Gaming Update

Finished Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Did not get the secret movie. Watched it on YouTube. Glad I didn't waste any more time trying to see it.

Currently five hours into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I tried to check my charm table, but couldn't get an answer. Not that I'm really eager to start again, anyway. Since I'm on the 3DS I don't have to worry about looking terrible in online play, so I think I'll just try to find the strength to carry on, regardless of a bad/good table o'charms.

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The Year of The Pile: Update

Trying to clear the entire pile of games that have accumulated around here over the last three years. Not making much progress.

Update: on the last character run through in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Only now have I started using the D-Link. I'm the greatest, most attentive gamer ever.

Today I spent more time on Dark Souls. After spending souls to upgrade my Chain Armour, I'm starting to wonder if I want to carry that much weight around. I'm switching to Hollow armour when I fight the golems, just so I can roll faster and try and avoid the Slow spell they cast. I'm loving the game, but I really am not that good at it.

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Distance Is Good

Tried to set up the PS2 so I could run Xenosaga, since I've never played it, but was foiled by my inability to figure out the connections. So back to ME2. I think it was good that I took some time off between this and Mass Effect 1. The change in playstyle isn't as telling now, and I'm over missing the stronger RPG elements of the first game. I do so love FemShep.

May get back to Fallout 3 tonight. Trying to keep my momentum up in that game and not mothball it again for six months.


Weekend Gaming

I was being nerd guilted into playing Minecraft, but instead, played this instead.
PAC MAN CHAMPIONSHIP DX--I've made it into the top ten percentile ON THE PLANET.  I keep calling my mom to let her know, and she keeps saying that she wishes I had kids and a real job like my brother.
MASS EFFECT--I picked up ME2 over Christmas, but my OCD won't let me touch it until I finish this one. Fighting Geth on Feros.  Playing the female Sheperd because I don't want to stare at man butt for twenty hours.


Weekend Gaming October 23, 2010

Still enjoying Costume Quest. It's Calvin and Hobbes. Why does no one else see this? 
Been debating on picking up Super Meat Boy. I suck at platformers, but the sheer fucking insanity of the game may make me part with my ever diminishing post-economic collapse funds.
SHOCKING NEWS: Risk : Factions has crashed my XBox  three times.  I love the game, but I don't think I get another freebie from Microsoft if my baby red rings yet *again*.


Weekend Gaming--August 21-22, 2010.

Played more of Saint's Row, since I'm pretty sure I'm going to be slapped back a week in Persona 4 and couldn't handle the heartbreak.  I picked up Row for $20 in the Platinum edition, and was curious to see how much it resembled GTA.  Well, it does. And I don't mind.
Last night I was called into work for an emergency, and by the time I came home around midnight, poured myself a gin and tonic and went back to Dragon Quest IX. Finished up the Coffinwell storyline, then decided to head back and create a Martial Artist (modeled after Ramona Flowers) and a Thief (who I just made to look shifty), and decided to try and get them both up to Level 15, in some mad, OCD desire to have all my characters at roughly the same level.  I do want to finish the third boss so I can start messing around with the daily sales via Sellma, so I may get back to that today.


I Was In The Same Room As Anthony Daniels!

Went and saw Star Wars In Concert on Sunday.  Yes, it was a bit cheesy, with Anthony Daniels taking the panto approach as he told us all about these heroic figures in the Star Wars universe. But he did it with such great panache and professionalism that I didn't mind. The orchestra was superb, the special effects were fun, and all in all, I had a great time. 
Gaming wise,  I've sunk six hours back into Persona 4. Getting that fear of maybe fusing the wrong Personas, getting stressed over the weather report, all the usual SMT angst. I remember the battle for Akiko being epic the last time I did it,  so I'll make sure to stock up on Medicine  (in game) and wine (outside game,)


Smashing My Head Against The Street Fighter IV Wall

There really is no point in me playing Street Fighter IV. I know that. But still, I fired it up last night as my pre-game game, once again trying to learn how to do a Super Combo with Chun-Li, and failing miserably. You see, I don't have the much needed joystick, and I haven't upgraded to Super Street Fighter IV, because I'm not made of money right now, and still feel that I should be able to enjoy *this* Street Fighter.  So 25 minutes later, I left the Training Room, and masochistically went on-line. Had a fight with a guy playing Sagat who slaughtered my Chun-Li in seconds. Still, I got one shot in, and felt good for that.
Then it was back to Red Dead. Almost had my Honor at the max, when I rode into Armadillo and accidentally pulled my knife out while hitching my horse. A passing cowboy took umbrage at that, drew iron, and shot me. So I stabbed him, got killed, and lost 50 points of Honor. 
I then went inside and got to work on the Achievement you get from knocking out someone in every bar with a melee attack. That was very refreshing.

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