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Why are there five options in this poll, when in reality, there is only one? Chrome.

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I mean, this is some Korean company that made a stupid MMO offering to buy EA, one of the biggest video game publishers in the world. The company that has brought us tons of franchises. The one that has been around since 1982. THIS IS MADNESS.

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This is insane! How is this possible? How has the video game industry gotten to the point where this is even remotely possible? If you people think EA is nickel and dime-ing us now, well, just hope this doesn't happen.

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Is it weird that this just makes me want to play this game less?

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Whoever came up with this needs a raise. And thank you, kind gentlemen, for translating this.

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But I don't think the situation was simple enough that doing so would have drastically changed the campaign, or changed it at all.

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There's a great one in Mega-Man where you can get enemies to disappear from the game when they go off the screen (only in a couple spots though).

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Are you sure he didn't send you a private message, and it wasn't a reply that would appear in the thread?

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Is a "Dynablade" a blade that is made out of dynamite? Or dynamite that is made out of blades?

Also, if you're going to be posting here, you'll have to keep up with the current exchange rate of Brad Bucks to US Dollars (or whatever the currency of your homeland is, if you don't live in the US). It changes hourly.