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    I get the feeling that Jeff and I have very similar (if not the exact same) taste in beer.

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    ZoE: 2nd Runner - Better than the first one, yet more idiotically made. Or is it just the HD version?
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    Audiosurf. Jeff kept bringing it up (with good reason) in the site's early days, so I had to see what it and this "Steam" thing were all about.

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    I like how @drewbert rests the light on the door at 47:38, illuminating just the letters that spell out "SUCK."Also, Sunshine is great.

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    Why are there no 'Quake' games in Steam's Quakecon Bundle? That's like buying cheese-less nachos.
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    I just bought 'Legendary' on Steam for 74 cents. Pretty sure it used to go for a full $60, and now I (digitally) grab it for less ...