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Hm. I'm a little surprised.

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Yup, seems like all good points that I agree with.

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Nice pick for #1!

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Merry Christmas!!

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Yes, he should. It's very important to the overall fiction, and to MGSV (both GZ and Phantom Pain).

Really, the fact that this game has so much disdain, even from fans of the series bums me out. Yeah, it has problems, almost all of which because it was originally built as a PSP game. But he should play it. Hell, I'll go online and walk him through it in co-op if I have to!

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Neat-o! And good work!

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So, I was just looking for an old Quick Look of Super Street Fighter IV, and decided to start by going to the Street Fighter IV page, but when I did the search, it yielded a "Street Fighter IV Franchise." There's also pages for the original release, Super, Ultra, and a couple of phone spinoffs. Now, I have no idea how this happened, but I feel like this is overkill. I mean, it's just the same game but with a few new characters and balance changes for the re-releases, right? I don't know that deserves a new page for every one of them, especially when the pages for the "franchise" and the phone games are empty.

Another quick search of the wiki seems to indicate that this is also the case for Street Fight II and Street Fighter III, though I didn't look as deep into those.

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@jadegl: Yeah, that point you brought up in the spoiler is something I learned from andrewb after we both got far enough into the game to have seen that. Really bizarre, that.

Also, I think Cullen would make a splendid video game boyfriend. I think I did flirt with him once or twice, but I think he's straight in the game, which is why he acted so awkward to me. But yeah, after breaking up with Dorian partly just to see how the game would handle that, I regret it. But you can't change the past in life, so that's how I tried to play this game! Decisions matter! (Now I need to go see what happens if you start a new one with him after breaking up).

And yeah, it's definitely one of my favorite games of the year. I won't say how high on the list it is, because I need some surprises for The Moosies, but it's definitely on there.

The more I see other people talk about Vivienne, I feel like I probably didn't give her a fair shot. Not that I think my opinion would drastically change, but still.

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@chumley_marchbanks: Oh, okay. That's like the PS4/Xbone versions then, at least there was an excuse for those systems (namely they didn't have support for listening to music at the time).

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@crithon: What? Why would they take out helicopter music? I hope that hasn't been cut from Phantom Pain as well. As cliched and overdone it is, I always loved hearing Flight of the Valkyries when my helicopter shows up in GZ.