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Between the mostly lackluster launch line up (which is standard for pretty much every launch) and the issues around the interface (load times) and internet stuff, I definitely wasn't too impressed with what I saw yesterday.

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Have you listened to any of his stories about his life outside of video games? That does not sound like the life of a man with a lot of money.

As others have said, it's a combination of no kids and cutting back on a lot of other things. If you're frugal in some areas, you can waste a lot of money on some really stupid awesome stuff.

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The end times are truly upon us.

In all seriousness, I feel bad for the people who lost their jobs.

Also, these are some big brand names here. I bet some other companies will buy up the names and sell some sort of product with the Twinkie name, for example.

This is not the end of Twinkies. This is just a restructuring of Twinkies. I hope.

I'm more concerned about Funny Bones, really.

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This stuff is great and all, but there should really be YouTube videos of this stuff, and in this thread. Reading about these stories doesn't give the full appeal, and I don't have the game to watch them there.

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Yay! Best Thanksgiving ever!

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Yay! The best Thanksgiving ever! Sort of! Close enough!

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Avengers, no question.

I wouldn't really even consider Looper an action movie. It's great and all, but there's not that much action in it.

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Looks pretty cool!

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This is great!

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I clicked that I liked it, only to realize shortly thereafter that the "wah wah" music is not what I think it is.

Yeah, this is not great stuff.

Also, I should have listened to this week's Bombcast before voting here, but whatever.