Antichrist (on netflix Watch Instantly) *spoilers*

Finished watching Antichrist a second time. One of the single most beautiful movies I have seen in years. It wasn't as shocking as I was lead to believe, but I think people are trying to find something more horrific out of a few short scenes (maybe I am so far out because of movies like In My Skin). I suggest that if you want some real body-horror type movies give the aformentioned flick a try, and settle on Antichrist on being simply uncomfortable. 
Also, I was surprised by how logical the movie was. Both in structure and in the manner in which the 'story' was told, it held together really tightly and revealed itself to posses as fluid of a narrative as something like The Dark Knight, so I also fail to see it being difficult to understand even on a basic level. 
One more thing. The concept of misogyny seems perhaps to be only an initial concern, as anyone seeing it on a repeated viewing will discover that she perhaps has never even watched (initially, it is suggested that her eyes were closed the entire time) what she was revealed to have seen later on in the movie, thus the suggestion that the perception of events had switched perhaps to what 'he believed' was the real scenario.. this concept is supported, by the way in which he treats her condition throughout the movie, I would go into it more, but I think that it leads into that form of consciousness from him (suspiciousness), which says more about him then her. It also plays into the idea that this is a posturing that suggests that it is or becomes a story about a generalized view of how men view woman, which could be the exact opposite of misogyny. An indictment, if you will. 
More of my personal take on the whole of the narrative: I perceive that the true Antichrist in the movie was/is Nature. That is, the Natural world in which we have become disconnected to and no longer Naturally inhabit, thus being an alien in a foreign land. To take it one note higher, is to imply by virtue of story connections that Christ represents the "organized" world in which we are surrounded by, and the "anti" being the Natural world in which we attempt to separate ourselves from (both intellectually and metaphysically) which perhaps implies our real nature as humanity and the traits we share with animals. Fear of discovering that we have more in common with animals than with god.