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Telltale's best yet 0

 Probably Telltale Games' best effort yet, with an excellent hint system to help impatient adventure gamers like myself who just want to see the story press along. People even remotely familiar with the film series should be able to appreciate the fantastic voice acting and a great start to what looks like will be a great story. Can't wait for part 2. ...

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Inferior to the original 0

 I find it hard to classify A Puzzle of Flesh as a video game. 'Interactive movie' would possibly be a more suitable description, but the points where you actually interact aren't even slightly enjoyable. Instead, we have to suffer a series of poor FMVs, badly sewn together with dire sequences where you have to navigate emails and computer directories.The story is mildly entertaining, but grows tired very, very quickly. It tries so desperately to be "adult", with an awkwardly long sex scene, S+M...

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Starts strong but a frighteningly weak ending 0

 I always wanted to play Phantasmagoria but I couldn't afford a CD-ROM compatible PC when I was younger. Now as a mature, seasoned gamer with a taste for point-and-clicks, GOG have finally given me my chance. The game is brilliantly paced and has an excellent hint systems that manages to keep you on your way without spoiling. I suggest that you use it, as it's easy to get lost and read more not know what to do. The game has some very tight design, with only 8 items ever being needed ...

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