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The newest RAW was barely half good. I think using Miz to elevate Ziggler is smart and the match was pretty good but I really don't like the continued reputation of Intercontinental champs just losing constantly. Bo versus Sandow made me laugh and that's all it needed to do. Cesaro and Ambrose are great but when are they not. Everything else dragged the show down. As much as I like seeing Stephanie on camera that whole story line is a waste of fucking time. I want to care about the Divas because they're so hot but man is the wrestling and writing hard to watch.

Is this Xavier Woods thing the start of a new Nation of Domination? I actually don't think I would mind a stable like that popping up again. They could rope in Tidus O'Neal and R-Truth and have the raw talent and power to pretty much dominate all other stables, thus living up to the legacy. If you need to heel push the faction bring back the Rock just to let them beat him down as a sellout and a traitor to the business.

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It would have been great if the Wyatt's got the tag titles and then immediately threw them in the trash because that's about where that division is at right now. Forget the tag belts all together I'm just waiting for a good stable feud and their failing across the board with that. They should just break the limit on number of dudes in a champion tag team. It would give an advantage to bigger factions and force some unlikely alliance to stay competitive. I think the decision to make Bray lose to Jericho wouldn't be so hard to accept if Jericho wasn't so terrible in the ring. What exactly is he doing off the top rope? A single-arm axe handle? Who the hell would think that is a good idea?

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I feel like Haikyuu!! is trying sooo hard to make me hate but I just can't. Between the horribly archetypal characters, the crappy anime hair, the milquetoast dialogue, and the sappy music it should be a recipe for disaster. There's just something about the animation direction and the subject matter that I find ridiculous in an inexplicably compelling way. I feel like it's the same issues I had with Kuroko no Basket in that the writing is terrible but the action is hilariously over the top. It's probably appropriate that it's the same animation studio. What can I say, I dig the anime sports genre and Production I.G. does good work with most of what they produce.

On the opposite side of that I think Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsubarou is a poor sports show but a pretty funny comedy in a slapsticky alpha male sort of way. This is exactly how you should heel push a dude. It's what would happen if you let a man who's essentially a giant child run roughshod in society.

As enjoyable as the Battlegrounds Battle Royal was I'm enjoying the battle royals in One Piece a lot more. The current state of that event makes me think that one day Dark Souls (or Bloodborne?) could have an amazing multiplayer mode.

And of course JoJo's Bizarre Adventure maintains it's climb to greatness. We've been getting a lot of awesome homages to horror movie monsters this season and now we're finally stepping into Innerspace territory. Honestly the episodes are so good that sometimes I go back, Jack, and do it again.

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Well Battlegrounds sucked. I think I enjoyed the battle royal more than any other match. The only heels that won were Rusev and Miz. In a way making Miz IC champ is perfect since it makes nobody happy. They just better have some great ideas for RAW because I'm losing faith in this product's ability to entertain me in the PPV shows.

@papercut: At least I called the fact that they would fight their way out to the ring even if they didn't get in and start a match. My first sentence was that it wouldn't be a proper in ring match and that came true. Yeah maybe I was piling on too much Krazy™ but I feel like I came close enough. And the thing I said about the Hardcore title was merely an epilogue for RAW and meant to be ignored. Let it be known that I was robbed of the title through a technicality. I'll try Bo-lieving that I'll get it next time.

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They're both so fantastic in different ways I honestly can't pick just one. I can only say, goddamn that was a great console generation.

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Why do I get the feeling that all this fantasy booking belongs in a comicvine battle thread? I shouldn't get points for guessing that Lex Luthor saves the world. It's definitely one part of the hobby I'll never understand.

I'll just state my straight up predictions of the stuff I care about. Bray is having Jericho fed to him because he deserves it. Wyatts get the tag belts. Cesaro gets Intercontinental belt. Either Ambrose or Rollins could win and I'd be fine with it. That's it... those are the only things that interest me. I'm expecting a bad show, that way I can be pleasantly surprised no matter what. But if I start talking Krazy™...

