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I'm trying to think of the best use case of a six sided ring. I mean ideally it's good if you want six dudes doing simultaneous aerial moves from the top turnbuckle but I can't even think of a stable that consists of more than four dudes in this day and age who would team up for a six sided pincer attack. Other than that having a narrower rope surface area for Irish whips and such seems like it would be awkward for the performers. Personally I kind of like how strange it looks for a pro wrestling venue.

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Oh good, another season of nothing to watch except maybe Space Dandy. The first season wasn't exactly a flawless marble statue but it's still more in my wheelhouse than about 98% of modern anime shows.

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Whether it turns out to be a good or bad idea I will NEVAH, forget the name of fffffffffff... Stardust.

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Only someone as firmly against humanity as Max Temkin would want to do a podcast like this. That guy must love TV shows that treat their audiences like idiots.

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@sinusoidal: I'm with you and the maker of that video completely. Seasons 1 and 2 were setting up something pretty great and then they totally shit the bed. It's just a series of plot points where people tell the main characters "We know you want answers but we need you to do something first..." "Okay we did it now what?" "Kill them!" Fuck that show for playing with peoples' expectations in the most blatant ways imaginable. I kind of liked that episode that flashes back to Richard's past in the final season but again nothing is resolved by that.

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(Haven't read the books) That was a pretty great way to end the season. I still really like this show even when it isn't as good as the early seasons. The first battle scene alone is just killer as it makes good on some stuff teased at the end of the previous season. Can't wait to see more of Stannis being in charge of the wall while being a total dick to everyone. My only gripe is that Sir Davos didn't get much to do in the episode. Hopefully he'll get more time to shine next season. It's a good plot thread in my opinion considering that the Lord of Light is a natural enemy to White Walkers.

Speaking of which I'm finding this mystical crap going on in the story completely uninteresting. At some point I'm just like "Okay I get it! Enough with the pyromancy Game of Thrones!" It seems like the three eyed raven is a dedicated server for the raven mail service and information network? I honestly don't care because it's dumb. Just give me my MogNet already. The skeleton CG is not flawless but man we have come a long way from Jason and the Argonauts. Something about seeing Hodor kick some ass makes me happy.

The fight between Brianne and The Hound was cool and brutal. The flash cuts get a bit obvious in spots but I mostly enjoyed the overall cinematography. I sort of like the road Arya is traveling a bit more than Sansa. Granted Sansa's most likely going to be involved with bigger plot threads than her sister.

The story with the Lanisters has just about wrapped up being at all compelling. I'm disappointed that there wasn't that much emphasis on the fact that Oberyn used a poison tipped spear. That was spoiled to me in another thread though it was obvious from episode 3 that something like that might occur. I was kind of hoping for something more interesting to happen with them but now they're just in shambles with zero claim to the throne at all. Given the events that happen it seems like King's Landing has more or less fallen. If Verys is bailing you know shit's about to go south real quick.

Finally way to go Daenarys for being Abradolf Lincler. For all she knows the black one is the only one who's chaotic evil. I guess you just can't trust chromatic dragons.

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One thing I hope with Crystal, crazier fight scenes! The limitations of 90s tech made it hard to do anything that complex on a TV budget and schedule. With modern tech I would like to see their imagination run with the crazy power resulting in loopy fights.

Seconding this. The action of the old show doesn't hold up so well today in my opinion. It's essentially the same magic animations over and over again to end fights and each sailor scout had only like one special attack per season if I remember correctly. At least Rei had those protection from evil talismans that paralyzed dudes before burning them. Everyone else had kinda nothing else going on. If the action in the reboot ends up being decent then I'm willing to get into it.

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I thought the episode was freaking awesome. It wasn't perfect but I feel like it redeemed a lot of this season for me. Great sense of dread throughout as well as some pretty cool visual effects and cinematography. I especially enjoyed the shot for the biggest fire the north has ever seen. Feels like it was foreshadowing not only the coming of the Wildling horde but the White Walkers presumably right behind them. Speaking of fire I'm curious as to why the throne doesn't give the Watch access to wild fire and instead just use regular oil drums. I guess it's to be expected given the amount of resources the crown skimps on the Northern border defense. I'm saddened though not devastated by the named character deaths but I think they went out with just the right amount of dignity (except maybe Ygritte). I'm hoping Slint gets found guilty for desertion to be honest. I haven't read the books so that's not a spoiler. I'm allowed to speculate if I want so shut the fuck up. I'm a bit perturbed that so many plot threads in the last episode were left hanging but overall I really enjoyed this episode. One more to go, looking forward to it.

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@milkman: This is the worst thing I've clicked on all week. And suddenly I want to start watching TNA. False alarm, it was just me having a brain aneurism.

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I'm not happy about Oberyn's fate because I really liked the character. At the same time this sets up the worst possible standing for Tywin in the grand scheme of The Game and that's kind of great. He's not only responsible for solidifying animosity between the throne and the Martels but now he's condemning the smartest and most resourceful heir to the Lanister's line to death. They needed all the rep they could get after the mess made by Cersi and Joffrey. It's a lose: lose no matter how you spin it.

Pretty much the only character interactions worth a damn was the dialogue between the Lanister brothers and The Hound and Arya's small talk. And of course I can't get enough of hearing Edd speak. Everything else was so damn boring. The Danaerys stuff was lame but at least we got to see Isande or whatever somewhat nude. Losing a reliable adviser hurts her position a bit but she's got so much power I don't see it mattering much. At least we're seeing a bit more of that latent Targarian psychosis come to the surface. Bolton's in a fairly dominant position though he lacks the testicular fortitude to repel both the Wildling horde and White Walkers. Little Finger is truly the top tier at the moment. Only time will tell if allying with the remnants of House Stark will be an advantage or a hindrance. And of course the Iron Islands are weak as shit. I don't see that changing anytime soon. They've got two episodes to pull out of this nosedive or this is going to be an overall bummer of a season.