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I like how people are making fan art for video series that don't even exist, now!

Also, great work!

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@spoonman671: I've been using the PS3 one for years. The only things stopping me from getting the PS4 one is the cost (pretty sure I got the PS3 one free), and that I think PS4 themes revert back to the default blue when you go deep into menus. Actually, I wanna say that they even do that if you just have it set to another color. I should also add that I didn't read this post word for word, if that's something you mentioned.

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No fireplace theme review?

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@contradictionvg I just bought the game, even though I may never get around to actually playing it (assuming the GB guys play it to completion). Thanks again for making such a great experience! <3

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Nice pics, Tom. I'm jealous, no FMV games were ever filmed near me!

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@contradictionvg: Thank you for making such an amazing experience! It's so hard for all the pieces to come together in the spectacular way that they have here that I really do think you accomplished something great (ie, something that is both gripping in terms of what's happening in the story, and also charmingly hilarious in (I assume) a "We're laughing with you, not at you" way).

I dunno if you're familiar with Deadly Premonition (someone else may have mentioned it here, for all I know), but this game reminds me a lot of that one. Positively, I should say, as I love DP.

Anyway, thanks again. I've not laughed so hard in a very long time. \m/

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@yummylee: I do think that, if you played Knight without any prior knowledge of that character, the way the game handles it, specifically in the foreshadowing, is pretty good. So far as Origins goes, I was suspecting that twist from the moment I realized Black Mask was also voiced by Troy Baker.

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@zirilius: I've seen Dark Knight Returns the animated film, so I definitely want to read the source at some point, even if I already know what happens. I'll keep the other recommendations in mind as well!