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Even though I'm one of the few that really enjoyed the last DA game, I just can't get excited for it when The Witcher 3 is so close behind it. Maybe if it is really well received I'll check it out, but right now it's not a priority

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Almost as soon as I was let loose into the world I started a fight with some Urak that had a named enemy in it. Then 2 more joined the fray. They were all at power level 10. At no point did I enjoy the luxury of thinking that game was easy

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@csl316: the grimoire only shows two spots for raids right now. Perhaps the expansions will add one each

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That's crazy. They had ads all over RAW last night

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@ghostnpc: it's being changed into a ccg/ moba

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Just to give people a little primer of what to expect from KENTA, here's some of my favorite matches of his. He's got a extremely stiff style and I'm not sure if the WWE will ask him to tone that down a bit. I feel like him and Sheamus would be pretty great compliments to each other. Pair him with Heyman or something and let him kick the shit out of people.

Even by wrestling standards, that thumbnail is extremely homoerotic

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Mostly normal, but lately I found myself kicking things down to easy just because I'm looking to relax as I play them. I'm always more interested in the contents of a game over any sort of challenge, unless the challenge is a key element of the content (Super Meat Boy, Trials, Dark Souls).

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Played about an hour or so of it so far and I think it's great. The art and music are very well done, but I'm not so big on the narrator. As a bonus, you'll learn a ton about WWI

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This is both very sad and very exciting.

I look forward to GBNY's reign of terrror

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@corruptedevil said:

The Poultergeist of the Devil, Kane

The Spectre of Satan, Kane

The Colter-geist? Libertarian X Tea Party? Think about it