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Really enjoyed episode 6 a lot though I'm reminded of just how uninteresting the whole Theon story line has been. The only part that I was looking forward to with that was the actual raid on the Dreadfort and even that was lackluster. Now I just don't care what happens with the Ironborn because they've been made to look weak as hell through the entire series. I'm liking the Oberyn character more and more the further we get into this season. Unfortunately I think I was spoiled on certain details about his inevitable meeting with The Mountain. As always Sir Davos is a freaking boss and still one of my favorite characters currently. The Danaerys stuff was pretty good in showing her dealing with some of the repercussions of trying to be Abradolf Lincler. I thought it was pretty awesome for them to produce a good ol' fashion dragon razing the countryside scene. Seems like dragon insurance rates are going to go up during her rule.

Tyrion's trial turned out a lot better than I thought it would be particularly at the end. It's been fun to watch him put up with so much crap when he's probably the only truly honorable Lanister in existence. In King's Landing that's just the way things go. If you're a dwarf, you might as well not show up on the street, unless you wanna draw the heat. It's really too bad how things have developed between him and Shae. There was a time when I thought she was secretly a valar magulis super assassin explaining her lack of fear in the presence of nobility. Turns out she's probably just a crazy whore who wants revenge for being treated like crap by her sugar daddy. I'd like to dedicate this song to Tyrion and Shae. Take care you crazy kids.

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The doors in the Iron Keep and Sinner's rise do have an implication, actually. Do the names Alkan and Venn ring any bells? I'm second guessing my choice of pun there... Anyway the two belfries contain a ton of lore which states that those two kingdoms were created by the same guy. The bells are named for Alkan and Venn, suggesting that the Bastille and the Iron Keep are these two kingdoms and therefore built by the same ruler. Hence the doors.

@rocketboot That makes sense, about the same person (I think it was the Old Iron King) building both areas. There is some much more up-front dialogue from... someone (possibly Shalquoir or Straid) that says "a" King feared all undead, and even rounded up those who weren't undead and locked them away (sent them to the Bastille). I'm lead to believe, through other dialogue or descriptions (can't remember), that the crazy belligerent king was the Old Iron King. Vendrick, on the other hand, appeared to be a legitimately good king and respected for a good deal of time.

Although, my confusion with this is that Vendrick also seemingly tried to eradicate the Undead. We know Vendrick didn't build the Bastille, though, because Straid had been a stone there for a long time and doesn't recognize the name "Drangleic," the name of Vendrick's kingdom.

I've actually been thinking about the Belfries recently and what exactly their deal is. The dwarves in the towers and Gilligan talk about a prince and a princess and of some kind of forbidden love. Considering the Belfries are named after the sun and moon it seems like a clear reference to Gwyn's kids. Thinking back to the first game you have Gwyndolin (darkmoon = Luna) and Gwynavere (the false sun of Anor Londo = Sol). It's probably not the two actual characters being spoken about but perhaps their souls were reincarnated at some point in Drangleic's history along with the four great souls. We know that the Old Iron King inherited the great soul of Gwyn so the signs would point to him being the king and father of these two unseen entities. The Iron Keep has been Drangleics main resource of iron and steel meaning that the metal bars and doors of the Bastille were possibly provided by the Old Iron King's smiths. Why he would go to such lengths to keep his son and daughter apart is perhaps another story.

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The answer is simple. Abandon the gods of organized religion and worship the stuff that matters. The Sun, The Earth, and the space between all things. A truly divine trinity that any human can comprehend.

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The beard on The Lost Sinner is definitely the strangest design choice for the character. The best explanation I can come up with ties into something Shalquoir says. She muses that the Old Ones must have grown a thick coat of moss on themselves by now. It was probably meant as a joke on her part but considering how long the Lost Sinner must have been there it's plausible that the so called beard is actually just moss or something growing on her clothing or mask. I haven't seen a good picture of her head so it's hard to say for sure.

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Still enjoying this season of sports animes though I have since dropped Baby Steps. Couldn't really get behind the art and it just wasn't all that exciting or funny or heartfelt to me. Ping Pong and Haikyuu are good enough for me at the moment though they certainly aren't without caveats. And JoJo remains fantastic. Anyone else notice that even the subbers for JoJo seem to be feeling some of the proverbial legal heat in the latest episode?

The name for the ship captain was subbed as "Captain Dragon" and I thought to myself "Wait a minute, that doesn't sound right." Sure enough when the commercial bumper hits you can see that the Kata says it as plain as day, Captain Tennille. A very low key reference but a good one nonetheless.

