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Sad to see you go Patrick. I really enjoyed your work on the site. I look forward to following you in your new endeavors. Good luck!

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I have four.

PS3, PS4, XBox360, and Wii U.

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After debating for several days, I ordered a Wii U last night. It is good to see that most of the recommended games are ones I plan on playing. I got the Best Buy bundle with Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros., Donkey Kong Country Tropical Feeze, and Nintendo Land. I also ordered Mario Kart 8 when it was on sale at Amazon. Just need a pro controller and Bayonetta 2 I will be all be set.

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I am enjoying listening to it. I came to it a bit late and went through the first five episodes before settling in to the weekly ones. I go back and forth on whether Adnan is guilty or not. The only other suspect presented thus far is Jay but I have no idea what his motive would have been. I did wonder at one point if Hae's death was the result of Adnan or Jay's alleged drug dealings but that seems too Hollywood. I will continue to follow weekly though I don't count on there being an actual resolution.

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I am interested but like you have been unable to find much information about it.

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Awesome. Thanks for the info. It was a huge help.

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I had the same problem last night. I am going to download the app and hope that fixes the problem.

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Very well said Jeff. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Things have long since gotten out of hand.

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@shinboy630 said:

I just powered through The Martian in two days and cannot recommend it enough. It is probably my favorite thing I have read in the last few years. Next, I am probably going to either get back to A Dance with Dragons, or start something like The Name of the Wind, or the Witcher books.

@ewansuttie: The Tested recommendation is the reason I actually picked up The Martian. They are doing a book club spoilercast thing soon, so I figured I would read it so I can listen to that.

I agree @shinboy630. I also flew through The Martian in two days finishing last night. I loved every minute of it. I would say it is the best thing I have read so far this year. I finished Joe Hill's Horns before that. Currently trying to decide what to tackle next from my backlog of books that rivals my backlog of games.

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Great list as always. Thanks for doing this. I am currently reading Horns and looking forward to seeing the movie.