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@conmulligan: I see! And PS4 is my only option for the game, so there's no importing for me.

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I hope there is something in game to let you choose that stuff. It'd be a real bummer if I got stuck with something other than what I did in The Witcher II.

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200CC is fast. Maybe too fast. I'm glad it's in there, but for actually racing and trying to complete tracks, it might be too much for me. I like the chaos, but it'll take a fair amount of practice and experimentation with characters and kart combos before I can get good at it.

Related: I like the new tracks a lot. I wish Nintendo would finally make a new F-Zero game and stop teasing us with F-Zero tracks in this game.

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I'm really happy with the update. Loads are quite a bit better. Apparently they also fixed the bug where bosses would be hella easy, and some other stuff. It made my fight with The One Reborn seem like it was a bit harder than my first couple of playthroughs. Beat that thing on my first try in those, but had some troubles today. Maybe I was a bit under leveled on the new character, I dunno.

Either way, the load times are better, and that's rad.

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It still doesn't work.

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Yes. Preferably with someone who knows how to get through the menus because they're all in Japanese.

But yes. He should.

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Wait, what happened? Was it proven to be false? I'm confused.

Ah, so the in game doctor wasn't based on that guy after all. Bummer.

Fun whilst it lasted, though.

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@humanity: It's on that big road right before The One Reborn. Those glowy guys in the glowy circles near the big skeleton mess monster things that have carts for butts (I think).

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@thunderstorm101: Cool! I didn't realize until a little bit ago that just posting the animated gif might lead people to think he was using THAT to promote it, rather than the static image.

This whole thing is bizarre. Even if it really is coincidences, at least we had some fun.