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Probably Daylight the Stallone movie. Watched it in a theater and that whole tunnel collapsing bit was nearly unbearable.

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Best: Typical answers, all western developed stuff. Most of these felt like they skewed the genre in a lot of good ways. Mass Effects, Elder Scrolls, The Witcher 2, Dragon Age Origins. Would X-Com count as an RPG? Probably not.

Mediocre: Valkyria Chronicles, Fallouts, Lost Odyssey, Dark Souls, Shadowrun Returns, Dragon's Dogma, Super Paper Mario. All games I wanted to like and/or finish. I either just couldn't get into them or I wanted to make time for other games. They're all categorically good I'm sure they just weren't for me at the time. Knowing my tastes it really makes me really sad to include the Fallout games here and not in my bests.

Worst: I feel like I avoided all of the really bad ones. The worst of what I didn't finish would be FF XIII. It wasn't aggressively terrible, I just never enjoyed playing it, or watching it, or listening to it.

I don't know duders. I feel like RPG as a category has broadened so much that it's hard to say what it really means anymore. Maybe it's a good thing that they've changed enough that I only want to play a certain amount of them. I use to be into these kinds of games but my interest seriously waned in the passing generation. My list of RPGs I didn't play or finish is a lot longer than this list here. The one's I would still like to at least try at some point before getting new boxes are Ni No Kuni and Nier. Maybe...

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@rocketboot: I mean they may have some stuff in common with the humans in Dark Souls specifically. It's not clear if humans were the only race affected by the actual Dark Soul and if hollowing would necessarily have the same effect on a different race. You might be on to something about their souls looking like humanity though the connection may be a bit broader than it appears. I think the ascended humans and demons gain their size specifically by consuming large amounts of giants' souls or great souls in general and gaining such strength during years of soul leveling. During the invasion on Drangleic there would have been so many legendary warriors just gorging on this bounty of such powerful souls. Don't giants grant more souls on a kill than almost all the other enemies in DS2 excluding bosses? This feast of a genocide would have given rise to several humans ascending leading to a renaissance of large sized undead warriors such as the Dragonslayer Knight, Throne Watcher/ Defender, Velstadt, and Vendrick himself.

The single orifice in their heads seems to have a single function, to consume souls. No eyes or ears to deceive, no nose to smell, just a soul eater. It seems to also be able to communicate with a soul directly. Figuring that out likely led to Vendrick's breakthroughs with golems. And yeah there's not a lot of evidence to suggest a connection between the Lost Sinner and the giants, I was just putting that out there as raw speculation. I think some people have suggested that Vendrick stole the first flame from the giants and that could explain their aptitude with pyromancy and their ferocity in taking it back.

I'm still trying to figure out how exactly the King made a come back in the war since we see his main defensive force get annihilated in the giants' memories. Considering Vendrick had the 4 great ones' souls he likely spread the wealth between his most trusted allies just to quell the giant invasion. One to a witch who maybe planned to create a flame similar to what Vendrick stole to trade with the giants and appease their wrath. One to a king of iron who forged his armies' weaponry. One to the Duke to create perfect giant killing abominations. And one to the forgotten dead who bear a grudge against the giants who brought them death. Unfortunately such power corrupts absolutely leading to the ruin of Drangleic under Nashandra's rule.

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@alkusanagi: @yummylee: Thanks for confirming. I wasn't sure.

@fredchuckdave: Meh she still has the resources, loyal subjects, and natural claim to the throne to put her in the top tier at the moment. All she needs to do is stabilize the Wastes and Westeroes will be slim pickings what with all the insane in-fighting happening within alliances just before Winter. Dragons already give her a big edge against White Walkers.

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All the parts that Burn Gorman did for this show were great considering he's only in like 3 episodes total. He's also great in Torchwood and Pacific Rim. I always love knife fighters who are portrayed with skills superior to swordsmen. Unfortunately even in the best of stories those types of combatants get jobbed out to main characters like Jon. So was that Night's Watch recruit actually that bearded dude who took Jamie's hand? He probably had to join just to lay low after maiming a Lanister I assume. The actor looked similar but it's honestly been bothering me since the previous episode. I think this season has been good so far. Not as grand as the earlier seasons but still just as captivating. I'm in it for the dialogue, acting, and characters. The action is decent though I think the overall plot is getting lamer the further we get. The top players in The Game at this point are looking like the Tyrells, Daenerys, and Little Finger. Can't wait to see more.