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@bisonhero: Yeah, it's funny how it makes total sense and is really intriguing in one context, but the stupidest thing in the other.

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@lisatiffany: Ah, geez, I forgot to actually @ reply the kind fellows that gave me those codes! :O This is what I get for writing my blogs elsewhere and then copying them into the GB editor!

EDIT: Also, I just realized you meant web provider and the website name! I'm a dummy!

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@cjduke: I did too, but I still think it's worth playing. Maybe wait for a Steam super sale or something, but I think you'd enjoy it, if only for the puzzles.

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Huh. Kinda surprised they'd put out a figure like that so far ahead of the release of the game. Or, at least show it online or whatever.

Volgin, though. Yup.

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@yummylee said:

Wait, what do you mean? Big Boss shows up in MGS4? No he doesn't, Snake shoots himself in the graveyard and then it all ends! Right??? Yeah, yeah, that's what happened, yeah, definitely.

...Goddamnit MGS4 you suck so much.

It's the best ending in any video game ever, and you're just crazy.

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@sweep said:

...What purpose does this serve?

It's funny to read. I've quite enjoyed watching the last several Quick Looks and then reading these summaries. The little touches like stating that Dan now has a life goal of wanting to ride a Zeppelin are funny to me.

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Wow! That's really cool! Good work! :D