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@yummylee: Thanks! Did you do anything good this week? I kinda just went through ZP's Twitter for stuff, so it's very likely that I missed some good stuff. I'm willing to edit in good stuff if you've got it.

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What? Yes! Community Spot Light is GO!

Thanks to @badnews for this lovely drawing! I think he's drawn more too!

If you're wondering why I'm doing it, it's because @zombiepie is indisposed, and I offered to do it in his stead. Wish him well, everyone! I apologize if this is a confusing mess compared to what ZP usually does. I'm also really sorry if you did something he would have highlighted, but I missed. This was all super last minute!

Extra Life Streams?

Seems as though some people are hell bent on competing with Giant Bomb's 96 hours of Extra Life Streams this weekend, but I'm gonna link to them anyway! (But go to the regular GB chat page any time for official shenanigans).

Don't forget to donate, either! Go to for a probably better formatted thing than this. Or go here? I dunno! (I'm playing up my incompetency as a joke.)

Actually, it seems user @james_hayward did all the work for me and made an extensive list of all the community streams!

Check it out:

I do know that I may personally be showing up on one (or more?!) of them, so look out for that! Which ones? Why would I give that away?

Welcome to the Blog-Zone!

And that's it for this week's Spot Light! Oh, right, the other sections.

Reviews Revue.

Never mind that that's not what "revue" means.

Lists List.


I think that's everything? Actually, that's probably only a fraction of the stuff worth highlighting from this week, but like I said, I threw this together at the last minute.

Please get better soon ZP, this is hard work and I'm half-assing it. Also, tell me if I linked things incorrectly, I haven't done this before. I'll try to fix any mistakes I made.

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Is this the one you mentioned, @humanity? He was telling me to come here. I'm a Level 29 Warlock that made it to the boss of the Raid, but didn't finish it, if that sways anything.

Anyway, I'm JusticeMoose on PSN.

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Thanks for @fobwashed (I think) for making that art, months and months ago.

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I know in my case, that letterboxing is stopping me from playing the game. It's too much for me. I just don't want to play a game with that much of the screen being wasted with black bars.

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I am getting the PS4 version because that is the only thing I own that can run that game.

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I'm definitely getting Far Cry 4. I'd love to want to get LittleBigPlanet 3, but unless that game is really good, I'll probably skip it. And maybe Dragon Age? I dunno, I haven't played either of the other ones, but I could go for a lengthy RPG type game, and that seems like one of those, and it looks kinda nice graphically.

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@wampa1 said:

@mooseymcman: II and III! Wait I may have missed the point here.

You know, that's a really stupid joke, and those are really bad songs, but you got a good laugh out of me, so good job!