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Fun game from the makers of Spyro 0

I really like Insomniac as a developer. The Spyro games were a cornerstone of my childhood and the Ratchet and Clank games have always been solid as well. Resistance was the first ever game I owned for the Playstation 3 and wow, the graphics and physics of this game are stunning. However, as the box art suggests the whole thing is a very drab grey and brown which gets a bit sickly after a while. The best part of this game is the weapons, though, and that's why I'd recommend it to anyone looking ...

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Very strong action. 0

The action is good. The story is stylishly done, but looking back on it, not particularly interesting. This is a game about the action, the shooting, the jumping, the moment-to-moment gameplay, the "what's around this corner" moments, the "oh-fuck-oh-fuck ohhh fuckkkk moments" and it does it well. I really, really had fun playing this game and I was incredibly addictive.That said, the whole experience isn't that memorable. The action is tight, but that's about all there is to it. If you want a g...

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Equally as good as the second 0

I still haven't played the first game in the Saint's Row series, and I'm not quite sure I should bother, but the second and third entries in the series are certainly masterpieces. This is a game that is completely committed to providing the player with batshit insane FUN and it does it well. Almost any sensibilities of seriousness have disappeared and this is easily the silliest sandbox game ever made. I liked Yahtzee's comment that this is a game on full-on "Evil Dead" syndrome (first one was s...

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Merely ok 0

This game totally fails to have the charm of the Naughty Dog releases. It is passable as a platformer and not a terrible game for kids to play, if they love crash but the art and the level design fall far short and this is a disappointing release.I tried playing this immediately after games in the original Crash PS1 trilogy and it just doesn't match up....

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Short story 0

So long as you go in with the knowledge that this is a first-person short story, you'll enjoy it. The game is only 15 minutes long at most, but I believe that for that time the story is more enjoyable than many much longer games. The prequel, Gravity Bone is free so I recommend playing that first to decide whether you should spend your money on this one. Both games are Blendo Games triumphs and I look forward to more like this from the developer....

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One of the best local multiplayer experiences 0

Yes, level creation is fun. Yes, the high customisability is great and part of the game's fantastic charm.But what stands out most to me is just how damn fun this game is to play as both a pick-up-and-play party game and a massive timesink. I've played it with friends, family, as a couple, with little kids and everyone is consistently taken by the charm of the game. The levels that ship with the game are thoughtfully designed and I enjoyed the huge secrets hidden in areas.Now, onto the second ga...

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It's good, but that's about it. 0

I like Sleeping Dogs. But I can also understand why it was initally cancelled. Giant Bomb's review hits it on the head. It has some of the worst problems with open world games without really improving upon them. Where it does succeed is its enjoyable story, its great setting, and the brutal fist-fighting gameplay; a welcome change from the focus on shooting of most Open World games. Wei is also a genuinely likeable and flawed character and its always fun to have an Asian protagonist, somewhat un...

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A moving puzzle-platformer with great characterisation 0

Thomas Was Alone is one of the best games this year, and I have a review from ABC2’s Good Game to thank for its introduction to me. Thomas is distinctively a puzzle-platformer, and you’ll need both intelligence and skill to beat the game, though I wouldn’t say that it’s particularly difficult.The most immediate thing you’ll notice about it, aside from its minimalist (though beautiful) graphics, is the narration of Danny Wallace, who you might think sounds very similar toWheatley, from Portal 2, ...

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