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@fredchuckdave: These are all verbs ya big silly!

@obcdexter: These sound like nicknames for Space Mutiny characters.

@myrmicus: I dig these prestige class names with a built in narrative. I would not want to show my back to this ninja born of flame and shadow. I can sympathize with her story since my guy has embraced the dark.

@adequatelyprepared: That's one greedy dude. Scavenging and hoarding like some sort of homeless person. I don't know, if he's just beating dudes up to get all their stuff he sounds like a straight up Highwayman. lol

@sdharrison: A zealot with 1 Int, that's just too perfect

@masterrain: A mage who just loves to hit things, I'm down with this.

@benspyda: If only there was a classy toga that builds like this could wear.

Edit: Sorry if you guys get double notifications. The site seems to have trashed user links when I edit typos from my phone.

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@gatehouse: Good one. I can tell by his choice of equipment that he was descended from nobility. No doubt his aptitude in various skills comes from having a wealthy background before being cursed.

@jacksukeru: I thought about becoming a spellsword but I never ventured passed anything greater than a shortsword and it took me to the end of the game. Wizards with sweet looking blades look like they're having fun.

@pyrodactyl: I really like how you tied in your experience with covenants. My dude was a bell guard and left the belfries to go on a pilgrimage to conquer the Abyss. He came back changed...into something darker. After desperately embracing the light to conquer darker evils he sought redemption with the Heirs of the Sun.

@the_ruiner: Aren't we all technically cursed? I guess your character's special curse is the burden of neverending arrows.

@mosespippy: Your character sounds like someone who would capture and kill wild beasts. Almost like some kind of Beast Exterminator.

@sterling: Nice, I didn't consider that there would be a potential build for a Blackguard type character. You can't go wrong with magic in DS2.

@fatalbanana: His equip load doesn't seem big enough to not fat roll in medium armor.

@patman99: Lol. Hacksaw Jim Duggan would approve.

@jammyman: Be wary of Leeroy Jenkins, in short visions of death.

@vrikk: Aw yeah that sounds badass! I've got two words for ya: For Glinishmore!

Very happy to see people roll with this bit of nonsense. And of course some funny ones too as expected of the Bomb.

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I've just about wrapped up my first play through but I've been thinking more on everybody's role playing experience as far as character building goes. Let's try something a litte different, Name your character class with 1 to 3 words. Use appropriate adjectives, attributes, and proper nouns of traditional RPG class and prestige class archtypes to properly convey your end-game build or just your build in general.

For example if I'm trying to convey my main build of crazy high ATT, INT, and FTH who can cast huge variety of spells for a given situation. However even with that broad knowledge of magic at my disposal I used hexes for most of the game as it tends to dominate most enemies and bosses. I don't even use melee any more and just wear caster-based cloth armor.

So I'm sort of like a Shadow Sage or something. I thought about going with Dark Sage but that sounds a little racist.

  • Dominates with fast casting Hexes
  • Has full spell knowledge and abilities

Another example? How bout Vinny's build in the last Dark Souls 2 video as a dude in big armor with a huge shield but who also uses poison to stink up the place. Maybe like some sort of Flatulent Centurion?

  • Big armor, big shield, focus on frontal attacks
  • Emits poisonous gas, gross...

It's just basic word association. Not a lot of confidence in people rolling with this concept but what I hell I was bored. I'm sure people have multiple answers if they split focus on PVP and PVE.

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Probably The Shaded Ruins just by virtue of me being a magic user having to fight more than one thundercat at a time. They don't use thunder or anything, they're just big humanoid warriors with lion heads and not the friendly Peter Molyneux kind. I could beat them pretty easily with a shortsword and shield or a bunch of spell uses, but I kept getting either backed into a corner or into yet another thundercat. They don't really leash all that much either and will even track you back to the bonfire. Not to mention all those stupid curse jars everywhere! Second hardest would probably be No-Man's Wharf but only until I actually found out how to use torches. Also didn't find the shortcut until a bunch of times through. Other than that everything was pretty manageable with the versatility of spells at my disposal.

And of all the bosses to give me problems the freaking Royal Rat Authority was kicking my ass up down and sideways. His ramming headbutt takes up the entire screen pretty much and I could only dodge it one out of ten times if I'm lucky. And if I couldn't kill all the mobs before the actual fight starts then I'm fucked from poison from the start. I had to get a little creative and just take a guard break on the headbutt and dodge all of his other moves while casting the exploding corpse hex on the corpses in the room which does massive damage. The Darklurker was pretty tough too but I eventually got it with enough patience. He sure did burn through my effigies though. I'm working on the optional bosses right now so that might change.

The Shrine of Amana was rough at first but I got through the casters by casting Strong Magic Shield on my shield to close the distance and kill them with hexes. Those homing Soul Arrows barely make a dent in that and a Lingering Dragon Ring make it last long enough to waste those fools. Dudes hiding in the water weren't a problem against magic. It didn't hurt to have the npc companion either.

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Lol yeah I felt it. It happened just at the time I need to get up for work so it kinda worked out for me.

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I beat the game with 7 STR and 12 DEX. If you want to experience all the spells then it's possible to get through the game with stats that low. It's worth pumping them up for a shortsword and a large leather shield early since your attunement won't be super high for a while. I don't even use a weapon anymore since my casts and spell power get me through pretty much any area. That's just how I did it because I wanted to have access to all spells. For all I know you want more of a Spellsword build with more strength and endurance for better equipment and not even touch miracles and hexes. They can be pretty awesome though.

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Finished the game not too long ago. I went with a Sage build where I've got crazy high Attunement, Intelligence, and Faith with everything else pretty low. It means I can pretty much mix and match any spells to tackle just about any situation but Dark spells got me through most of the game. I have so many casts and do so much damage that I didn't even use a melee weapon anymore. I stuck with caster robes and Archdrake Staff and Chime both +10 and that all took me to the end. Just working on hitting up the optional bosses if I can otherwise I'm ready for a shot at NG+. I would like to fish for better caster gear and upgrades.

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Shouldn't this get posted on Comic Vine? To me it looks like a visual interpretation of the effect the Occulus Rift would have on a game like Proteus represented by the frog. The final panel makes it clear that even if it feels cool to play games with something on your face, you still have something on your face. Wait, it's manga style so maybe I'm reading it backwards...

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They don't give me that much trouble as a caster. 3 to 4 casts of Dark Orb or Resonant Soul and they're dead before they can even reach me. With Dark Fog I can poison them and just hang back until they die. And if I'm feeling adventurous I can cast Strong Magic Shield on my large leather shield and tank all their hits before counter attacking.

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You know if you get at least some pyromancy or sorcery you can pretend you're throwing Hadokens. Dark Souls 2 Street Fighter is basically what I'm saying.