All Online Platforms need Game-Room-like Challenges!

As I've been playing a few older Xbox Live Arcade games like Rocket Riot or Geometry Wars 2 lately, it hit me: we need what Game Room has for alot more games!
Of course nobody on my friendslist plays those two games right now and that actually takes quite alot of fun out of it.
I've been competing against highscores that could be two years old now and its owner probably doesn't even care anymore.
But if he would get a challenge-request saying "BEAT THAT SUCKA!" he probably would.

 A new challenger has arrived!
I've experienced that myself when out of nowhere I got an e-mail saying somebody beat my #1 score in Audiosurf on a specific song.
I didnt even remember I had one of those, but it took me about 10 minutes to get into Audiosurf again to look it up and play a few more rounds.
And I'm not talking about arcade-highscory games alone here. This works for alot more.
Of course you cannot challenge somebody in Mass Effect with "safe the universe better than me", but how about that ape-rat shooting minigame on the Krogan planet?
Or maybe those firewalker-missions that are basically time based? 
Most games have mini games these days or atleast missions that are made for competition.

My point basically is: even in the times of HD graphics and epic 100 hour adventures, do not underestimate the psychic power of a number on a scoreboard.
Microsoft, Sony & Co: make it happen.