and subdued look elsewhere.

Also Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) is really good you guys. Raphael is still my favorite, as he was back in the late 80's. I'm shocked how it's stayed so consistently good for so long. Hopefully I didn't just jinx it.

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Lucha Underground is still my favorite wrestling thing. Say what you will about his WWE run, Alberto El Patron has a great face and voice to be a heel. I think the only reason I can buy him as a baby face is due to his character's philosophical stance of "Fuck Sports Entertainment! It's WRESTLING motherfuckers!" That's something I can get behind no matter what. Cage and Puma are freaking great. I'm so happy that those two guys have made it to American television and it's not a program where they're made to look like buffoons.

Speaking of which, just out of curiosity how is the crowd reacting to Dean Ambrose these days? I have zero expectations of him winning the IC belt (or any PPV match ever?). I just want to know if he's getting the pops that he deserves since he was still one of my favorite guys when I was watching WWE.

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At this point I would rather watch Impact than go back to WWE... SO, I watched the most recent Impact. Meh, it was okay. My feelings on TNA haven't really changed. I think the wrestling talent there is good, my problems are mainly with the writing and production. Some notes on Impact:

-The commentary is unbearable without Tenay's play-by-play.

-At least there's some life back in the tag team division again since the Wolves became champs again unbeknownst to me. I am a big fan of the Bro Men but they are also awful and close to the worst thing in TNA.

-I think Lo Ki kind of sounds like Phil Lamarr. Way too articulate to come across as ethnic in any way. I'm into this sudden push for Rockstar Spud. I should really go back and watch his match with EC3 from last week.

-I have no clue why they think they can get Magnus over as a face when he's been the most dickish character for who knows how long. That whole angle looks like it was desperately thrown together specifically for the UK tour.

-Taryn Tarell is generally pretty good but her facial expressions have always been bad in my opinion. Whenever she sells she looks like she's smiling, then during her victory she looks like she's about to cry and not in a "it's my dream to be the Knockouts champion" sort of way. Looked like she was in pain so it could've been an injury or something I guess.

-James Storm's Revolution sucks, it has always sucked. There's zero thematic consistency, it's the most random of random stables to ever get put together. It just makes everyone involved look bad and doesn't enhance anything about TNA's booking.

-Not sure what is to be gained from putting Kurt Angle even more over. I feel like the Heavyweight belt was doing just fine without him. Whatever, he's only got so much time left to wrestle but in my eyes his time has passed.

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@undeadpool said:

Edit: I'm SHOCKED in all this talk/list of commentary teams that not one person mentioned NXT. I know it's kind of a revolving door, but it's always consistently great. Bryon, Tom, Corey FREAKING Graves, of all people, and the borderline immaculate Renee Young and William Regal?? One of the only older men who can flirt with a young woman on commentary and have it NOT be skeezy as HELL (mostly because she flirts right BACK and it actually sounds like they're having FUN. Oh and because Regal doesn't have any, ahem, previous convictions to speak of).

Saxton and Graves are golden as far as heel commentary goes. I have not liked Alex Riley at all. The rest feels just sort of okay outside of the novelty of Jason Albert doing color. I don't know, it's a commentary team that has guys getting swapped in and out all the time so it's hardly fair to compare them to the teams who are trying to be mainstays for a given TV promotion. That seems to be the main problem with WWE right now. They wouldn't want people like Byron Saxton or Renee Young doing a better job because they want guys that are suppose to represent some of their history, even if they're super shitty. That's why your post gets my shucky ducky quack quack moment of this discussion.

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The day I saw the gif in the thread I was totally into Perro Aguayo Jr. The next day he was gone and that makes me sad. Vaya con Dios. :(

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Grave Consequences was awesome. Like they built the angle and the match on something very simple to understand: 1000 lives versus 1000 deaths and it ended up being astoundingly well done. It actually felt like Mil Muertes kills Fenix at least 999 times. I thought ripping the Fenix mask was an especially brutal touch considering what that signifies in Lucha Libre. I thought that for sure meant that Fenix was going to lose. I really hope that's not the end of this story line.

The English commentary for Lucha Underground is perfectly serviceable as long as you take at least two things into account. For one, just by virtue of them being on the best wrestling show on TV it creates a good atmosphere for the commentary to thrive. And secondly if you compare it to all the other guys on TV then it's indeed a lot better.

1. WWE - Goddamnit Maggle. Need I say more?

2. Impact - Mike Tenay was really the last great play-by-play left on TV. For all I know he stepped down to a backstage position because he was sick of a) shilling shitty merchandise and b) having to work opposite Taz. Now Taz has been relegated to a sound board apparently and what's-his-face is not exactly in a position to carry it. Mind you I've only watched the first few shows since the relaunch but I doubt it's gotten better since Tenay stepped down.

