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I put this together last week after constructing a Companion Cube. The results were quite interesting with the use of a hidden camera. Hope you enjoy.


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I know it takes place later but it's fun to think about. We do know this. The Combine were planning on depleting Earths resources, drain the Earth's oceans, and that obviously hasn't happened since there are clouds and what looks like a balanced ecosystem.
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I now understand why Valve wants to do films of their games themselves rather than farming it out to a production company. So many game franchises have been ruined for me after they came out with a terrible film. Whether it be a Half-Life or Portal film I'd love to see one but the thing is Portal 2 plays out pretty much like a film. I don't know what they could really do differently to make it any better.

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 The trailer to the parody/spoof  "Portal to Black Mesa" has been released today. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. Thanks for all the fan support. If you enjoy this then I encourage you to share it. I look forward to your comments. 
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