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I'll admit that I haven't played much of the DLC, but I can't imagine they will top this.

I'm reminded of a level in a past Trails game where the track was drawn a few feet in front of the bike. Crazy stuff.

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I feel that if Drew were to swear, it would mark the start of the apocalypse.

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A modern video game is having modern video game problems.

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To me.

To You.

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Judging from previous experience, all of them.

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Can anyone tell me if this has to audio blackouts like the live stream did? I'm hoping not.

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Blizzard have released three classic games on Battle.net, Blackthorne, Lost Vikings and Rock 'n Roll Racing.


Lost Vikings and Rock 'n Roll Racing is Windows only but Blackthorne is both Mac and Windows.

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I have a lot of the same social problems as others on this thread.

If I have trouble sleeping, I have internal conversations with people I know but never met, celebs, Giant Bomb staff, etc.

For about 3 years now I haven't cared what the GB staff think about games. Ever since Jeff game Batman AC 5 stars but seemed to talk negatively about it.

My porn preference has gone a little Randy Marsh. Normal stuff isn't doing it.

When I use the toilet, I can't sit on the seat. I have to sit on the bowl.

Now you know my shame.

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Dead Space 3. Yes, it's not as good as the previous entries, but I still enjoyed it.

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Thats Crazy!