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Depends on you. 0

How can I put this...Sonic, since his first 3D game, has had some crazy (as well as lame) adventures. Let's be honest: most of his 3D games are not good and I feel that some people have this bias that every sonic game now sucks. When I came into this, I had to throw out all the biases and come in as neutral as possible to prepare myself for this game. For the most part, all I heard was that this game is terrible in it's own outright. Well, that's not true, but this is one of those games that you...

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If you care about the story, buy this. 0

Let's go back a little bit to Kingdom Hearts (the first one that came out on Ps2) and try to remember those worlds from there. Come to this one and you'll be seeing mostly the same except for some. Sounds boring, but it has been given a twist in which you are willing to ignore that fact.  358/2 Days is simply Roxas' story and how he ended up in the Begginning of Kingdom Hearts 2 and why he is so important. You find all this out along the way and this only matters if you really care about the sto...

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An Interesting, must-have RPG. 0

Let's face it: Every RPG we have played doesn't get as intruiging as The World Ends With You. As I was playing this, I found it to be a fresh game that didn't follow traditional RPG's and the compelling story just pulled me in. The World Ends With You is about a kid name Neku who doesn't seem to "Get" people and pushes them away. He also seems to like graffiti in Shibuya. One day, he ends up waking up in Shibuya, or at least what seems to be a normal day at the Scramble Crossing. Soon, you find ...

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