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I hate it when games require my email address to play. Sports game are terrible for this.

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Is this gonna end with them saying a Street Fighter is best, or the right answer of Rise of the Robots.

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I imagine this is pretty short sighted but I think any organisation that tries to shame celebs deserves this type of treatment.

So what, two people filmed themselves having sex. If I wasn't a horny teenager, I would have thought the same about the Pamela Anderson tape.

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Is it good?

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Being in the UK, I rarely got to participate because the game they played was usually released the next day. But there were 2 occasions I got close.

Mortal Kombat was released on a Thursday because the Friday was Good Friday so shops were closed. But I had the PS3 version and that was the time PSN got royally fucked and was down for a month.

The second time was Duke Nukem 3D. I got so far as an invite from Brad but when I tried to connect it failed. Either too full or I was too far away.

After them rejections I relegated myself to viewer and mostly enjoyed them that way. I'd love for it to return it some other feature where the community got to play with the guys. I'm sure someone would defeat that damned Fish.

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I'm not sure if this was posted elsewhere but if anyone wants to try Amiga emulation legally, then Amiga Forever is the place to go.

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Valhalla and the Lord of Infinity and Valhalla: Before the War were fully voiced top down puzzle adventures. I remember them being very good and atmospheric.

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@jeff If you were to play these on some sort of Live Stream, you should show us Amiga fans quality with some real hot bangers, like The Speris Legacy, Quake (yes, the best FPS) and Rise of the Robots.

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Shadow of the Beast 2 was a very hard game, but the intro was outstanding for the time.

Also check out Benefactor, Alien Breed (probably 2 or Tower Assault), Super Cars and of course, the intro song of Chuck Rock.

Edit: as a fan of digital pinball, look for Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Illusions (all pre-Battlefield Dice Games) and probably the best Amiga pinball game, Slamtilt.

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I'll admit that I haven't played much of the DLC, but I can't imagine they will top this.

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I'm reminded of a level in a past Trails game where the track was drawn a few feet in front of the bike. Crazy stuff.