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Death's Deafening Disquiet 0

As the stinging sound of victory reverberates and color fades, I rip the arrow from the lifeless shell that was once a titan, feeling not satisfaction, but remorse. Guiltily, I absorb its soul and move on to the next titan, so I can feel the same way when I am triumphant once more.Despite its name Titan Souls is unrelated to From Software’s popular Souls series, although it is similarly challenging. At first glance it looks and feels a lot like a classic top-down Zelda game. However, it be...

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Life finds a way 0

The Talos Principle is much like other puzzle games such as Portal or last year's Antichamber, and while its puzzles may not be as clever, the story rewards the contemplative. Asking deep philosophical questions about life, death, what it means to be human and the meaning of it all can be intimidating or outright infuriating, but because answers aren't forced upon you, these questions are more provocative and something to think about while you puzzle solve.There is a great mystery as to what exa...

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Brothers is a classical Grimm brothers' fairytale, and it's that grim vision that makes it shine 0

There are sights to be seen, many self-contained stories to take part in, and how that all works together with the larger narrative is what makes it such a special experience. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a brief, but stirring adventure across a magical world.The entire story is told without dialogue, and instead uses gestures and mumbling tones to express emotion and provide a broad stroke idea of what’s happening and how the characters feel about it. Two brothers must journey to find a cure...

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Rage's pretty open world and car combat mask what is just a long corridor crawl 0

Rage is the first game from id Software since Doom 3 was released in 2004. It’d be hard not to expect a lot out of the house that built the first-person shooter as we now know it, but does the legendary developer still got it? Doom 3 may have gotten favorable reviews, but consumer reception was more tepid. It’s been almost a decade since that release, and this one comes on their latest engine. Rage is a good showcase of the power of idtech5, but it leaves a lot to be desired despite having a lot...

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Arcade enthusiasm and a ceaseless firework sparkle brighten this shoot 'em up up. 0

It’s no doubt benefited by its enthusiastic emulation of the arcade classic, Defender, but Resogun is an engaging twin-stick shooter regardless. Smart additions and changes to Defender's formula make it one of the more satisfying shoot ‘em ups in recent years. Its hectic arcade gameplay is straightforward, even more so if you’ve played its inspiration.Defender was a brutal quarter guzzling game of the early arcades. It was a sidescrolling shoot ‘em up in which defending Earth was the name of the...

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Home isn't always the way you left it 0

Hand written letters, tube TVs, cassettes of grating underground garage punk playing from boom boxes, a VHS collection featuring X-Files episodes and double features such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Fugitive… Yep, it’s the 90s alright.It’s 1995. You are Katie Greenbriar and you’ve just arrived at your family’s new home with no one there to greet you after you’ve spent a year in Europe. In roughly two hours you’ll learn a lot about Katie’s parents and even more about her younger...

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Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth is a worthwhile refresher course on what Castlevania was before Symphony of the Night 0

Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth ignores much of the ground the series has covered over the past decade, opting for a back to basics approach proving there is still merit to what Castlevania was initially. Though it takes its name after the 1989 Game Boy game, it isn’t a remake, and more of a reimagining. It tells the same story of Christopher Belmont wielding his fireball slinging whip against the forces of night, but it is a new Castlevania game besides.The soundtrack features new arrangemen...

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Robbing banks, jewelry stores and dealers of contraband is great while the men in blue are away 0

A good variety of heists that can be tackled in different ways, along with a slick presentation make the idea of more heist games exciting. As it stands though, PAYDAY 2 is mostly just a really well constructed cooperative first person shooter. That you can love it when a plan comes together is more of a bonus.Even though it can be played alone, it isn’t meant to be. The friendly A.I. is quick to revive you and can be quite the bullet sponge, but it can’t interact the way another player can. For...

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Spontaneous intrigue spices up tiresome routine 0

There is a bit of Oregon Trail here, maybe some Law of the West. This dystopian document thriller is occasionally thrilling, but almost always engaging. Lucas Pope’s Papers, Please has an intense focus we don’t often see anymore. It buds with simplicity and flowers into a perpetually tedious mess.Set in a parallel 1980s, its fictional world brings to mind the Berlin Wall, the Cold War and the Soviet Union. You are an inspector running a checkpoint between the two formerly war torn nations of Ars...