3. Ring of Honor - Of what little RoH I've seen in the last year, I think the commentary is terrible. Kevin Kelly and Steve Corrino just seem to gab about all the feuds happening that aren't in the current match and occasionally Kelly murmurs the name of a move. They're trying to get all of the non-story lines of RoH over but they end up making the promotion out to be the bare bones developmental product that it actually is.

I continue thinking that the criticism from internet wrestling fans of Mat Striker trying to be "internet clever" is insane. The dude is educated, is it so wrong to want to flaunt that? Believe or not some teachers tend to have a higher vocabulary than most people. I like that he has at least triple the vocabulary of any of the aforementioned commentators. The only times I can't stand him is when he says stupid shit like "Dario Cueto is like the Beyonder from Secret Wars." Even as someone who likes Mat Striker and is nerdy enough to get the reference, even I'm like "Dude! This isn't the time for such a nerdy fucking reference!" I hated Vampiro at first but I think him and Striker have finally started to mesh a little better. What more can I say? These guys aren't perfect but they've grown on me.

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@super2j said:

The seven deadly sins anime seems like something that should have gotten more hype than it did. Burned through the first 12 episodes and it is definitely one of the better shonen romps I have seen. Great fight scenes, I mean this doesn't really count but I was out of my chair cheering at the thing with the spear.

I brought it up in the thread a few months back and yes I agree. I was not expecting to like it as much as I did. If I had to make one knock against it it's that it has just about every cliche' you can think of from a battle series. However there's an enthusiasm to that series that you just don't see in a lot of modern battle shounens without it feeling super forced. It's definitely one of the best takes on the more European style of high fantasy that I've seen in anime. Waaaaay better than something like Fairy Tail in my opinion. I like that most of the primary characters are not really human but rather facsimiles of the various non-human races you typically see in high fantasy settings, heck the main character is essentially a hobbit/halfling. It satisfies the D&D nerd in me quite a bit. I also dig how the designs of all the knight armor look like they were ripped right out of Dark Souls but then made a lot more colorful. Basically what I'm saying is that I dig that show's styyyyyyyle.

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I'll gladly jump on the Wrestling isn't Wrestling bandwagon. As soon as I saw Joey Ryan running on a beach it was an instant classic. Of course it isn't wrestling because it's PRO Wrestling. I suppose the "Pro" stands for prostitute if you take the Triple H story for what it is. Anyway it's really funny. I recommend it.

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NXT is still pretty alright.

-I'm sort of digging the narrative that has formed around the Certified G's of Big Cass being the Launchpad McQuack to Enzo Amore's Darkwing Duck. It's a good dynamic and it helps that they're both really good on the mic. Unfortunately I think there's still little hope left for Tag Team wrestling on television to be truly great. For proper tag team action, go to the indies or New Japan.

-I think the ladies in the women's match have potential but those gimmicks suck ass. When the commentary for the finish was "She calls that the Sparkle Splash!", I was livid. I'm not going to call that move the fucking Sparkle Splash okay?!

-Was that Alex Riley video package suppose to make him seem like a big deal? As someone who hasn't even seen this dude wrestle I think the video made him look like crap. It just highlights of some of the least impressive spots I've seen in recent memory. His sell seems alright and he's a decent talker but he's one of those guys that I just don't like. I haven't liked him at all on commentary so I guess it's a plus that he's competing again. If nothing else I'm looking forward to Kevin Owens destroying him. KO is so good. I wish nothing but the best for one of the best Canadian wrestlers in the world today.

-I think it's cool that Tyler Breeze seems to be finally developing some heat but I don't think Kenta is meshing well with WWE as a generic Dragonball Z character.

Lucha Underground is still my favorite wrestling show on TV.

-I'm liking everything about Pentagon Jr. I hope they continue to not blatantly force feed us a lame baby face/ heel dynamic that's ruining WWE's writing. They're mercenaries as wrestlers so choose who you want to cheer for. Lucha is the only sacred thing within the confines of the Temple.

- You know I think the inter gender stuff had potential at first but I have not really enjoyed what I've seen out of the booking of these matches. The girls have skills and they're hot as hell so I can't understand why it's not clicking with me. I was more into the idea of Angelico possibly being just a "Lucha Underground Mark" type character than I was of him being a creepy raper guy.

- The Mundo/ Cuerno cage match was excellent. Terrific psychology and a mind-blowingly good finish, it's everything you want out of a wrestling match.