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Jesus, it's like the only thing keeping him going was one last moment in the spotlight. This is fucking terrible.

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This was a god damned work of art, so let's revel in it

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Feels like a new Era for the WWE and Cena has no place in it at this point.

That's crazy talk. Shawn Michaels and Undertaker both had places in the Attitude era. Cena will be useful here too.

I'm starting to think of Punk leaving as the Bret Hart-esque catalyst that re-ignited WWE in the late 90's. So fuck that guy. We've been getting some awesome shit without having to listen to him whine (much like Bret Hart)

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Guys, i want to give credit where credit is due, the RKO on Batista near-fall in the main event may have been the closest near-fall of all time. 2.9999999999999 seconds. They really had me there.

@roomrunner you really should have stuck around. There was some great stuff. Check The Shield/Wyatt match from Elimination Chamber, ASAP

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So, re-watching Mania.. Man the Cena Bray match is a total disappointment. It has moments. It has real, actual moments that make you think 'maybe this can lead to something better for the company.' Then that finish.. Part of me would like to think that they could continue to feud, that Bray has proven that there is a monster in Cena and that that's all he needed to do to really ignite the feud and keep driving at Cena to make him doubt himself more and more and lose more and more control until he just loses it. Except that after the match the fucking commentators would not shut up about how Cena did it, he didn't give in, he proved his LEGACY LEGACY LEGACY was legit and nothing can take that away now. In a Mania so stacked to the brim with the new guard taking down the old guard, the fact that Cena didn't do something to help bring the company in that direction (short of for once not being in the main event regardless of title status) is a bummer.

I'm sure the reason they went with Cena winning had a lot to do with Undertaker losing. They couldn't put the heel over two of their biggest stars in back to back matches. I'm not saying I like the result of that match, but I can understand why the went that way.

I have zero problem with Lesnar ending the streak. What I do have a problem with is the build to it. The fact is we were all trained to believe that the streak was untouchable and no matter who they fed to Taker, he was still going to win. We had no reason to think any differently with this match. They did a shitty build, with Lesnar looking like a chump through most of it, and then they had a really shitty match that Undertaker just isn't meant to be working. Naturally, we were all waiting for Undertaker to just finish and disappear for another 11 months. Then it happened. Lesnar won and no one knew how to react. No one could believe it. It's not that the idea of Lesnar beating up the Undertaker is hard to swallow, but WWE failed to give us a reason to think that outcome was within the realm of possibility.

Nevertheless, I am very excited for RAW and to see where the new season of wrestling is headed

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@turboman said:

Congrats to everybody involved into making this GIF. Great camerawork/execution.

Yep. Probably the only time I will ever experience a jump scare in a wrestling match. Great moment

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GUYS! They just posted a picture of the ring, and there is a THIRD commentary table for the French commentators! Is it too late to add "Table that gets destroyed first" to the prediction game?

This changes everything! And obviously it is SAP, FAP and then EAP

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@laudasolem: There's a covenant that exists to protect that bell from being rung. Those guys are just doing their job

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Craftman's Hammer. I'm about halfway through the game and it has been working out really well for me. It's gives me a good damage output, but allows me to not have to focus all my stats into VIT so that I don't just fat roll all the time