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Been kind of a slow season to start off the year but I play what I can when I can. Keep in mind I don't have new console hardware or a half decent gaming PC. Most of the huge stuff from 2013 I finished by the end of the year.

  • Beyond: Two Souls
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2
  • Dark Souls 2
  • Batman: Arkham Origins

I'm in the process of finishing South Park and I really do plan on playing The Walking Dead season 2 and The Wolf Among Us at some point just not sure when. Thinking about at least trying Ground Zeroes or Titalfall on older hardware but it feels like kind of a waste. I'd want to play those games on current systems if at all. There's still some stuff I just need to get back to.

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The new season is pretty good so far. Favorite characters right now are still Sir Davos, Bron, and Tyrion respectively. Funny how two out of three of them are low born. Oberyn is a really awesome new character considering they've mentioned the Martels multiple times. Glad to see that dude in the Night's Watch with longish hair is still alive in the latest episode. I love how pessimistic and sarcastic he gets in the earlier seasons.

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@phoenixgeist: Yeah I'm current with the anime though I never touch the manga. It's not as good as it use to be but I still love it unequivocally.

Haven't posted here in a while but you know, I've got stuff to do. Games to play, movies and TV to catch up on, comics to read, cartoons to watch... Well I guess that last bit is the point of this thread.

I dove right into the new season of sports shows because when it comes to that genre I'm what you might call a crazy person. Haikyuu looks promising so far if only because of a largely untouched activity in the world of anime. Baby Steps seems alright though the art and animation seems rather generic compared to all the other ongoing sports series. It's a rather slow start and I can't decide if I want to stick with it. Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro is cool in sort of a retro way. I do enjoy it when the main character is more self centered like this. Makes a more believable mentality for a champion to have. The real stand out is Ping Pong which really leans into a euphoric display of style. That's definitely my favorite of the bunch.

And it's around that time to cue an overenthusiastic announcer voice to yell JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE! This is seriously the perfect time for them to be revitalizing this series in such a fashion. The older OVA was pretty good but it lacked a lot of the original flair of the comic and had some rather generic music even for the time. The color, sound, and animation is nearly flawless to depict just how crazy things can get for these characters. Nothing tops it as far as must watch cartoons this season. Still not a fan of the 90's era badittude that Jotaro oozes but to me the series is just as much about the bizarre cast of villains and abilities that create these insane battles.

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Other than the Bell Tower I haven't messed with the arena stuff until after I got my platinum trophy over the weekend. As a hex user who doesn't use melee it's been sort of hit or miss it terms of match quality. The questionable latency has led me to play as if opponents are 3 feet closer than they actually are. At least a third of the time that I win is me getting lucky with Affinity one shotting my opponent. Other times I finish dudes off with Dark Orbs or Great Soul Sword after whittling them down with poison clouds or Dark Hails. I've yet to truly die from stun lock but laggy backstabs are rather prevalent.

Since my build is rather vulnerable at close range I've attuned AoE hexes for dudes that get close. Even with my cast speed buffed as hell those casts are too slow to catch most melee dudes off guard. I will say it was rather trivial to max out my dragon covenant ranks on the Iron Keep bridge since I could cheese most of those fights knowing exactly where they're going to spawn. I don't know about you guys but I watch One Piece and some of the recent episodes makes me think that one day Dark Souls could have some amazing arena multiplayer.

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I've been kind of breezing through NG++ much faster than my previous play throughs mostly thanks to the experience of replaying. Keep in mind my build is a full magic user. Even the areas that I had previously burned Ascetics can't really stand up to the damage I've been putting out between just the sheer number of Dark Orbs and Great Lightining Spears. And bosses are kind of a joke in most cases when I have slots to spare for Sunlight Spear and Great Resonant Soul. The thundercats in Shaded Ruins are easy enough to outmaneuver with a Raw Shortsword. Other than that I'm maybe an hour away from getting the platinum trophy.

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I actually got the Benhart and Lucatiel trophies just before the patch dropped so it's kind of hilarious to me that people actually had trouble keeping them alive. Then again I'm rocking an all magic build which is as overpowered as everyone says. It's tough for bosses to kill off my NPC phantoms when I'm emptying their health bars in 6 or 7 casts. Only trophies I have left post patch are the miracle and pyromancy ones before getting platinum so in my case these patches are too little too late. Just need to run through a NG++ and I'll be done.

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@hh: Really good ones. Now we're getting back into some classic RPG territory.

@seppli: Hell yeah. I like reading other titles for these prestige tank builds. It makes sense that players want to emulate these legendary warriors within the fiction and sort of re tell their tale of their journey to the top. They put their equipment in the game so why not use it right? Havel has always struck me as a Fearless Centurion.

@benspyda: Nice. I have almost the exact same spell and equipment loadout only I can't in good conscience wear that full Lion Mage set as it looks hideous. I have the bracers upgraded but other than that I've been sporting the full Chaos Mage set +5 of course. Much classier and better resistance doesn't hurt.

@myrmicus: This sounds totally awesome. Shooting seemingly invisible projectiles from your fists like some sort of wave motion fist sounds like a pretty satisfying power trip. Fistsssssss.

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My favorite would probably be Bell Keepers. It was a nice way to kill some time and gain some extra souls and chunks. It's also great that upon successful invasions you get all your spell uses, equipment durability, and estus reset even if you're in the middle of a dungeon when being summoned. My only complaint is that the devotion rewards are kind of bunk for a full magic user. So stay the hell out of the bell tower or else.

Second place would go to Heirs of the Sun. Encouraging co op play is simply a pleasant experience to be apart of. Sunlight Spear is pretty rad as well. Pilgrims of the Dark is okay if a bit easy. It's kind of weird that you need to do a scavenger hunt for Darkdiver before joining. The Darklurker was fairly challenging as far as optional bosses go. Rest of the covenants were sort of whatever.

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@mlarrabee: For some reason I imagine not many of the stats making it passed 30 or 40. lol That's probably the case for most people's first builds. Speaking as someone who only uses staffs and chimes, magic is crazy good.

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Hmmm well other than nerfing the Royal Rat Authority none of these seem to really affect my play style in a particularly positive way. Wondering if they're ever going to fix the weird tracking bug for lightning spears that makes the spell take like a 90 degree turn if a target is at a certain distance and angle and almost never misses. Not complaining or anything but I'm sure some of the people who have invaded me would disagree. Interested to see if Mastodon warriors are still prone to wigging out when their health gets low enough.