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Summoning hasn't worked for me. I've tried it twice and no one has answered. However, in both of those instances, upon giving up on waiting for a response, I went in and immediately beat the boss I was trying to double team. It really does work!

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Give it to Platinum or shut it the fuck down

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@jasonr86 said:

I thought it was fantastic. And I promise it'll sell for $20-25. What an incredibly insane, hilarious thing to do.

It was a wonderful bit of accidental, tone-deaf trolling of the audience, and I thought it was great

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@handlas said:
@corevi said:

@handlas: He's 99kg so just barely heavyweight.

k so most likely will cut to 205 lbs... unless he can make it to 185.

... and he's 36 years old... omg. Why even bother at that point? He's an old man for this game and he's going to get hurt badly even by the worst the UFC has to offer.

Wasn't Batista? In his 40's when he tried? This just seems like Punk's surefire plan to main event a WM

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I watched the Kill List (I believe based on an earlier Shocktober list) and I disagree with a recommendation. I think that movie is nonsense, start to finish, and by the time they get to the ending, which I had previously seen used in a film from Serbia, I just wanted it to be over.

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Even though I'm one of the few that really enjoyed the last DA game, I just can't get excited for it when The Witcher 3 is so close behind it. Maybe if it is really well received I'll check it out, but right now it's not a priority

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Almost as soon as I was let loose into the world I started a fight with some Urak that had a named enemy in it. Then 2 more joined the fray. They were all at power level 10. At no point did I enjoy the luxury of thinking that game was easy

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@csl316: the grimoire only shows two spots for raids right now. Perhaps the expansions will add one each

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That's crazy. They had ads all over RAW last night

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@ghostnpc: it's being changed into a ccg/ moba