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@corruptedevil: Err, no, sorry, you've got it backwards.

They very clearly talk about ZEKE being "complete" in the briefing tapes of Ground Zeroes. About waterproofing ZEKE and the nuke, about an underwater test and about a 300 foot seabed test. Because they need to hide their nuke and Metal Gear for the IAEA inspection, should be the first couple of minutes in this video:

And in Peace Walker, they show Paz falling out of ZEKE, falling into the water - there's no implication that ZEKE also ended up in the water.

Starting at 29:35, running 'till the credits start, or so.

Anyway. As I remember from Peace Walker (where Fulton recovery featured), Fulton "ammo" was limited, but capacity could be upgraded through research, up to 13, I believe. In PW there was a special item to analyze soldiers before you Fulton recovered them - something like that might appear here as well.

edit: Meh, video embedding seems to be a bit funky today. I'll settle for links.

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@yummylee: @audiobusting: Sticking with it being Peace Walker/Ground Zeroes spoilers:

While you do "defeat" ZEKE at the end of Peace Walker, the tapes in Ground Zeroes (which takes place a year later) mention and make ZEKE a fairly large plot point in Ground Zeroes - even though it does not appear directly.

Basically, ZEKE is repaired after the Peace Walker incident and continues to act as MSF's secret ace. They talk about how they have to hide ZEKE - and it's nuclear payload - during an inspection of Mother Base in Ground Zeroes.

Anyway, keep getting more and more excited for The Phantom Pain. Delayed playing Ground Zeroes because of the response it had gotten - only got around to it last week, and now I'm all a-buzz for more Metal Gear :)

Thinking I'll go back and play some more Ground Zeroes this weekend...

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I played through Watch Dogs on normal, but about 3/4ths of the game I played as a stealth game, spending a lot of time figuring out how to silently take out individual enemies one by one - mostly using the melee takedown. (this does not include the convoy missions that largely require you to use firearms). I described my playstyle as "batman-esque" at one point (the stealth bits, not the combat).

In the late part of the game, I started using guns rather liberally, and quite enjoyed the gunplay at that point.

Best single mission experience was probably the final mission of the Arms trade arc - where I kept moving around, taking out enemies and then moving on before their friends could catch up to me, using a mixture of IED's, "The Destroyer" (sniper rifle) and the silenced pistol - as well as using hacking as a distraction.

I do think it makes a lot more sense for Aiden to use guns than to be a martial artist master - and I do think they found a good gameplay balance between stealth and action - it's the player's choice (I tried both). There are some contrivances that don't make a lot of sense - like carrying all of the unlocked guns with you. But for gameplay, it was nice (as it let you swap from the silenced Goblin to the LMG without needing to visit an armory, if things went poorly).

Anyway, yeah, Aiden isn't a very nice guy - and Watch Dogs is pretty much a "Let the world burn"-style revenge story. But I still found him quite a lot more reasonable than the characters of ... say, any GTA? At least Aiden has a motivation. Those of you hating on Aiden - I wonder what your feelings on Trevor (GTA 5) are?

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@colinjw: Invite sent!

It's nothing personal, it's just that we only have 100 slots in the clan - so we remove the least active players ('activity' is measured by last time logged in) to invite new people over time, when necessary - in the hope of increasing overall clan activity. Anyone removed this way is more than welcome back.

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As expected, getting challenged by an alliance including Moon clan(s?) (meaning up to 1000 players) - as reported by the very humble post in this thread (which has since been deleted, cute.) resulted in us losing the struggle. I think it was a pretty bad timing for us, with a few of us away, but those who fought, fought well.

That said, there were some changes in last night's patch which are in line with what I wrote in my previous post:

Dark Sector Changes:

  • Added in Armistices to Dark Sector conflicts. These Peace Time Bonuses will provide a guaranteed 24 hours of peace to the node before it can be attacked again, plus additional time based on the winning teams Solar Rail health and existing deploy time for a maximum of 3 days worth of Peace on the specific node.
  • Dark Sector conflict now have a max duration of 12 hours
  • Added a Mod drop table for Tenno Specters.

All nice changes - the wider the margin of the victory, the longer the Dark Sector cannot be contested. I'm a bit concerned that the conflict time is only 12 hours now - that makes it likely that a lot of conflicts will occur during the period of the day when people are at work, making it harder for clans that are not geographically distributed over many timezones.

And Tenno Specter's getting loot is just gravy.

rest of the changes can be read here:

Many (other) interesting changes, including a new weapon, but not really relevant for the Dark Sector/Solar rail discussion here.

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