Weekend Gaming! 10.30.10

Even with the girlfriend home this weekend I've got plenty of time to game while she's studying:

  • Fable III (360):  This game has some serious technical issues, much more than the second game.  Poor design choice and overall lack of ... attention lead to an overall underwhelming experience.  I'm extremely disappointed with what Fable III is so far, when compared to Fable II which is better in nearly every aspect.  With that said,  the charming world, interesting characters and laugh-out-loud dialogue have allowed me to push through 18 hours in 4 days.  Maybe it's just the hope of it getting better that keeps pushing me through it, but I'm at the "endgame" it doesn't seem likely.
  • Super Meat Boy (XBLA):  This may be my favorite platformer of all time.  I haven't played it much over the past week, but I'd like to finish it this weekend.  Also, I'll suggest picking up the soundtrack over at their website for $3.99 and up.  dB soundworks did a great job on it!
  • Red Dead Redemption (360):  I'm going to jump back into this to check out the Undead Nightmare DLC.  Don't forget, if you spend 2400 points on XBLA games and DLC this month (October), you get 800 free.
  • MGS: Peace Walker (PSP):  I'm still messing around with Extra Ops missions and I'm nearly 28 hours in.
  • Trauma Team (Wii):  Jimmah7 and I have been playing through this co-op and the mission that are actually co-op are really fun.  We might crack open Trauma Center: New Blood as well, but I'd like to finish Trauma Team first.
If you'll excuse me, I've gotta go pour one out for Gran Turismo 5, which won't be coming out this week ... still keeping my fingers crossed for a 2010 release though.