Experiences I want as an adult gamer

Yesterday at around 1 a.m., I was just installing some games on steam and checking if my laptop could run them. One of these games was Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I just wanted to try the DLC "Justine" and boy was I in for a surprise.
In just 5 minutes of gameplay it, TERRIFIED ME. I couldn't have hit that "Esc" key any faster. The sound of whatever was coming around the corner was too overwelhming for me to keep playing. I'm sure I'll go back to it, preferably during the day, with all the lights on and the cheeriest songs playing on my headphones.

But that was a great experience, fear, something I don't exactly get to feel on my daily life. That's been the potential games have had since their inception. I've had some ideas on what I'd like to experience while playing a game. Mustly awful, dreadful feelings that can be experienced on the safety of your couch.

1# - Pregnancy - Humanity came a long way, pregnancy is no longer, "Golly that woman has gone and eaten a baby through her mouth and now she's pooping him out of her   hooha, that must be the work of the devil. Let's burn her at the stake!"
All the process that goes on during pregnancy has been explained yet it still sounds like a very magical and alien concept. It fascinates me and humbles me what the woman goes through.
"Now, now, what are you talking about, are you into preggos? Keep your fetish outta my games!" Easy now. The treatment female characters get in the industry is hit and miss .... but much more miss. The industry misses so much someone should revoke their hunting license (zing!) But I bet this idea would be a step in the right direction.

Now take a pregnant woman, with all the "baggage" she's carrrying that means the morning sickness, the mood swings, the hormones going haywire, etc. now put her in risk, make her fight for her survival and that of her unborn child. Let's be practical, let's not send her to space, but keep her on earth DURING THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, mind blown yet?
Here's some ideas for the gameplay, it should be a third person shooter, you're not going to imagine you're the lady BUT you'll be immersed to want to help her survive.
She's not a soldier, but you can use a gun, poorly, but don't worry she's not that bad a shot, by that I mean she won't shot herself in the foot while reloading.
It would be an open world and no linear story progression. The game would have a day to night cycle, where she need to rest AND EAT. I know, it's sounding less fun by the minute, but it's not that gamechanging. Think of it as an "I am Legend" (but better), you have the map and the "search for food", "search for gas" (oh yeah, you can get a car), "search for whatever else you need." You'd eventually come across other survivors and here's another interesting part, dialogue choices! BOOM, didn't see that coming.
Put yourself in this world, as a woman, would you trust anybody you come across, would it be productive to join this person and have another mouth to feed, if you found a man wouldn't you be afraid he'd be a little ... let's say "sex starved?"

The interactions you had and the way you choose to deal with these people will reflect in the ending, I'm going to get a little dark here, but bare with me.
On one of the endings, she didn't trust anyone and now is about to give birth and sadly both the baby and the woman die during labor. All these hours you spent trying to help her survive and it was all for nothing.
Another way it could end is the woman dies, but one of the people she met was a good samaritan and give the baby a new home. There are a bunch more way it could go, but these two give you an idea of what I'm trying to get at.


Well what do you think, this is only the first idea, I have more and I'll keep writing them here. All I want is an industry that is aware of the world it's in, the complexity of the psyche of the people playing their games. Who knows, maybe one of the douchebag, misogynistic gamers that you heard about every once in a while after playing as a strong woman trying to save her own life and that of her baby, would think twice before using the word "slut, bitch, whore" while talking to or about their female counterpart.
I also want developers to NOT be afraid to takle those taboo situtations come hell or highwater.
Schindler's List was accepted and acclaimed, so I want a game where I'm a jew prisoner in a concentration camp trying to escape. Those moments we've felt the suffering of others in cinema, can be amplified in video game form.

If in cinema there's a place for Han Solo, The Bride (Kill Bill) and Martin Riggs as well as Nina Sayers (Black Swan), Howard Beale (Network) and Charles Foster Kane.
So can the video game industry have Serious Sam and Duke Nukem sharing store shelf with a pregnant lady and jew prisoner.


Starcraft 2 + me = love

I've been a gamer since I can remember. I'm 21 and I consider gaming, in the broadest sense my very first memory. 
Confession time: I remember crying when all the grow ups were playing the brand new Sega Genesis (Europe - Sonic the Hedgehog) and I was forced to make do with the gameboy (original/black and green) version of tetris.
Now, with 21 years, I have control over what I spend money on. Honestly I've been super conservative over my spending and passed on some of the "super mega, rated 24 out of 10, you absolutely gotta buy this game or you'll most likely die alone". But I honestly trust the giantbomb crew and there is this, let's call it sixth sense, when it comes to "recommendations" from other gamers and Brad's literal passion towards Starcraft 2, compelled me to buy it.
I had been a fan of RTS's but this "Starcraft 2" was different, it was inventive, fast, dynamic and even in the single player I could feel a much more engaging experience then I had felt in the last years. Yes, it took over 10 years to be released, but if you're playing Starcraft 2 and you happen to read this blog you will must likely agree with me. 
Now I'll be honest, I've lost a lot of interest in gaming, I want gaming to make me tear up when I see a dramatic scene, I want gaming to make me feel something else other then "kill that bitch ass monster with my mega fucking gun."
Starcraft 2 did that, it gave me a very enjoyable single player and a very cerebral multiplayer. I'm awful at it, I confess, I've honestly never played against a human player, but I feel I'm improving, even if I'm using a 4 gate strategy I've just learned from a youtube video. 
I'm sure there will be a couple of people that'll identify with my experience. I'm not rich, in 2010 I've bought 5 ou 6 games actually released in 2010 and I'm not qualified to give an 
definitive GOTY award, but I will nevertheless give it to Starcraft 2, it single-handedly revived my passion for PC gaming but also gaming in general. It's fun, addicting and very cerebral, which are qualities I appreciate.
Once again if you are playing Starcraft 2 you'll must likely agree with me, if you're not but you've heard countless passionate monologues from Brad on the Bombcast, believe his passion, it really is THAT good. In and age where 70 bucks ou 60 euros will only buy you a mediocre singleplayer experience, this game stands out. 
I would go all "if you're not happy with the product, we'll return the value of the game" on you're ass, that is honestly how I feel about this game.
This will must likely be posted on the Starcraft 2 forum, but if you happen to read this and you don't have this game, please buy it, trust this complete stranger, that is giving you advice over the internet.

P.S.: By the way, I've never played against another human being and I can't wait to be crushed by players who actually use hotkeys, so if you want an easy win add me: Moriarty - character code - 198.

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