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@babychoochoo: C'mon, Tequila Gundam is tame compared to Nobel Gundam or, holy fuck, MERMAID GUNDAM. MERMAID GUNDAM IS DOPE. I mean, it's literally a Gundam in a fucking fish suit.

Not to mention the dumbest one of the all, Neo Holland's Gundam which is just a fucking windmill. lmao

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I watched that Avengers: Confidential anime. I found it disappointing, just like pretty much all the Marvel anime-ass anime. These productions always have good art and animation but really poor writing and direction. You'd think Marvel and anime would go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Instead you end up with a series of action set pieces with these characters fighting a bunch of nobody villains. Some of it was cool, just not enough of it.

I also watched the first Marvel Disk Wars episode and it really looks like it's heading for a trainwreck. At the very least the actual heroes and villains from the comics are in fact present in the story but right from the intro you can tell it's headed for an idiotic story twist. I can't believe of all the animation studios, Disney is the only one who made a cartoon that makes the Avengers look awesome while everyone else fails to do them justice. For the yucks I've been watching Regular Show, Teen Titans GO!, TMNT, and Bob's Burgers. All great shows that put a smile on my face.

JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE! Devil horns, invisible orange.

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Bob Hoskins was one of my favorite character actors. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is an absolute classic. Rest in peace.

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@kerse: Raiden from MK or MGS? Either way he must move like grease lightning.

@zevvion: Sounds metal as hell. This thread is more of a writing and roleplay exercise than a gameplay showcase.

@myrmicus: Cool to hear even more sadistic builds.

@capum15: Pretty awesome. I imagine a lot of FMA characters could be made into character builds.

@dragon4234: Nice. With me he usually never lives long enough to do whatever it is that buff does.

@wolf_blitzer85: I see so many Havel centric titles! I'm your host: Havel Lottaluv.

@dazzlecrotch: Is he also deathly afraid of spiders? Duke Dear Freja must have been a real nightmare.

@tobbrobb: Solid title. Pun intended.

Well I got a platinum trophy with my Dark Sun Sage a couple days ago. ATT 75 INT and FTH approaching 80 because I've lost my damn mind. I've had a blast using magic more than I have in the previous games and it's pretty great how you can just utterly destroy bosses at a point. Even the freaking spell cast animations are cooler. Thinking on starting something but it's gonna be hard to resist falling down the magic hole again. Maybe I'd try a Death Scythe which would likely be a scythe/polearm wielder empowered by hexes.

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@rocketboot: I see what you were getting at with your theories but I'm of the mind that the giants were not former humans but just their own race. They've always seemed analogous to the cyclopes from Greek myth what with the single orifice in their heads. Traditionally they are believed to be among the first living races created by Gaia and seeing that these giants turn into trees after they die I'd say they're a much more primordial earthy race than humans. They're also said to be among the first blacksmiths (see Gogh and Giant Blacksmith) which might fit more in with what I think you posted about Vendrick taking some kind of technology from the giants. I'd presume that it had something to do with the breakthroughs he made with souls and golems.

Within the Giant's memories Drummond says that the giants couldn't bring themselves to forgive the King and fought to the last to take back what he stole. It's likely they were so old and ancient that they can only perceive morality with an extremely narrow view of right and wrong and are programmed to respond only with retribution. The two beneath the Black Gulch may be mutations who gained the knowledge of survival from some unseen third party. What's interesting to me about them is that we see in the memories that they are capable of pyromancy but not sorcery, miracles, or hexes. For all I know it's just a matter of the designers not having enough time to program giants with those abilities but let's humor the idea that they are only capable of pyromancy. Perhaps the Lost Sinner was imprisoned for giving them the gift of pyromancy to seek revenge on Vendrick since the popular theory seems to be that she's the witch of Izalith.

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Since there's already a ton of speculation on the main players in the plot of Dark Souls II I thought maybe I could do some introspection on one of the unsung supporting characters. Namely Darkdiver Grandahl, the leader of the Pilgrims of the Dark covenant. For anyone who doesn't already know you meet him in three different locations in Drangleic where darkness is most concentrated. The underground cave of the Shaded Ruins where curse jars are strewn across the surface, the deepest depths of the Black Gulch beyond an ancient sealed door, and under Drangleic Castle an area where Nashandra herself resides. These three locations open the mouth to the Dark Chasms of Old, an entry way to the lair of the Darklurker within a forgotten fragment of the Abyss.

