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@truthtellah , @MooseyMcMan: Yeah, I had crohns and that eventually led to the surgery. Went through two resections to remove pre-cancerous areas and the second time they found cancer in what they chopped out, so they said if they found any more pre-cancerous stuff that everything would have to come out. So 6 months later for the followup to the last surgery they found more and that was it. Strangely I was one of the people that didn't have much for crohns symptoms and was pretty much normal, I was just one of the 'lucky' ones who had the cancer stuff popping up.

I've heard of other people that had bad crohns symptoms so having everything chopped out was the best thing to happen to them. If I could just win powerball everything would be much better for me I think :)

heh. Win powerball? That would be nice. Then I could afford to get proper health insurance again.

I'm glad they caught it before the cancer spread. Sounds like it came at a heavy price, but you're here with us. And I'm glad that's true.

I had a colonoscopy earlier this year, and they didn't find any signs of cancer, so hopefully I won't have to deal with anything like that any time soon. Hopefully. I'm glad things turned out fine for you (well, fine as in you're still alive).

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I hope it goes well for you!

And if all else fails, maybe you can sell your life story to be made into a movie. I mean, you already have the tagline about nothing to lose and nothing to hide!

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Good work!

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@crusader8463: I had never thought of using video game genres as a point of reference, I'll have to remember that one!

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I had my colon chopped out, or mostly chopped out, in 2010 so I have to walk around with an ileostomy now always feeling awkward. Basically wish I hadn't and had just waited till I got cancer and died instead of having to live with a bag attached to my side. Due to that there have been a couple girls I liked that I didn't do anything with because I didn't want to have to explain it to them, another girl we went out but when she found out I never heard from her again.

For those virgins in here let me tell you the joys of alcohol, it will help you talk to people that you're normally too insecure to talk to. Alcohol is the reason I met a chick on a dance floor who then wanted to leave the club to "fudge my brains out"-thats the polite wording there of what she told me. And we ended up behind the Molly Brown house in Denver doing stuff. I say stuff because we were too hammered to do things normal, but mouths were involved...

If you don't mind explaining, what happened to force you into getting an ileostomy? When I was recovering from a disease that had severely damaged my colon, I know I struggled to have the confidence I once had with others. You worry that people don't want a damaged person or to deal with anything abnormal(or kind of gross), but fortunately, there are people who understand. It's just more difficult. I really feel for what you have to face, as I only suffered through that for a couple years. For the most part, after a few surgeries, I'm now pretty normal on that front. Still, some stuff has to be explained anyway.

I hope you'll continue to grow in your confidence with it. My brother is paralyzed from the waist down, and I imagine dating will be difficult for him if he gets to that age. But for the most part, spending time with others of many different ages with many physical and mental afflictions has taught me that there is hope for all of us. There are people who will still enjoy their time with you and even come to love you regardless of our imperfections. I appreciate you sharing this difficult part of who you are, and I just wanted to encourage you in your continued efforts to move forward as the man you are today.

As someone with a relatively mild (currently) case of Crohn's disease affecting my intestines, I can see where he's coming from. Even with my being the happiest and most self confident that I've been in several years, I can't even imagine having to live with a bag (something that could, one day, be my life, if I don't take care of myself). I don't know if I could do it, frankly.

It might be tough, but I'd say that every day you can go with a bag should be taken as a victory, however small.

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Hey, seems you also managed to get your tweet posted on Danny O'Dwyer's latest 'The Point' video, too! Not exactly on the same scale as you coming to terms with your own sexuality, but it's a nice little something extra even still :P

I saw! I wouldn't be replying to the man if I didn't watch his videos. I even thanked him on Twitter, and he favorited the tweet!

Though, my favorite instance of GB/GameSpot folk responding to me lately was on the last F1 podcast. I made some silly comment about how Danny must have written the description, because of the grammar being more UK/Irish English. Not only did Drew respond to say he wrote it, but then Danny replied with some comment of his own! I forget what it was off hand, but I found it quite amusing.

EDIT: I just checked, I got the order wrong. Danny said that Drew wrote it, and then Drew replied with something funny.

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@bybeach: Don't worry, I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show, so feel free to mention it however you like.

@spaceinsomniac: In response to her being a less concerned with trans people, I think it's that when you're in this sort of situation, it becomes easy to forget about other people's problems when you focus on your own. I'm not defending her, or saying anything against her, I'm just trying to put it into perspective.

@crusader8463: Yeah, it's tricky to define some of these things. It's possible to be physically attracted to one sex, but not emotionally. I think that's the easiest way to word it, even if it's missing most of the nuances. Actually, no, I just re-read what you wrote, and that doesn't really fit. Hm...

Really, I think the best answer I can give you is that even though we have these "nice and clean" descriptors that people like myself can use, there's absolutely no reason why you should feel the need to apply any of them to yourself. Just be who you are, and that's all anyone can ever ask of you. Or at least all that anyone should ever ask of you. So long as you're happy with yourself, that's what matters.

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@do_the_manta_ray: Well said! And yes, I am American. I live in Massachusetts, which is mostly liberal, but I live in a small town that has a lot of not so liberal people in it. They're mostly the libertarian types though (ie, don't care about social issues, just want the gov't to leave them alone). Of the not so liberal people, I mean, I'd say my town is not overly conservative, it is still Massachusetts, after all.

As many issues as I have with my country, I do still love it, and it'd take a lot to get me to change that opinion. But I'd rather help change the parts of it that I don't like.

@believer258: It did take a lot of courage! But as I was telling a friend over an IM earlier, it helps that there's only two people that I know outside of the internet that read this blog. That doesn't mean it was easy, but it was easier. And thanks! I feel like a broken record for thanking so many people, but man, it's just so heartwarming to see so many people saying so many nice things.

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@marokai: How about the Let's Get Bopped Together Crew? You know, like LGBT, but done up with Dave Lang slang? Lang Slang?

Well, thanks! I'm not much better at not dumb sounding names.

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Happy for yooooou!

I pictured that as Bad Box-Art Mega Man yelling that as he leaped through the air, which made that seem extra awesome.