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When are the usual times for Oceanic players? I'm US but because of school I'm usually playing at odd hours of the day/night.

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Alright guys, thanks for the insight. I guess its a result of me playing the game a little hardcore. It was a little unrealistic of me to think people have such a open schedule like i do. I don't have any problem with the leaders in the guild. The conversations I've had with them or had listen to on the podcast were great and enjoyable. Don't get me wrong i love this guild and community. Maybe i should actively participate on the mumble server. Might be more productive then venting on the forums. Fight on fellow bombers!

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@WinterSnowblind: @WinterSnowblind said:

People can't play 24/7 and you posted this while it was the middle of the night for the US and very early morning for Europe, on a week day.. There's obviously not going to be a lot of people playing at that time, especially with Torchlight and Borderlands just being released. There tends to be a lot of people on when I'm around, but now we're about a month from release, I'm sure we'll see a substantial drop off and we should have a better idea of who's in it for the long haul. The roster can be reshuffled when it needs to be. Is there any guild duties that desperately need attended to?

Yes, it is true that i posted this in the middle of the night but that doesn't change the fact that we only have a hand full of people running a guild of almost 500 people. I've played a lot these past few weeks and yes people are always on but like i said earlier...they are mostly made of people who are new members with no real say in what happens in the guild. The fact that most people are playing other games justifies the fact that we need real ranks in this guild. Im mainly bringing all this up because ive been trying to get one of my friends into the guild. Whether its a roster full of people not playing, accounts that arent even active, or no one who has the power to add him its been impossible for him to join. We've actually been trying for a few days now but its just not happening.

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As of right now there are only 20 people in the main guild playing. 20 people out of 494. My main problem is that the majority of people who are playing are the rank "cool baby". So that mean only 13 people can do anything reguarding the guild at any moment. Unfortunatly, none of them are on. Im sorry but i really think people need to move us in rank in the guild so they can perform regular guild duties.

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I beta tested Socom 2 waaaay back in the day. Honestly never really played a zipper game since then. Id love to get a chance to test this puppy and see if my faith in that company can be restored. I LOVE YOU BRAD!

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Kotaku told me about arrow pointing down

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next time provide a picture that wasnt taken with a cell phone.