  • Bray Wyatt gnaws on Jericho's jacket and breaks his teeth on the bulbs.
  • Roman Reigns double chokeslams Kane and Orton through the canvas by channeling the Undertaker's power, then gets surprise pinned by Cena.
  • There won't be a proper match in the ring between Ambrose and Rollins. They're just going to start fighting and then the cameras cut in and out of their brawl backstage all throughout the show. When their match starts they fight their way out to the ring, both get thrown out immediately, double count-out and the fight continues for the rest of the PPV. Hardcore Title returns in the next RAW.
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Well I watched that Impact show in New York. I remember when TNA first started and thinking that the six-sided ring was a cool idea. In retrospect it didn't seem worth changing to four sides just to accommodate Hogan, Bischoff, and the rest of those old school chuckleheads. Despite reverting the ring my opinion of TNA has not changed. I think they have some dudes that can do decent to good work in the ring but the creative side of things is totally bankrupt. There's just nothing interesting about the inner workings of that product. It sucks to think some of the good in-ring workers I'm familiar with are going nowhere prestige wise simply by staying with that company. I realize it's good to have competition in the market but man...

So hey that NXT is still pretty good. I would almost want it to be longer and more consistent if it wasn't such experimental territory. So much potential I don't want to see wasted in the main roster.

@recspec said:

Time for my heel turn.

You asked for it. You suck for posting that! Fuck rising above hate, get out of here you punk ass bitch! Snoogins. But seriously that shit's hilarious.

@professording: It has to be right? The cavalcade manga cliches and the repeated use of Kun and Chan are unlike for a self serious manga.

Of course it's a joke. It's pulled straight out of Naruto almost verbatim. I know because I was still reading it back then, and of course because of the tell tale background of their ninja village. I would hope they base a wrestling anime on something a lot cooler than that.

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I work the graveyard shift in the stock room of a big box deparment store. That whole job annoys me. I often feel like I'm the only one who can keep things straight, accurate, and organized. It's like I'm playing battle Tetris for a living and I'm constantly losing to people with really shitty Tetris skills and infinite magic orbs. Basically I stack shit like a game of Tetris using only straight and square pieces where as everyone else is stacking like Jenga and we all know how a game of Jenga ends. I sometimes wouldn't mind being fired and moving on to something else but everyone I work with sets such a low bar of quality that I'm made to look good without even trying.

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I'm morally against eating mushrooms. I just think they're conceptually a very disgusting food for humans to eat. They're cultivated in the dankest darkest corners of the earth. They're from the same kingdom classification as mold. Who would want to stick that shit in their mouth willingly? Mind you I'm not above eating them if I have to. I won't pick them off of a salad or pizza like a child, I'll just eat em. I just try to avoid them if I can.

I hate cilantro on anything and find it overpowering any time it's introduced into my food. I don't like tomato slices in my sandwiches or burgers because I think it waters down the meat flavor. I'm mostly fine with pretty much all other fruits and veggies.

I don't like soup. I like to eat food, not drink it. Again I can drink soup and usually it's fine, but I'm a solid foods guy.

In the end it's like, whatever humans are at the top of the food chain right? I'll try anything once and I'm not nearly as picky as I use to be as a kid. There are children starving somewhere so I may as well stuff my face even if I end up with something I don't like. I'm of the mind set that food should not be worshiped nor given the pomp and circumstance that fancy pants restaurants give it at times.

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Do they have a comic based on Valkyrie? I don't read comics but I think instead of lady thor alt, maybe that would be a better story to explore.....

Valkyrie was in the short lived Marvel Now volume of Fearless Defenders, an all female hero book. I never read it so I can't speak to the quality. The most recent run of Journey into Mystery (646-655) starred Sif as the main character and she kicked major ass. Unfortunately it did not sell very well so they canceled the book. If they ever bring that series back it most likely won't be starring Sif.