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Xenoblade Chronicles is maybe my favorite all British cast in a game. Some pretty good stuff in there from some British-ass British people. And, I mean, REAL British, not Hollywood British. Also, I should have read the actual post and seen that was the one mentioned. Whatever! Still my pick.

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I think it would be better with him, but I don't know if that's plausible. Remember that the man is a father of a young child, and let me tell you, young children can be RAMBUNCTIOUS in the morning. It might not be possible for him to do something like that at that time of day.

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The price is back to normal now, anyway.

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Shadow of Mordor, and AC Unity, if that is an October game (thought it was November?). And HashtagDRIVECLUB is going to be somewhat free on PS+, so I'll play the free version of that, at least.

I have no interest in playing Evolve, Destiny's going to be my online shooter of the fall.

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Oh, someone already made a joke about Mass Effect, never mind.

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And I want Gwonam. Alas, not all wishes can come true.

Keep asking for CD-i characters and you're sure to be disappointed.

Zelda and Link are in the game, aren't they?

I honestly can't tell if you're being serious.

I feel insulted that he'd comparing Tingle to CD-i characters!

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Sure, I'll take three months of PS+. Once this gets around to actually happening.

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Mine still says "Lincoln Forcee." :(

Me too.