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@zedprime: FWIW, in Peacewalker: The Boss' horse is critically injured and Snake euthanizes it.

D-Horse is, as sure as you can be about anything in Metal Gear, a different horse :)

I'm still trying to really decide what I feel is going on here - but it seems clear that there's a strong Moby Dick metaphor going on here. There's a lot of symbolism to be drawn between Ishmael/Ahab of the book, and Ishmael/Ahab of the game (so far, at least).

And then there's the Whale.

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@finalform: Actually, the "snake shaped scar" (Peacewalker spoiler) is actually a saw that he's hid in his body. After he uses it to escape the torture scene in PW, he no longer has the scar, as far as I can remember. Random let's play of the situation: the codec at the end (09:40 and on) mentions that the scar is gone at the end, as well.

There's another way to get out of that part (the ID card, afaicr), so a lot of people probably don't know this.

In short: he doesn't have it by the end of Peacewalker.

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@toastburner_b: As far as I know, @rapid has opened a ticket with DE-support, but not received a response yet.

We're all a bit puzzled as to what actually happened...

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Yeah, I kept telling myself "don't use melee, don't use melee... oh fuck it." every time a roller showed up and practically stunlocked me. Though, really, avoiding running into corners would probably make my life easier against them.

On the bright side, we should be thankful they increased the size of rollers by 4x or so! They used to be really painful!

It's funny, though - after "years" of playing with Bombards, it wasn't until I started messing around with Corrupted Bombards that I started trying to "figure them out". I feel like I'm getting there, but still have some way to go (also, tight corridors aren't great for fighting Bombards (re:video)) - it can be quite fun to dodge their missiles.

And, of course, you can pretty much reverse-stunlock Bombards, Napalms and Heavy Gunners by continually triggering them to do their knockdown effect.. err, and I should've showed off jump kicking vs bombards. :)

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@dudeglove: I've been testing shooting down missiles in my experiments. No luck so far - so I'm pretty sure you can't, but I won't write it off entirely.

But yeah, security panels get more complicated. They eventually fill out the entire field for both Grineer and Corpus. And Grineer ones change directions every time you "stop" it - and speeds up for every sector you "lock" down. I'm horrible at it :P

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@dudeglove: So, I wound up recording a Grineer Asteroid tileset video - not super happy with it (embaressing movement shenanigans, missing some of the tiles you were referring to), but it does show off some interesting things:

  • Going toe-to-toe with a Bombard, dodging missiles
  • A couple of stealth kills
  • Dodging the Drahk Master's disarming halikar mace (if they make contact, you will usually drop your weapon on the ground).
  • A bit of coptering and directional melee movement.
  • Showing off some shortcuts/'secrets', though I there are a few I forgot to demonstrate.
  • Using Helios' scanning to show "hard to see enemies" through cover.

Overall, I'm using a similar loadout (Rank 15 Banshee, Rank 16 Braton) to slightly lower-leveled Grineer (21-23) than the Corpus - though Uranus is the highest level Grineer Asteroid tileset area. I did replace the rank 0 cold damage mod I used in the last video for a rank 0 toxin damage mod.

Again, I try to avoid using my Dual Zoren (except a few situations where I feel a bit pressed for space) and Synoid Gammacor (when I run out of Braton ammo) too much, as they quite trivialize this level of content.

Loading Video...

I may do another to show off some more shortcuts/secrets, maybe get some other tiles. We'll see.

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@dudeglove: Yeah, you are the point where the game really opens up - from here, the game is your oyster, and other platitudes. ;)

But really, if you haven't started working on a pair of factions (basically, pick your primary faction - that automatically gives you an "allied" faction to also level), that should be your top prio on chosing what to do next - as each faction tier requires you to "sacrifice" (pay) something to proceed. This will naturally force you into the void eventually as sacrifices mainly require prime components.

If you've already started working on factions, then just find a nice mix of missions that you like - eventually finish all planet missions, to make sure that you have access to all alerts. Do some endless missions to build up void keys, and then start doing void missions whenever available - joining alliance/clan groups (some of us have insane amounts of keys stockpiled (~90 T4 survival keys here ^^))

And keep feeding your Mastery Rank :)

... and then eventually, you'll find yourself running solo missions against level ~30 enemies with rank 15 banshee/braton. Because Reasons. :)

(And yeah, if 'PUG'/'PUB'-ing, make sure you are strong enough to carry the group if you want to get anywhere. Or get a Clan/Alliance group. Can probably find a group in one of the other public chats with people who will try to stay for longer... but, not something I've put any effort into)

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@dudeglove: @rapid: Not far from the truth - here's what it looked like when myself, Pobaxi and Margraviate did the mission:

2x Frosted ;)

(ack, I just realized I'm not using any sigils on my Frost Prime!)

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@rapid: You don't actually need to sprint to do the directional melee - just need to be in the air :) (and it's basically what I've been referring to "air flinging" here, as I couldn't think of a proper term).

Either way, I usually just deal with the cameras, rather than accept the damage from the laser gates. Unless Mirage - who can disable laser trapped doors.

@dudeglove: Personally, I feel that you shouldn't feel bad if you miss a jump. Try it out, if you mess up, do it a second time - after that, accept defeat and take the safe route, try again next time - but only if people are actually waiting for you, otherwise, keep going ;)

There are a couple of methods you can use to control yourself in the air - holding sprint and feathering crouch is what I normally do for accuracy. There is always the "melee drop" - which'll just drop you straight down. That works quite well for speed, but I've never found it very accurate.

And as Rapid says, DE has stated that they want to iron out the weirdness of the system - like how you can sometimes get flung at inconsistent speeds across the room when you wallrun. Maybe going so far as to remove coptering. (I'm conceptually in favor of that, if it is what it takes to tighten movement - though I don't want to lose the speed as to which I navigate the game currently).

Normally, you should be able to copter at any time you are sliding (more efficient mid-air) - assuming your weapon is coptering-friendly (fast weapons, typically - Dual Zoren, Scoliac, Twin Ichors, etc.). On the other weapons, directional melee is probably your best bet for getting around fast.

Also, make sure that you land in a slide, or you will most likely roll or have a "hard landing" (stuck in a brief animation) - depending the angle you land, I believe. Landing in a slide allows you to stand up, and stop moving, as soon as you are on the ground.

But I'll see if I can make a Grineer Asteroid video for you in the coming days.