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Top men?

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These are the only movies I bother going to the theater for. If I'm gonna drop $20 on a movie I want to know I'm going to have a fun time watching them and Marvel hasn't let me down yet. It's become a tradition for my brother and I. Every movie, opening day at the Imax in a theater over an hour away. During the drive and the wait in line we "nerd out" over what we think will happen in the movie, if any new characters will show up, or what the after credits scene will be. I used to hate opening day shows but the laughter at an Iron Man joke or a cheer when Hulk rag-dolls Loki is something I hate to miss now. (The way the audience went nuts at the Thanos reveal at the end of Avengers is one of my favorite movie memories, even though I doubt even a fifth knew who he was) It's become more than just seeing a movie for me, and its all because Marvel is doing such a great job connecting their franchises together. That Infinity War Trailer gave me chills because of six years of build up. I love this stuff and knowing that I get to do this for 5 more years is very exciting to me.

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The collectors edition of Hellgate: London...

It came with a few in game items, a comic and some other crap, all in an over-sized PC box (back when PC game boxes were already pretty big). My PC couldn't run it so I couldn't even play it. I just got to sit on the sidelines hearing about how awful the game was silently regretting my purchase.

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Sounds good to me

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I have purchased Batman: Arkham Asylum 4 seperate times. First was the collectors edition for PS3, I traded that in. Later bought the regular PS3 version when I felt like playing it again and ended up giving it to my brother. I then bought it for Xbox for the achievements. Finally I bought the GOTY edition for PC.

I've also bought the GOTY edition of Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Batman: Arkham City, and Borderlands on the PC when I had the regular version on console, some of which I had all the DLC for already. Though I usually picked up the GOTY version during a steam sale or something.

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I'm shocked right now. RIP, Ryan. You will be missed duder.

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I agree that digital is the future, but for now, people want the disc's. I think It could go one of two ways. Either Microsoft changes policies or Sony does. Microsoft's policies lean towards favoring the publishers, allowing them to get the sale they would have lost to a used game. While Sony favors the players, letting them trade, share, and sell all they want. Microsoft might get exclusives because of its policies, which could bring a larger audience seeking those games. Sony could get the larger audience, meaning publishers would go to them to reach that audience.

And really, Sony has DRM in place. It's called the disc. You really think they will let people install a game and play it without the disc (which is the only reason Xbox has its online checks) without some form of control. That would be crazy and they would get so much flak from publishers for it. And downloaded games will probably be locked to the account's main console without an internet connection.

I could see Microsoft getting rid of the online checks but only if they remove the "play without the disc" feature, which I like, and locking content to the purchasing console without internet connection.

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Bioshock would be up there on my list. The reveal in that game blew my mind. I would say KOTOR as my first playthrough was ruined by a corrupt save, but I had made it to the twist and replaying the early parts knowing who you were the whole time was probably my favorite part of that game. Maybe Call of Duty 4, but only if I could erase all knowledge of every modern shooter that followed it before I did so. I think it would be a tough choice between Bioshock and Portal for me. Both were great first time experiences that had diminishing returns with every following playthrough.

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Freedom Fighters. With modern 3rd person shooter controls, cover mechanics etc. I loved the game and still want a Freedom Fighters 2 damn it.

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This is my guess for games that will definitely show up on the GB Top Ten, but not in any particular order here.

Borderlands 2 - If it holds up, which it should

Journey - Brad will undoubtedly fight for this

The Walking Dead - If it continues to be good and finishes strong. (Looking at you Whitta!)

Assassin's Creed 3 - Little doubt here

Halo 4 - Could flop but is looking good

Need for Speed: Most wanted - Because it's basically Burnout Paradise 2

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Ryan seems to really like what he's played so far, and it does look really good.

Other possible inclusions - Hitman: Absolution, Mass Effect 3, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Sleeping Dogs

Edit: But I think Borderlands 2 will take GOTY, with AC3 close behind.

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