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A new Faith No More album would be awesome. That and something new from Tomahawk.

I'm really eager for the new Queens of the Stone Age record that's been in the making... not to mention Meshuggah's going to be out with a new album in March. Been waiting for the How to Destroy Angels LP and am too damned eager for another Them Crooked Vultures release... Apparently Tool's been "writing" and they just announced a U.S. tour not too long ago. I wonder if Portishead's doing anything...

Hearing about At the Drive In is totally crazy though; I can't even imagine how rad a new album by that group would be with all that the Mars Volta and Sparta have done since.

Finally: I wish Isis never broke up. If they could just re-assemble and continue their evolution, I would be overjoyed. Probably my favorite band, and they have potential for so much more as a group.