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Belmont's Revenge offers some of the best vampire killing action available, handheld or otherwise. 0

Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge is the sequel to Castlevania: The Adventure also on the Game Boy and shouldn’t be confused with Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, a sequel to the original NES game. Castlevania: The Adventure could have been good, but it was bogged down by a slow pace, an iffy framerate and levels that only made its issues more apparent. The game was brutally difficult too, with sparse checkpoints and it having to be played in one sitting without any sort of level selection. Belmon...

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Slow and unsteady 0

The ancestor to Simon Belmont and like him, he must rid the world of Dracula, Christopher Belmont stars in Castlevania: The Adventure. It brings monster slaying to great music to the Game Boy, and a few too many problems tag along for the ride.Structurally this is a very similar game to the original, with a few changes. Sub-weapons are gone, and hearts now take up the more sensible job of providing health instead of being ammunition as they were the original game or currency as they were in Simo...

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The missing link between Symphony of the Night and Castlevania as it was conceived 0

Rondo of Blood is about as fine a Castlevania game as there is. While Castlevania: Dracula X may have seemed like a pretty good game at the time, it isn’t until you actually play Rondo of Blood that you see how inferior it truly is. It is regarded as a second-rate port for good reason, being, it's inferior in just about every way. Dracula X is like a decent cover with its own little twists thrown in, but it just doesn't compare to the real deal that is Rondo of Blood. As similar as they are, the...

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Castlevania seems to be cursed to not live up to its own name in its translation to 3D. 0

Counting Legacy of Darkness, Castlevania: Curse of Darkness is the fourth 3D effort in the series. It, like its 3D predecessors, provides a basic look at what makes Castlevania, Castlevania, and builds on them in a few interesting ways. The problem is, those ways don’t make much of a difference in elevating the series' 3D to the level of its 2D.The story takes place soon after the NES classic, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, taking place two years later, but instead of Trevor Belmont, who stil...

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Four years after the series' 3D jump and just as underwhelming 0

Lament of Innocence has some things going for it. It’s got solid combat and a decent combo system, for instance. Some of the bosses are challenging and fun to fight. Using items in real-time is kind of cool. It’s got a lively soundtrack. The scenery is appropriately gothic. Ultimately though, Lament of Innocence is a watered down Castlevania experience that can be breezed through without much opposition.Set before the events of every Castlevania, Lament of Innocence is an origin story for the Be...

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Love it or hate it, it's a relationship that just might be worth diving into 0

Atlus is a brave publisher. Almost two years ago they brought Demon's Souls over to the States, where it became a cult hit of sorts. This year they've taken another big risk in bringing Catherine over. However, Catherine is almost nothing like Demon's Souls. Well, except for it's every bit as challenging.At it's core Catherine is a puzzle game. You rearrange various blocks with the intention of climbing all the way to the top of the level to escape. You play as Vincent, an indecisive man who's l...

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It's good something fierce 0

I have to admit, while I was excited for Bastion, I expected to be a little disappointed. I expected that the combat might grow dull and repetitive, the RPG elements wouldn't be terribly deep, the story might not be up to snuff, and the narrator would lose his charm rather quickly. To my surprise Bastion didn't seem to lack in any of those regards, or really any regard at all. You are "The Kid" and kicking the game off you wake up in a mysterious world where paths form beneath your feet and your...

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A familiar yet fresh experience 0

Vanquish is a third-person shooter from always-making-a-new-IP developer, Platinum Games. It is set in the future where Russia and the United States are suddenly at war. The action of the game take place on a city-like space station. Players will assume the role of Sam, a wearer of bad ass future armor and Solid Snake clone. Featuring a pretty robust tutorial, Vanquish quickly teaches players the perks and limits of the suit. Shortly after the tutorial it is learned that Russia has broken the pe...

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