As for the actual identity of this decrepit old undead bound to a wheelchair several possibilities exist. He could have been a cursed undead warrior who got distracted by the Dark Chasm while on his journey to the Throne of Want. There he would have become enraptured by the darkness of the Abyss and obsessed with defeating the Darklurker himself. Perhaps he gave up after years of attempting this feat and grew to worship this entity to the point that he tricked pilgrims into forever trapping themselves in the Chasm as black phantoms. He has exactly 3 human effigies for sale, the exact number one would need to attempt all three areas. Maybe in the back of his mind he thought he could try once more to beat the Darklurker, that is until he meets the Curse Bearer.

Another possibility is that he is actually the Xanthous King Jerimiah from Dark Souls since he awards you that armor set after reaching rank three of the covenant. It's also possible that the Darklurker is actually a reincarnation of Jerimiah's soul since it is a soul that can grant one the ability of Lifedrain and it's also the soul of a King within the Abyss. Meanwhile Darkdiver is simply a preacher of the abyssal faith for this exiled king. Since the Darklurker can split itself into multiple bodies it would suggest ties to the same power as the Four Kings. The most likely origin of Grandahl is that he was a former cleric of the Dragon Shrine who forsook the dragons in order to seek the truest form of Dark. The description of the Dragon Chime he awards you would certainly back up this theory.

The most intriguing thing to me is that it would appear that he is harboring two (or four) living giants from the eyes of Drangleic's monarchy as part of some kind of amnesty. I came to this conclusion since the giants under Black Gulch are holding the key to one of Grandahl's chambers. They're not even all gnarled and hollow like the Last Giant but actual full sized giants. If the giants are willing to coexist in the dark it would explain how Nashandra was born from Dark and yet she knew enough about the giants to seek out Vendrick to invade their land and steal their power. I think at one point the Darkdiver actually mentions "What once was a great void of Darkness became but fragments. But slowly the scattered fragments grew, absorbing all things." (he might only say this during your first times ranking up in the covenant). This seems to be a reference to either the advent of Manus or simply speaking of the origins of the Darklurker itself which has manifested the Dark Chasm around itself as a sort of defensive shell within the Abyss. Grandahl's final dialogue is "We need the Abyss, now more than ever." This is either in anticipation of Nashandra spreading the dark of the Abyss throughout Drangleic after claiming the Throne of Want or something far more sinister. I feel like I'm missing some info here but I'm just spitballin' for now.

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@petiew: Glad to hear that you get where I'm coming from. And you're not going to hear me try to defend the pacing issues the show has had. It's been pretty bad for a while but I've put up with a lot worse. I think part of the reason it's become so drawn out is the sheer number of characters that all need to react to seemingly every little thing that happens at every chance they get. Character development is one thing but overly expository dialogue is what bogs it down most of the time. I blame the fact that they are ultimately making this show for kids who may require a bit more exposition to understand the scope of things.

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@petiew said:

@mezmero said:

Yeah I'm current with the anime though I never touch the manga.

Are you punishing yourself for some horrible crime? Even as a huge One Piece fan I can't stand to watch the anime anymore, it's so terrible.

Lol. Well let's put it this way, I'm sure there are people who are fine with reading a synopsis, screenplay, and sheet music than attend an actual opera or musical. Sure it takes longer to show up, buy a ticket, wait in your seat, tolerate the din of your fellow audience, but the pay off of a full on production is well worth the wait if you're into it. Not to downplay Oda's art as I think it's amazing but the breadth of the universe he's crafted really deserves the full anime treatment. I can't even imagine the big emotional moments hitting nearly as hard with me without a big sweeping score to back it up as well as a serviceable color palette.

It's by no means perfect but whether your reading it or watching it you're still waiting at least a week for the next part. The difference being that at the end of of my work week I get 15-19 minutes to soak in the story and characters as opposed to finishing a manga chapter in 5 minutes and being just as underwhelmed by disappointing story beats. Perhaps I was a bit too literal with my wording, I have read a few chapters previously but I've never gone beyond what I've seen in the show. I've stuck with it for over a decade as a cartoon and it really doesn't bother me one bit. The main problem is finding people to talk to about it. The internet is out of the question what with the ravenous manga fanbase and I only have a handful of friends in real life to talk to about it. Different strokes I guess.

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Been kind of a slow season to start off the year but I play what I can when I can. Keep in mind I don't have new console hardware or a half decent gaming PC. Most of the huge stuff from 2013 I finished by the end of the year.

  • Beyond: Two Souls
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2
  • Dark Souls 2
  • Batman: Arkham Origins

I'm in the process of finishing South Park and I really do plan on playing The Walking Dead season 2 and The Wolf Among Us at some point just not sure when. Thinking about at least trying Ground Zeroes or Titalfall on older hardware but it feels like kind of a waste. I'd want to play those games on current systems if at all. There's still some stuff I just need to get back to.