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Dumping all of my points into Intelligence and Charisma and going for an all speech play through. Focusing on all the diplomacy, knowledge, and rope use skill buffs and hell maybe throw in a fly spell for good measure. The monsters seem like reasonable folk, I'm sure we can work out something to avoid unnecessary violence. That and I'll ride a horse. Oh wait... none of that is in this game at all is it? Probably just...magic I guess.

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Rau, rau, fight the powah.

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Never even looked at that site after Alex and Rorie left. Not surprised in the least that it's shutting down. It's been a long road but I didn't have faith of the heart.

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The most offensive word to me is "snitch." I've never met a person who is okay with being called a snitch. I know dudes who would laugh it off if I call them dumb motherfuckers or bitches but if I throw the word snitch they immediately perk up in confusion and anger. No one likes to be called a snitch, unless they're you know, a snitch. But you didn't hear that from me...

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@mezmero: They kind of are actually, though I guess there is permanence from game to game. If Koei made a DW DoTA clone I might have to play it, enjoyed my time with Guardians of Middle Earth despite an utter loathing for what DoTA did to UMS/mapmaking.

I only came to that opinion because of all the Pirate Warriors 2 I've been playing recently. A lot of similar aspects in terms of design. You have equivalents for creeps, ultimate attacks(musou moves), turrets(other generals and hero units I guess?). If they could somehow break through the limitations of their crappy control scheme and better differentiate the playable characters the DW format could be an amazing way to play MOBAs. Unfortunately they've yet to make any real strides in their tedious core design. To be fair PW2 improved quite a few things from the first but still not enough.

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The trailer was merely decent but I'm pretty stoked to see this. Not even a huge Guardians fan but I can see it being quite entertaining. Plus I love stuff in space. I was half expecting them to use that Rammstein song they used for all the generically actiony trailers of the late 00's.

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Aren't Dynasty Warriors games basically MOBAs? Well maybe more of a BA. I'm just saying...

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Still thoroughly enjoying the season of A-sports, Yowamushi Pedal, Kuroko no Basket, and Hajime no Ippo respectively. Give me over the top versions of sports any day of the week. The latest One PIece was worth it for the music alone. The musical scores have been one of the reasons I've stayed faithful to that series as an anime for over a decade. I'm glad that the series is finally solidifying itself in the pantheon of shonen epics by having a fighting tournament, no matter how cliche' that may be. Speaking of One Piece in the latest TMNT it's revealed that April can totally use Conquerer's Haki against the Krang.

Space Dandy has been kind of a slow burn thing for me. I'm watching it but I don't feel like I absolutely have to see it the moment the episodes are available. I get around to it eventually and find it entertaining just about every time. Perhaps the lack of an overall plot will be detrimental in the long run but I still think it's a great show. Finally I started catching up on Rick and Morty and it's pretty great. It sort of sucks that they tease future episodes in the intro but I'm stoked to see more of it.

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Yeah I go there fairly regularly. I may not like comics as much as video games but I'm always down for a good story with some great art. I truly disliked comics in the 90s simply because of where they were creatively but they have been markedly improved since then. It wasn't until getting into The Walking Dead and Preacher trade paperbacks in the late 2000's that I jumped back into comics and Comicvine has been an invaluable resource in my current reading habits. Obviously you can't read everything (or play everything for that matter) so it's nice to have a review site with a good podcast to keep me abreast of recent shake ups for the iconic characters in the mainstream universes. The community is certainly a bit insufferable sure but it's become easy to just ignore them.

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If anyone knows how to click bait their audience it's Patrick. Just kidding Scoops. Pretty well written article for such a worn out topic on the site as of late. Even after finishing the game I personally think Dark Souls is just decent but I think DS2 could be awesome. As someone who has worshipped the Sun for years I'm finding that meme increasingly obnoxious. The internet making light of someone else's faith? Get right out of town and take a bus. Thanks again for the write-up.