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Holy Freakin' Hell! 0

Black Ops II is easily my favorite Call of Duty of all time. While early iterations were excellent and brought something new and fresh to the industry, more recent releases felt rather uninspired and stagnant. Everything about them felt the same. Same engine, same action, same environments, same formula in pretty much every way.And, on top of that, a lot of the ludicrousness didn't really have that "fuck yeah" effect on me. I'm enlisting in the Marine Corps. While I can appreciate some crazy act...

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An excellent start that begins on the wrong foot, 1

Honestly, I'm not quite sure what I was thinking with that first review. Going back to replay the episode again (more than once) I found the writing to be flat, some of the branches to just be broken, and the illusion of choice to be incredibly poor.The visuals are god awful for a PC modern game, and an excellent example of style not being enough to hold a game up. The textures are muddy at best, and some of the worst textures I've seen this generation are in this game. The lack of proper AA sup...

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Close but not quite fantastic 0

Man, this game is pretty fun. The combat is snappy and satisfying, especially when you find your groove with a weapon. While the enemies are pretty simple, either sitting still and shooting at you or for the most part running at you with chainsaws at the ready, it's still quite fun to pump led into the legions of robots you will shoot. The visuals are quirky and pleasing, especially with the often ridiculous and sometimes even insane gear you see on your character. The music is surprisingly enjo...

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An impressive first try 0

We all know Bastion is an incredible game. It's absolutely stunning to look at, sounds like Kurt Cobain's voiceless ghost, has an impressively deep number of systems that keep the game evolving on and on. It's an awesome experience and deserves pretty much every bit of the credit it gets. So rather than say what's already been said by pretty much everyone in the industry, I want to give a critical assessment of what wasn't done quite as well because it seems like the flaws, small though they are...

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